Do the people of Moore County favor saving American lives? There are 300 deaths per week from opioids. Criminals come across our southern border. Kate Steinle might still be alive if border barriers had prevented her seven-previous-felonies killer from re-entering the country after five deportations. Officer Ronil Singh, a legal immigrant, might be alive if the border barriers had kept out his illegal immigrant killer. Americans killed by illegal immigrants driving while under the influence might still be alive today.

The wisdom of border barriers seems self evident. My house has walls, and my doors have locks. Some people put charity for illegal immigrants ahead of safety of Americans. However, Pope Francis said justice comes before charity. Some say border barriers don’t work. Border Patrol agents think they work, and they should know best.

Drug lords don’t want border barriers. Some employers don’t want border barriers; they want cheap labor even if it means Americans die.

Call Sens. Richard Burr (202-224-3154) and Thom Tillis (202-224-6342) and Rep. Richard Hudson (202-225-3715) to build border barriers, increase Border Patrol agents, increase immigration court judges, increase facilities to hold illegal immigrants so they don’t have to be released into the U.S., where 85 percent of them do not show up for immigration hearings.

If saving American lives, maybe your own, is not important to you, don’t bother.

Margaret Smetana, Pinehurst

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Keith Miller

Ms Larson, first I apologize for not referencing your name in my comments. Your first sentence of April 16th says "doctors"...not a few...not 10 or state "doctors" are paid by pharmaceutical companies to prescribe "high doses" of opioids. By the way you word your sentence you included "all doctors" and that statement is false. I am willing to have a conversation as long as we agree that not all doctors are corrupt and on the take.
I did try to find the report from the website you provided...I could only find a report form Portman & Carpers & McCaskill...and neither offered a solution as no action was taken by SAS&GAC that I can find.

Sally Larson

Please read the paper in the link to the U.S.Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee Ranking Member’s Office I posted below. At least read the Introduction starting on page 2. It is a report discussing the influence pharmaceutical companies had on many in the Medical community in this country. This has had a serious effect on our opioid epidemic and has been going on for a long time.

Keith Miller

Are you are referring to the report by Claire McCaskill "which Stat News (Boston Globe) links the report to her campaign theme for re-election for home state of Missouri" Titled...Claire McCaskill is Campaigning as Pharma's Sworn Enemy...?? According to the report, and please correct me, one Nurse Practitioner (from Connecticut) and one Doctor (from Missouri) were this the correct report that she submitted to SHS & this what you based your opinion on and from that you were able to conclude...All Doctors...were guilty ???

While I will agree with you that "portions" of her report may be correct...such as when Doctors are paid to speak at a seminar and I am sure there are individuals with less than stellar morals, values and there are in every segments of life...which may take payments to push a product. But please don't put all Doctors in that category based one person's campaign theme. Which she lost !!!

Sally Larson

Keith, are you responding to my comments? Read the government report I posted below. Obviously, not ALL doctors play the game and no one is accusing ALL doctors. We should be able to have conversations without getting defensive.

Sally Larson

Just following up on my statement about doctors being paid to prescribe opioids. This is a link to a report published by Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee discussing the inside strategy for boosting Fentinal sales. This opioid crisis is deeply fueled by our own system, not from the borders.

Keith Miller

Interesting...according to the CDC in 2017, 68% of the overdosed deaths involved an opioid...but the stats don't list how many prescription deaths, but it does include prescription and illegal opioids like heroin and illegally manufactured fentanyl. I can't find any statistics that state that the pharmaceutical companies paying doctors to prescribe "high does" to our communities and the deaths that occurs from said payments...maybe you could provide those stats...while may I appreciate your rights to express your opinions of the socialist democrat talking points and that is to blame the doctors and insurance companies...sticking to the facts would be better... and open borders is not the answer and using the desperate latino families to have open borders to advocate for the socialist democrat talking points seems a little callous.

However according to an article : The U.S. Opioid Epidemic...January 2019
"The opioid crisis has also become a national security concern. Most of the heroin (opioid) coming in the United States is cultivated on poppy farms in Mexico, with eight cartels controlling production and operating distribution hubs in major U.S. cities. Mexican cartels, which the DEA has called the "greatest criminal drug threat to the United States," typically smuggle narcotics across the U.S. Southwest border in passenger vehicles or tractor one would conclude that we need more border security and maybe building a wall to help enforce our security is not a bad idea !! But I digress.

Maybe you can provide the data / facts to support your statement the pharmaceutical companies are paying doctors to prescribe "high doses" of opioids...I for one would like to read said facts...and by the way, my daughter is a doctor and she hasn't received any payments...nor would she take any payments to get a human being hooked / dependent on opioids as you may I ask you, please don't put or include "all doctors" into your talking points.

Sally Larson

How convenient to use the border as the cause of the opioid pandemic when in truth it's the pharmaceutical companies paying doctors to prescribe high doses in our own communities. It's our neighbors and family members who are being attacked and has nothing to do with desperate Latinos trying to come into our country to be protected. It's time we put our focus on the legal deadly drugs being prescribed every day and our insurance companies, and therefore we are paying for their high prices. That's where we need to start.

Mark Hayes

Too little, too late, Democrats have left food on the front porch, and the number of stray cats has multiplied.

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