In response to David Bailey’s June 7 letter: America is best served by free, independent men who can think for themselves, not men who let self-serving politicians and talk-show hosts think for them.

Ken Owens, Pinehurst

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Peyton Cook

Thanks for the note. I meant to write “a massive lost of small businesses”.

Peyton Cook

It most certainly does have to do with his policies today.

Peyton Cook

From what I have seen and heard from the Democrat candidates they all espoused Marxist policies.

Peyton Cook

There is one currently occupying the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, DC. He is not a politician, did not need to run for office, but decided to do to reverse the direction of the United State toward Socialism and perhaps to Marxism. This is the goal of many on the Left especially Bernie Sanders and many former Democratic candidates for President. Biden will only be a figurehead as he is not capable to run this nation.

Jim Tomashoff

Utter nonsense Peyton. Your ignorance is truly astounding sometimes. There is a huge difference between Bernie Sanders' advocacy of Democratic Socialism as practiced in most European countries today, and Marxism. But your willful ignorance keeps you from understanding the difference even though it has been pointed out to you dozens of times by me and others. And just who are the former Democratic candidates for President who embrace Socialism and Marxism? Answer: None of Them! Biden will only be a figurehead....How so? Why? How do you know this?

Peyton Cook

Sanders has voted for Marxists and had his honeymoon in the USSR. He was an admirer of Castro.

Jim Tomashoff

None of which is relevant in terms of his policy advocacy today.

Sally Larson

Talk about needing free independent thinkers.........Ugh

At least Biden knows how to care for the WHOLE United States, not try to divide us and abuse the Constitution.

Mark Hayes

Sally if Trump is not reelected, and as a Republican I confess, I doubt he will be, I can think of no better replacement than Joe Biden. Since neither will provide myself with any actual benefit, I look more into the entertainment that will be provided. Trump has been gnawed on until their is not much left but bone, and even that is not off the menu for the real scavengers, they will go in for the marrow that remains. Now Joe Biden, he is going to provide fresh meat, a new menu, 50 years as a politician is going to be like a feast, it matters little which media outlet, late night talk show host, or Hollywood entertainers, all will be licking their chops to get a piece of Joe, I would imagine SNL is already working on material. Joe has so many gaffes, undesirable moments, less than flattering photos, in other words, there is a lot to work with when it comes to Joe. BTW, look for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex to become a rising star, Biden fears her.

Peyton Cook

Mark, be optimistic. We saw this in 2016. The Dems have everything they can to bring Trump down and all have failed.You know the Dems are worried when you hear them when they are questioning the debates as unnecessary and boring. Have heart.

Mark Hayes

Peyton... I will vote for Trump, I just don't see him being reelected. I believe what I have stated on the issue to be more likely what Biden will experience. Joe Biden has his own bad baggage, 50 years of it. His family will be targeted, his son will become a burden, the dating of the brothers wife, not that it is actually wrong, but somewhat questionable. What looks bad, is him getting Lunden Roberts pregnant while dating his brothers wife, the child he was forced to acknowledge, but only after DNA results. I don't remember ever having our Secret Service being assigned to protect a former lover, and their child, this will be a first. It never ends, being kicked out of the Navy reserves for using cocaine and too much alcohol, the Ashley Madison incident, and then there will be remnants of that Burisma story, a lot to contend with for a 79 year old President that has already shown to be pretty forgetful during speaking engagements. Joe has been turned away by Democrats twice before, why now is he the best candidate, Sanders supporters will not agree. Let the good times roll.

Mark Hayes

Should be " until there is nothing ". My bad

Peyton Cook

Obama’s presidency aided by the tepid Clinton campaign are the main reasons Trump was elected. They were sick and tired of the economic policies of Obama which resulted in higher taxes, high unemployment and massive small businesses. He said “this is the new normal. When Trump promised to grow the economy Obama asked “is he going to wave a magic wand”? Then he has said that he was responsible for the booming economic grown when his economy never passed 2% growth.

Jim Tomashoff

Obama's economic policies resulted in "...massive small businesses." Huh?

ken leary

Sally, you really need to look into Biden's record. He is a horror. The only way he even looks reasonable is when compared to Trump; and at that you need to look closely.

Sally Larson

Trump is a nightmare, anyone would be better than him.

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