The recent impeachment trial was enlightening. It finally gave me some solid ground upon which to separate Republicans from Trumpicans. And while my voting record for president has included Republicans, Democrats and independents, I leaned more toward Republicans as I grew older.

For example back in 1972 I voted for McGovern, but I was a McCain supporter in the 2000 primaries and his presidential run in 2008. On the other hand, I lived most of my life in New Jersey and had a good sense of the lack of character of the Trumpster. Republicans, and I parted company in 2016.

The motto of my college is “Acta Non Verba,” or “Deeds, not Words.” We all finally saw the real Trump in the last few months of his term of office. And I was finally able to see some real Republicans stand up, Republicans like the late Sen. John McCain. As I see it, we now have 17 Republicans in Congress: 10 in the House and seven in the Senate. The rest are Democrats and Trumpicans.

Now to what I see more clearly.

Republicans stand for law and order. Trumpicans stand for anarchy, as evidenced by Trump’s refusal to help the Capitol Police. A Trumpican may say he supports the police, but his actions speak louder.

Republicans stand for smaller and less intrusive government. Trumpicans stand for anything on which they can personally make a dime — and ask for your dime too.

Republicans are trustworthy. Trumpicans are the “big lie.”

The Trumpicans are celebrating now, but I believe that will be short-lived. The vast majority of Americans want good solid values in their representatives. “Deeds, not Words” truly matter. I believe real Americans will vote Trumpicans out of office rather quickly.

Nick Weltmann


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Mark Hayes

Just who are these " real Americans " ? I know I am a " real American ", and I voted for Trump, I did not vote for his personality, I voted for his policies. As we all know, he lost, and I'm sure that yourself and others here are jubilant with what is currently going on in the country, congratulations.

Roger Davis

Mark, Trump stopped being president the day he lost the election and spent two months crying about the results, He spent 0 days working on getting vaccines to the people because he hates everybody who didn't vote for him, Democrat and Republican. Exactly which policies do you like? His lack of caring or maybe he cut your income taxes in half. and that's all you care about.

I am one of those who hated Trump long before he pulled the con job on Republicans right after he switched parties. Many of us always knew he was a fraud.

It's unrealistic to say Biden isn't doing a better job battling Trump's fake virus. If that is the only thing he accomplishes during his term it is 500,000 times better than Trump.

I won't deny your adoration for Trump even the worst sports teams have their fans.

Mark Hayes

All that whining, someone must have stepped on your tail, it was not me, that New Jersey stench you carry is more than enough to keep others like myself at a distance.

Roger Davis

Nice comeback, did you learn that style at Trump university?

Mark Hayes

No, I discovered that back in the later sixties, I served with several from New Jersey, they also were loud, obnoxious, but not much more, just like you.

Conrad Meyer

Hillary is still complaining and still can't figure out why she lost.

Mark Hayes

Closing schools, open borders "

Ken Owens

Jim Tomashoff, You may be correct about Trumpicans being around for a while, but how long? They are going through withdrawal already. How long are they going to follow Republican politicians who are comfortable telling lies to their constituents and do not have the courage to vote their moral conscience. Republican politicians vote as they are told to--in blocks to hold onto power because Americans are fed up with them.

1922 will show if Trumpicans continue to believe “The Big Lie” and actually vote their moral conscience. Will real Americans vote them out of office?

Jim Tomashoff

Mr. Weltmann, you posited that: "The vast majority of Americans want good solid values in their representatives. “Deeds, not Words” truly matter. I believe real Americans will vote Trumpicans out of office rather quickly."

I'm sorry, but I'm afraid the Trumpicans are going to be around for a good long time. Here's why:

"In the aftermath of the Jan. 6 attack, Trump’s backers distanced themselves from the mob, with most Republicans saying they disapproved of the rioters’ actions and didn’t believe that they represented his supporters as a whole. Such disavowals, however, haven’t extended to Trump, whose actions are seen by most of his voters as entirely acceptable.

Among those who voted for Trump in the November election, 60% now say that his behavior on the day of the riot was appropriate, according to the poll, which was taken days after the Senate voted to acquit Trump for inciting the insurrection. Thirty percent of these voters say his behavior was inappropriate but not an impeachable offense, with just 3% calling it impeachable. "

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