I would like to welcome Steve Bouser to the party, but he arrived late (“The Decline of America”). 

I, like most conservatives, have been lamenting the decline of America for decades. No, we don’t actually want it to be 1954 again, but we would like to see a return to the values that made America great in the first place. These would include personal responsibility, hard work, civility, respect for law, respect for the rights of others. That’s what makes us conservatives.

Welcome Steve … it just took you longer to figure it out.

How did we get here? I believe that we followed the example of all of the great nations that failed before. We forgot the values that made us great in the first place. We got fat and lazy, took our eyes off the ball, and started to decline.

Steve is right: The decline isn’t Trump’s fault. It was the decline, in fact, that gave us Trump. Enough people became so alarmed about the state of the country that a non-politician who promised to drain the swamp and put America back on a path to greatness again was elected.  None too soon.

I believe that there is hope now for the country. That is, if Trump can hold off the hordes of angry liberals who still don’t get it. Look where we are now compared to three years ago. Major progress, and finally some hope for America.

Don MacIlvaine, Whispering Pines

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Sally Larson

Yes, it would be nice to see good values including personal responsibility, hard work, civility, respect for the law, respect for the rights of others.

Unfortunately, our President is not an example of those values and doesn't support them.

Barbara Misiaszek

Well, I'm going to have to disagree. Trump = personal responsibility - what 7 bankruptcies?

Hard work- I doubt if Trump ever felt a blister.Also, do you think hard work or his father's money got him into Wharton for his final 2 years?

Civility - Trump ?? Can't possibly be used in the same sentence.

Respect for the law - I don't know about Trump's respect for the law but I know he spoke about some "very good people - on both sides in Charlottesville"

Respect for the rights of others - You can't possibly be referring to our President. One of our basic rights is a right to life. The way he's led our nation's response to this pandemic shows how much he cares about our lives.

Drain the swamp - He's got his son-in-law leading the charge. Cuomo has engaged Mike Bloomberg and Erik Schmidt to help him.

11/3/2020 can't come soon enough.

John Misiaszek

Jim Tomashoff

We certainly agree about the need for 11/3/2020 getting here as soon as possible. But nothing will really change until 1/20/2021, when everything will change. Then there's the date of 4/20/21. The date, according to a $10 bet I've made with a good friend who happens to be a sane Republican, by which Trump will be indicted for business fraud, bank fraud, tax fraud, insurance fraud and finally, money laundering much of the Russian Mob's illegally acquire cash during the 1990s and 2000s. I'm counting on his arrest and extradition by either the Attorney General of Florida (at the request of the Attorney General of New York) and/or the Federal Southern District of New York. I can't wait to see Trump doing the perp walk with his hands handcuffed behind him as a Federal Marshall pushes his head down so he can get himself into a government car on his way to being booked for dozens of Federal Crimes.

Kathryn Giquinto

Mr. Tomasoff, after reading your last sentence I was thinking the same thing about Obama and his crew considering what has come to light in the last few days.

Peyton Cook

Excellent 👍👍👍

Mark Hayes


Dan Roman

Trump is the swamp and has made the swamp home wider, longer, deeper, more populated and more dangerous than it ever has been. Thanks also to Newt Gingrish and his scorched earth politics to Trump, Pense, McConnell, GOP partisans who divide and conquer America, the NRA, neo-Nazis etc...

Richard Price

I have to agree with all of these comments with the exception of the thumbs-up.

Conrad Meyer

I have to agree with the thumbs up postings.

Super bad day yesterday if you were a liberal. First of all the dem politically motivated Bridgegate convictions were tossed out in NJ. But the blockbuster news was that Flynn was exonerated due to lying by the swamp masters at the FBI. The muck reaches all the way to the Obama White House. Get the popcorn, this is going to get more interesting.

And why no talk about creepy sleepy Joe and his assault? And where the heck is Hunter? You remember - the drug addict son who reaped millions from the Russians and Chinese using daddy's name?

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