Shame on all of our Moore County residents who refuse to wear masks. Is it really an infringement on their freedom? Give us a break. Is it a political statement?

Please, stop thinking about yourselves and think of your families, your neighbors and your friends. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Sheldon Rappaport, Pinehurst

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John Rowerdink

Sheldon asks if wearing or not wearing a mask is a political statement. I’m afraid it has become political and to whatever extent it has, it is because it has been promoted as such by those on the left, who see wearing a mask as some kind of badge of honor. The governor’s recent order repeatedly says a mask is required “when we may be within six feet of another person”. People on the left ignore that part of the order. The issue is not really mask or no mask, it is social distancing. If social distancing is practiced, a mask serves no purpose. It is not at all difficult to stay more than six feet from others in a grocery store, for example. Since the governor’s order, I have personally expanded my mask-wearing habits to include grocery and other retail stores, even when I’m quite sure I will not be within six feet of other people. But I do it because I want to be cooperative, not because I think it makes any sense. So yes, it has become political. Blame those on the left.

Sally Larson

John, why can't you get it in your head that we wear masks to protect ourselves as well as you. To make this political is a detriment to all of us. It's about caring for everyone and working together to try to slow this virus down. It's selfish and childish to not wear them, you are jeopardizing the health of everyone.

John Rowerdink

Sally....did you finish reading my post? I said I have expanded my mask-wearing habits to include all retail stores, etc. Under what circumstances do you think I am not wearing a mask and should? When I''m alone in my car as I have seen some do? This is the silly "badge of honor" situation I mentioned in my note.

Sally Larson

Yes, I did: "But I do it because I want to be cooperative, not because I think it makes any sense. So yes, it has become political. Blame those on the left."

You still think it's political and it won't make a difference, there's no silly badge of honor. It's just doing the right thing for everyone.

Russell McAllister

I suppose this is the Fox News "fair and balanced" view. The medical and scientific view, however, based on fact and not Tucker Carlson's bizarre fantasies, is that wearing face masks is required to protect other people, a sort of "Do unto others what you would have them do unto you." Perhaps this is a mantra from the "Left". If so, those on Mr. Rowerdink's "Right" would do well to emulate it.

Mark Hayes

I believe arguing over either, or any of these media outlets is ludicrous, when it is only beneficial to them, advertisement clients love it. Watch how quickly they change course if and when Joe Biden is elected, he will be subjected to the same journalist cannibalism, in short, they will eat Joe alive. Journalist of today have no particular menu, most are scavengers that survive on whatever is currently in season. Trump, Biden, won't make a difference which is offered up as the main course, they will be attacked as if they fell into a school of piranha.

Sally Larson

Now I understand why Kent and others don't want to participate in the solution, it's the misleading manipulations they've been fed through Fox News. A new study proves how they downplayed and discouraged people from being safe. You've all been duped.

"The data is in: Fox News may have kept millions from taking the coronavirus threat seriously" Washington Post 6/28/2020

This is what happens when people stop thinking for themselves.

John Rowerdink

Why do I have the strong feeling that you'v never watched Fox News? If you had, you would know that Fox is FAR more balanced than their competitors, CNN and MSNBC.

Kent Misegades

Does your disapproval of people who love liberty and freedom extend to Governor Cooper, who recently walked arm-in-arm without a mask with protestors in Raleigh? But he won’t allow parents to take their kids to a public playground or for our many area churches to hold normal services.

Dan Roman

Our disapproval extends to people who think the asinine excuse of "liberty and freedom" trumps public health and common sense.

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