Both print and broadcast media have covered the recent Alabama abortion legislation as “Anti-abortion.” One has to wonder if this validates the widely held belief that the media is so liberal it can’t see both sides of an issue.

How about if coverage of this legislation was something like, “The majority of Alabama voters exercised their First Amendment rights of Freedom of Religion through their elected officials.” I’ve not seen any coverage like that.

When taking with the Washington bureau chief of The New York Times, she said she did not know one person who voted for Trump. Is this another example of the liberal media living in a self defined vacuum?

Patrick Haggerty, Pinehurst

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Sally Larson

"Each year, 125,000 rapes are reported across the United States." The Atlantic As long as there is rape, there need to be abortions. Our court system needs to crack down on rapists, maybe forcing convicted rapists to undergo a medical removal of one reproductive organ per rape. You can't let men get away with rape without allowing women to have abortions. How cruel to force a woman to raise a child fathered by her rapist. That's punishing a woman for being attacked by a man.

Jim Tomashoff

Sally, Kent and other religious fascists don't see it that way. If God had not wanted that women to be raped and become pregnant as a result He would not have permitted the rape in the first place. God wanted it to happen, so it happened. To Kent's mind, once a woman becomes pregnant she loses all of her human rights. Instead she is morally, and should be legally, compelled to carry her pregnancy through birth, no matter what. Now once the baby is born Kent could care less what happens to it and he and folks like him don't think it is government's responsibility to care for that person in any way, shape, or fashion. An odd type of Christianity, but he believes it, therefore, and here's where the fascist part of the personality type shows up, it MUST be the law, even if most people actively oppose such a law. Kent speaks for God, and that settles it. Capisce?

Brenda Pistani

Wow, how very can anyone think God wanted a rape to happen? I am sure Kent does not believe that and if you do you should learn a little more about Christianity. Horrible things happen in this world but it is up to humanity to help heal, not "fix" things by taking another life. You seem to think you can speak to Kent's beliefs about "caring less what happens to it". Your sarcasm and cruelty is very misplaced.

ken leary

Abortion is not a moral or religious issue. It is an economic issue. On the one hand you religious anachronisms want to force a woman to childbirth, and then deny her any support after the birth. We should realize that this is a major political wedge issue devised by think tanks for the purpose of getting us to vote a conservative line even though it is not in our best interest. Using this issue when the USA is murdering multitudes of children, every day, all around the world, is at best hypocritical. I think it is evil.

Sally Larson

I suppose a divided country is one where both sides accuse the exact things about each other. It's really a shame when people don't know how to come together. This is the UNITED States after all.

Richard Wright

Abortion is neither a health issue or a birth control issue. Nor is abortion a religious issue. Rather abortion is a moral issue where we should be protecting human life not treating abortion as elective surgery.

Jim Tomashoff

Set false assumptions and you get false conclusions. Who has ever suggested that abortion is should be treated as nothing more than "elective surgery"? Before you can conclude that abortion is not a health issue may we see your M.D. "doctor" Wright? I have yet to meet anyone or read a letter or article by anyone who is totally opposed to all abortions who has not based that opposition of religious convictions. Have you? So aside from the fact that all three of your initial premises are flat-out wrong, you're doing ok.

Kent Misegades

They don’t know a Trunp voter because they live in a bubble and refuse to spend a day in the shoes of the people in fly-over country who make this nation run.

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