I had never realized how awful socialism was until I read Lynn Goldhammer’s letter. But, as I keep hearing that the younger generation is attracted to socialism, I went to the computer to look up all the failings of that form of government.

It seems as if the socialist countries are basically Scandinavian: Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. I couldn’t find anything about empty shelves, but I did learn they are the happiest, the healthiest and among the best educated worldwide. In Finland, their students excel in math, the sciences and languages.

Then I found the Scandinavians carry a heavy tax load. But, it pays for an excellent national health system and free education. I also found that there is an absence of corruption in those countries and the smallest wage inequality. Can this be Lynn’s socialism?

It is very hard for us as a nation to know where to go. Since Ronald Reagan’s statement of “the government is the problem,” we have lost trust in our leaders. If Lynn’s wish that only Republicans were to be elected in the fall and all traces of socialism were to be stripped away, what would happen to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the VA, all financed and run by the federal government?

Elizabeth Donaldson, Pinehurst

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Jim Tomashoff

The factual and intellectual dishonesty of the Right with regard to the term "socialism" continues in many of these comments. The Democratic Socialism practiced in the Scandinavian Countries and to greater or lesser extents in nearly all Western countries, bares no resemblance to Venezuela and Cuba. The Scandinavian Countries are every bit as democratic (note the small "d") as any other actual democracy for the simple reason that they are democratic states. If a majority of voters should ever choose as their elected leaders people determined to return to the days before "Democratic Socialism" was implemented they can do so, and the transfer of power will be civil and peaceful. Venezuela and Cuba are authoritarian states where personal and economic freedoms are repressed to various degrees by governmental force. Stalin, Mao, and Hitler, were in no way "socialist" they created and ruled over absolute Totalitarian States ruled over by Sociopaths. The United States is at best flirting with some social and economic reforms to make our system of government fairer, more reflective of the people who make up the country, and to spread the benefits of living in a free and wealthy country more equitably. In a "Christian" country, as the Right would have us believe was the Founders intention, these objectives should be cheered, not scorned.

Stephen Woodward

Russia under Stalin's socialism: Minimum three million murdered.

Germany under Hitler's socialism: 11 million murdered in the Holocaust.

China under Mao-Tzu-Dun's Great Leap Forward (socialism): 45 million murdered in four years.

(By Vladimir Minkov, The Times of Israel, 04/25/19). Please Google this analysis to learn more about what "the kids" do not know.

Kathryn Giquinto

The problem with what you are suggesting is the difference in the fundamental way of life in the US and Scandinavia. Their economy does not allow them to live the way we do. Some examples are: those in the medical profession make less money even if they are business savvy, an average college professors salary is what our regular teachers are, another is their automobiles cost twice as much as ours so they ride bikes or take public transportation. Consider how that would work in the US, especially in this area.

While life in the Scandinavian countries might seem idyllic to the young who don’t have much I don’t see those who are older and have worked hard to acquire more wanting to give up a lifestyle that they are accustomed to.

While the US is far from perfect I don’t see us making those kinds of changes in the neat future.

Mark Hayes

If Socialism was a favored form of government, Bernie Sanders would have been the Democrats candidate, as it turns out, he was rejected by Democrats, end of story.

ken leary

During the he past two election cycles the DNC has conspired to thwart any progressive movement in the US.. What they achieved is to saddle the US with a man who has managed to make evident the dissolution of any semblance of decency in our system of government. The world sees our squirming to hold on to the lie we have become and is just waiting and watching and hoping not too much destruction will accompany our demise as the world's bully. Then, maybe, we can grow up. A line from Piketty's new book states that "inequality is nether economic nor technological; it is ideological and political" People choose their system of government, or it gets chosen by a minority of people who control information and the system of violence. Unfortunately the "democrats" have once again had their candidate chosen for them; and he is a republican.

Kent Misegades

Read from John Stossel “Sweden Isn't Socialist - In international economic-freedom comparisons, Sweden often earns a higher ranking than the U.S.” If you don’t know any other facts, remember simply 100 million, the number of humans beings that lost their lives due to Socialists in the wars, starvations, and genocides of the 20th century. Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism, etc are all just variants of a tyrannical form of government that always ends in gulags, gas chambers, abortion clinics, euthanasia and firing lines. Thank God for the Second Amendment and our inalienable right to life and to protect it with guns if necessary. As far as the Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid you mention, these are forced on taxpayers at the threat of violence - the IRS arms its agents, why? Leaving the money in our pockets and eliminating welfare would force people to live more responsibly and save for things like health care costs and retirement. As far as the VA is concerned, their botched knee operations on my uncle, a Korean War combat veteran, put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. I’ve never heard a glowing report from anyone treated in a VA hospital compared to those in the private sector. Money is always siebt best when left in the pockets of those who earned it. Everything the government touches generally turns into an expensive mess with no accountability for those responsible.

Dan Roman

Kent is so confident in his ignorance, a paragon of perfection in an imperfect world at least in his own mind. Do the squirrels in his skull dictate what he writes?

Stephen Woodward

Mr. Roman, When will you ever contribute something substantive to these forums? All you appear capable of his hurling arrows and insulting those with whom you disagree. I suggest you move to Charlotte or Durham and jump in the hot tub with other angry Leftists.

Jim Tomashoff

As opposed to the idiotic comments you make? You insult anyone and everyone who you consider to be "Leftists." You exemplify the pot calling the kettle black.

ken leary

Stephanie Kelton just published a book, "The Deficit Myth" which should put to rest the BS people suggest when they ask, "how are you going to pay for that." It is on the NYT best seller list so I guess many people are going to know what our "leaders" have neglected to make known. Ed's comment, as usual, fails to mention that both Cuba and Venezuela survive even though the world's bully undermines them at every opportunity.

Ed Pieczynski

Ken....I prefer to live in a country that more than just "survives" but if Cuba and Venezuela appeal to you I'm sure there are openings.

Ed Pieczynski

"In the Scandinavian countries, like all other developed nations, the means of production are primarily owned by private individuals, not the community or the government, and resources are allocated to their respective uses by the market, not government or community planning."

It's curious you forgot to mention the true socialist countries like Venezuela and Cuba. Now they are an example of real Socialism success.

Jim Tomashoff

Once again, a conservative chooses, or cannot tell the difference, between authoritarian governments that claim to be "socialist" and actual Democratic Socialist governments, such as those in Scandinavian countries.

Ed Pieczynski

Once again, a liberal tool refuses to actual fact.

Ed Pieczynski

There is no such thing as Democratic Socialism. It is just a stop to Socialism. Do a little research tool.

Mark Hayes

" Lessons From Sweden " Johan Norberg,

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