There is an old saying in politics, that if something stinks follow the money trail. With President Trump there is no problem, as we know he coddles the Russians because he wants the Trump Tower Moscow when he is thrown out of office.

I wasn’t sure about Moscow Mitch until I recently read about the Russian oligarch, Rusal, which is making a $200 million investment in an aluminum plant in Kentucky. Talk about selling your soul. Now it explains why Moscow Mitch worked so hard to get Oleg Deripaska, who controls Rusal,  exempted from the sanctions the bipartisan House wanted to put in place.

It’s hard to have any confidence in the Republican leadership when you consider that Ivanka has business interests in China, Mitch’s wife has economic ties with her Chinese family, and son-in-law Kushner has loans from the Arabs.

Bill Rose, Southern Pines

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Jim Tomashoff

Mr. Rose is absolutely correct. But we should add that Trump also coddles the Russians because Russian oligarchs funded many of his building projects for the last 15-20 years, or so. Trump could not borrow a dime on Wall Street after losing billions on his casinos and other investments that tanked. Trump also coddles the Russians because he has additionally laundered hundreds of millions of dollars of Russian mobster money. Putin, of course, knows all this. That's why Trump meets Putin without any U.S. personnel, not even interpreters, present at their discussions. We still have absolutely no idea what they've said to each other at said meetings. This fact is unprecedented since the end of WWII. Personally, I think Putin was giving Trump his instructions, the list of actions and pronouncements he was instructed to make over the next several months, that is, until they would meet again. I know, I know, it's just TDS. Right Kent, Mark, Peyton,

Richard Wright

Jimmy - You know this is made up stuff. Remember Hillary agreeing, when working for Obama, to sell uranium to Russia. Or that Russia through proxies gave the Clinton foundation more than $100 million? Or that Putin took the Crimea when Obama was President? The left, and you being a primary conspiracy theorist by nature, cannot fathom the reality that there is no collusion, no Putin pulling the President's strings.

Jim Tomashoff

Dickie, you are an willfully ignorant person. "The Uranium One controversy is a theory accusing Bill Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, high level officials in Russia, the State Department, Uranium One, and the FBI of allegedly compromising national-security interests, bribery, and suppressing evidence. All parties denied the accusations, and no evidence of wrongdoing has been found after four years of allegations, an FBI investigation, a House Intelligence Committee inquiry, and the 2017 appointment of a Federal Attorney to evaluate the investigation."

But you believe, of course, that every investigation regardless of who did the investigating, whether in or outside of government, is part of the cabal protecting the Clinton's. In short, they are engaged in a vast conspiracy, right?

Russia did invade Crimea, and in response, under Obama's leadership Russia was kicked-out of the G8 and significant U.S. and European economic sanctions were applied and are still in place. Your boy Trump wants to unconditionally let Russia back into the organization, making it the G8 again. Explain that for us.

Re, the Clinton Foundation: "When a serious charge against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is debunked by a Fox News anchor, you can be sure the charge is fake news, even if the charge is promoted by a second Fox News anchor named Sean Hannity. Thank you, Shepard Smith, for demonstrating that facts are still facts, even on Fox News.

The charge was started in 2015 by Peter Schweizer of Breitbart News, Steve Bannon’s organization. He wrote that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved the sale of a mining company, Uranium One, and “gave away 20 percent of America’s uranium to Russia in exchange for $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.” In the words of Paul Waldman, investigative reporter for The Week, “every bit of the previous sentence is false.”

Schweizer’s charge, repeated by President Trump and Hannity, has been debunked by The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Also, the FBI investigated the Clinton Foundation and its relationship with Uranium One in 2015. They found “no evidence to move forward with a case.”

The article goes on to trace the sale of Uranium One in great detail. It debunks everything you assert. But, of course, since it's not Breitbart doing the reporting, you'll disbelieve it, right Dickie. Do yourself a favor, go read it. It's complicated, so you may need to find a 6th grader to explain it to you.

Trump is the only "conspiracy theorist" that matters. The rest of right-wingers, including yourself, are minor league conspiracy theorists compared to him. You are willfully ignorant and would probably require a cram four-week course in current events just to qualify as a "low-information voter." When Trump is indicted for money laundering for the Russian mob, sometime shortly after he leaves office January 20, 2021, get back to us with your mea culpa (look it up) about his dealings with Putin and other Russians before and during his Presidency.

Ed Pieczynski

So you boldly predict Trump will be indicted for money laundering? I'm gonna step out on a limb here and bet you also boldly predicted HRC was going to win in 2016? Just curious.

Richard Wright

Jimbo - Actually the WaPo on 20 Nov 2017 called for an investigation of the Uranium deal and the $145M given by Russia to the Clinton Foundation. The NYT, and are rather left of center. Obama did not kick Russia out of the G-8 (what punishment)-- and Trump did not let them back in. You must remember how Obama laughed when Romney called Russia our greatest threat - or how he promised the Russian Federation president he would have flexibility in dealing with them after his reelection. What did Obama do when the Russian's shot down the Maylasian airliner? Absolutely nothing! Keep hoping but you only have your imagination to keep you company.

Mark Hayes

Numbnuts, You could at least show some degree of common sense and wait for " Mark " to participate if he chooses, before entering " Mark " as a source of ridicule.

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