I was raised in Mississippi as a Southern Baptist. I am an old-style evangelical and followed Billy Graham. He believed in non-partisanship and refused to tie his ministry to politics.

The new-style evangelicals have abandoned Billy Graham. His son Franklin Graham has been “hijacking what was once a clearly Christian (and evangelistic) purpose for what is raw Republican politics.”

The new-style evangelicals laughed and cheered when Trump spoke at the 68th National Prayer Breakfast held in Washington, D.C., on Feb 6, 2020.

When he took the podium, he said that he doesn’t agree with Jesus.

The Christian crowd (which included Mike Pence, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr., and Ralph Reed) cheered and laughed at Trump’s mockery of the Sermon on the Mount.

New-style evangelicals have bought into Trump’s dystopian society, thinking that it is utopia. They have modified the teachings of Jesus and the words of God to satisfy their personal visions.

So, if you are a Christian, you are either a new-style Franklin Graham Christian or a Billy Graham Christian. You can’t be both.

A dystopian society imposes a harmful, oppressive, and miserable existence upon its members.

Characteristics of a dystopian society: government control; environmental destruction; false and misleading information to promote biased ideas; and loss of individualism, demanding conformity.

Restriction of independent thought. Take away the ability for people to think for themselves. Keep them under control.

Ken Owens


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Kent Misegades

I just read the transcript from President Trump’s speech. Find it at rev.com

Your comments do not correspond at all with what he said. Billy Graham was an outspoken admirer of Donald Trump and vice versus. It helps to use facts to get an opinion across. The largest margin of victory in Trump’s historic re-ejection win last November was from evangelical Christians. I doubt many would agree with your view of a president that has done more to defend religious freedom in the world than any other.

Ken Owens

My comments did not come from Trump’s speech. They came from reporters reporting on some of Trump’s comments to the crowd before his speech and how the so-called Christians responded--especially of the Christian elite.

Keith Miller

Mr Owens...it is obvious your comments did not come from Trump's speech, because trump never made those comments in his speech....however in your 3 & 4 paragraphs, you lead the reader to believe that Trump made those comments at the podium..."When he took the podium, he said that he doesn't agree with Jesus" ?? Can I assume the "he" you refer to is Trump ??

Mr Owens, I also grew up listening and following Dr Billy Graham. And since you were a follower of Dr Graham teachings, do you think Dr Graham would agree with your "play on words" that you presented to make your comment / point ??

Wouldn't it have been more honest to say..."my comments come from reporters reporting on some of Trump's comments"...and then identify those reporters so the reader can research said comments and eliminate "hearsay" ??

Ken Owens

Mr, Miller, My information came from a credible journalist who was at the dinner. While on the podium, Trump made those comments to the crowd before he gave his speech.

Stephen Woodward, We know for a fact that you were at the happening in D.C. on Jan 6. Did you enter the Capitol building? Did you “kick some tail and come back with a collection severed ears!” for David Hensley as he asked you to?

Keith Miller

Mr owens...in today's "politically correct" world, it seems every "hair" must be split...so let's split a few hairs...and since this is a "full contact" opinion section !!

hair one...your comment...creditable journalist was at the "dinner" ?? Trump's schedule that day shows he was at the "breakfast" at 8:00am

hair two...you stated to Mr Misegades..."My comments did not come from Trump's speech. They came from "reporters" reporting on some of Trump's comments to the crowd before his speech"...so now we are to understand the comments were reported to you by "one" "creditable journalist"...correct ?? Which is it, one or several reporters ??

hair three...this creditable reporter...is he a conservative ?? If not, can you direct us to the article / publication where he revealed the this valuable information in an article to support your comments ?? I, for one, would like to read the article, to get that person's view.

hair four...may I suggest, and it is just a suggestion, be careful when judging someone's Christianity, or for that matter, pre-judging someone's thoughts...but you do what you think is right.

hair five...the rest of your political point is up to you, right or wrong, you have that right...as you said..."take away the ability for people for people to think for themselves...I assume you are talking about the government...let's pray we don't have to face that situation in the years to come. I simply disagree with you, as I do with others that comment on here...however, that is what makes America great, I just hope & pray we can keep that right.

Stephen Woodward

Reporters reporting? There are no longer reporters who report. They distort. They manipulate. And they mislead. Because they are glaringly corrupt.

Barbara Misiaszek

You are right.FOX, OAN and Newmax. $2.6 Billion of "training" might enlighten those organizations.

John Misiaszek

Sally Larson

The first time I heard Franklin speak, my blood ran cold. If there ever was a devil he's it. Just a greedy controlling self-centered person who inherited his father's legacy only to use it for his own personal ends.

Stephen Woodward

Samaritan's Purse is one of the world's most impactful organizations combating human suffering. Get a clue.

Jim Tomashoff

"So, if you are a Christian, you are either a new-style Franklin Graham Christian or a Billy Graham Christian" you. You can’t be both, write. Just curious, I say in jest, can you be a Catholic?

Ken Owens

Certainly. I should not have limited it to Baptist choices. There are many non-Baptist Christians.

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