Our president has shown how he thinks with his daily coronavirus briefings, and it is not pretty.  He said the virus is smart because it can’t be destroyed by antibiotics. We all know antibiotics do nothing against any virus.

He suggests we should try putting cleaning products in our body. He offers his ignorant hunches as alternatives to the facts his medical experts present. He lies  about the terrific job we are doing with testing when that is obviously false.

The U.S. leads the world in sick and dying people from this pandemic. Back in February when we needed a leader to prepare for the pandemic, he played golf.  

His legacy will be that he encouraged racism, greatly harmed the environment, ignored climate change, ignored the gun problem and implemented tax cuts for the wealthy that have sent the national debt higher than the GDP. He meddles dangerously with the military, bullies Congress and the judicial branches, and puts incompetent people in powerful positions as long as they are loyal. He hides his taxes because he owes millions to the Bank of China and who knows what else.

I am proud of America but this guy has brought shame to the office of president. I am embarrassed by his policies, his morals, and his ignorance.

Jeff Donovan, Whispering Pines

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Frank Staples

Craig, what are you thinking, my friend? Ever since it's inception the Pilot has leaned to the left, at times more than others but always, faithfully to the left. Since the Pilot is a local newspaper I don't really suppose that there will be too much space taken away from golf to inform Moore County of the shenanigans of the obama administration.

Duane Barlow

I could not have stated it better. Thank you Jeff. I also am a proud American, but it sickens me to have a compulsive liar as our President. It's clear that we have a corrupt administration, including our Attorney General. Hopefully this country can survive for another eight months until we have new leadership.

Sally Larson

Reading these comments is so surreal like we're talking about two different people. I can't believe how divided we've become with totally different views. It's really awful to see. There was a time when people discussed their differences but there's no chance for that happening now. It's very sad.

Anne Spohn

I totally agree with you, but I don’t think there’s any changing it.

Ric Mayle

The largest catastrophe of our lifetime and these libs expect a "simple" solution. If they don't get it, then Trump is to blame. Maybe if Biden and his son weren't stealing millions from China and the Ukraine, and Obama wasn't sending billions in cash to our enemy Iran or cooperating with crooked FBI officials to frame an innocent President or telling the Russian President he will have more latitude once he is re-elected, or wasting time with stupid "beer summits" and mocking our police, or stripping our military in the middle of terrorist attacks, then maybe, just maybe we could have been a bit more prepared for this unbelievable dilemma. In the meantime, these libs need a scape goat. Instead of thinking this out, they need to make themselves feel good because they are so smart!

Ken Owens

Mr. Donovan,

Your letter seems to have struck a raw nerve in the Trump cult.

Millions of people in North Carolina agree with you.

Not only NC but in America as well.

Keith Miller

Mr Donovan...your last paragraph describes exactly how I felt about obama for 8 years...no wait, I still do.

Conrad Meyer

Agree with you Keith - 100%. It will be interesting to see how the Flynn bombshell plays out.

Mark Hayes

Bush (R) and Obama (D) warned of the need for a pandemic plan in preparation for what we are currently experiencing, each party had 8 years in office, that is a total of 16 years to do so, so what and where is that plan ? Epidemiologist and Disease Research Center has had decades to find an insulin to prevent this virus, so why has it not been found ? The answer may be that none have ever experienced or come across this new virus, so how in a month would anyone be capable of preparing ? It is obvious you don't care for the current President, don't vote for him, but before you lay the blame on one man, you should share that with so many others that were in office before him.

Dan Roman

One would think anyone living in the civilized would who has access to and can use a computer would know that insulin is NOT an antiviral nor a vaccine. One would obviously be wrong, Mark proves that.

Equally if Trump wants to take credit for a (not so ) "great" economy and/or all the other things he claims are "the greatest ever" he has to accept responsibility for the lame federal response to Covid-19...which of course he doesn't and won't.

Mark Hayes

Dan, took you a bit more time than expected to correct me on that, my wife had already done so, although I do appreciate your bringing that to the attention of all that read the comments posted here. Having four immediate family members in the healthcare profession I guess I should be embarrassed, but I'm not, I'm sure they noticed and accept my lack of knowledge in the field of Microbiology and Epidemiology. Now if we could get back to that original comment, you know, " the what and where " of the pandemic plan created by the last administration, after all, that was the intent of my comment. As for you making myself a target for your future sarcasm, let this be the end of that.

Dan Roman

Pointing out that insulin is not a vaccine nor an antiviral is simply stating a fact.

Sarcasm would be suggesting that insulin, oral or injected, would be as good a vaccine or antiviral as ingesting disinfectant or irradiating oneself with UV.

Betsey Mitchell

Kind of hard for Bush or Obama to find an “insulin” for a virus that didn’t exist in The human population until late 2019. What these two guys did do was create a general plan for managing a viral outbreak that your favorite, Trump ignored and even had the gal to say didn’t exist.

Kent Misegades

TDS is incurable for those who belief in nonsense. Take the Rush Limbaugh cure - listen to him every day for six weeks and try to prove him wrong. Good luck. If the cure works you will be happier, wiser and mentally healthier.

Barbara Misiaszek

Kent, YOU are the one with TDS. Rush ? Yes, a real hero - NOT.

John Misiaszek

Dan Roman

Kent and Mark are Trump propagandists supporting a self satisfied moron selling snake oil. They suffer from a terminal, incurable case of DTS, deranged trump support.

Mark Hayes

Dan, when you left Ohio you must have forgotten to bring your spine, because here you have shown to be spineless in your attacks on others, a big man at the keyboard, a mouse of a man otherwise.

Craig Dunlop

This letter from Jeff Donovan and Dan and Barbara's standard liberal responses are really boring, second only to the Pilot's continuing to publish the same letters with the same content and the same whining letter writers. Please start printing something more interesting and for once print the facts. With the recent sharing of documents relative to what went on in the Obama administration, we will now get the truth about the "scandal free" Obama-Biden corrupted era. Cant wait. Bring it on!

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