Imagine gun control efforts are successful and the government decides who can have guns and who cannot. Imagine Donald Trump and those who support him are in control of the government.

Imagine gun control efforts are successful and only the military and police can have guns. Imagine that Donald Trump and those who support him are in control of the military and police.

Imagine Donald Trump could override the 14th Amendment by executive order. Imagine a future president who could override the Second Amendment by executive order.

Would these affect anyone’s current positions on those issue, pro or con?

Clifton Franklin Marley, Robbins

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Peyton Cook

Mr. T. You have the bad habit of attempting to read people’s minds. Today’s “military grade” fire arms are not for sale to the public because they are capable of automatic operation. Yes, it is possible to purchase firearms which resemble the military weapons, but they are not automatic capable. I know this because I have fired both. In the Air Force I qualified on the M-16 which could be fired either automatic or semi-automatic. The AR-15 looks like an M-16 but only semi-automatic. You know that the other weapons you cited are unavailable to civilians. I probably need to be mor specific. The Founders wanted an armed public to prevent the possibility of a tyrannical Government like the one we had just defeated.

Stephen Woodward

Why in the world would President Trump move to eliminate the 14th amendment? Have you read the 14th amendment? It protects U.S. citizenship. It is the open borders crowd that seems most likely to seek elimination of the 14th amendment.

Kent Misegades

The right to gun ownership is not specified by the Constitution as it is considered a natural right, one from God. We have a natural right to life, which includes self-defense to protect our lives. The second amendment simply states that no law may be created that infringes on this natural right.

Jim Tomashoff

As usual, Kent is dead wrong. There are all kinds of laws that infringe up "this natural right." Try buying hand grenades. Or anti-tank rounds. The 2nd Amendment does not now, and has never, created an unfettered right to buy any kind of "arm" one wants. Both the Heller and Chicago Supreme Court decisions note this. The question before us is, in a nutshell, does the 2nd Amendment confer the right to own semi-automatic weapons equipped with very large capacity magazines? That's a debate worth having. It's not cut and dry, notwithstanding Kent's absolute conviction that God wants us to have these weapons (He probably thinks God wants us to have fully automatic weapons, hand grenades, flame throwers, and who knows what else.)

And the scenario Mr. Marley contemplates is utterly ridiculous. No one is try to take away ALL your guns Mr. Marley. If you think your ownership of guns will deter the Armed Forces of the U.S. and the police, should they decide to "take away" your guns, you'll be able to do precious little to stop them. But if you want to live out your fantasy that "They can have my gun when they pull my cold dead finger off the trigger" be my guest. No great loss I'm thinking.

Dan Roman

The right to bear arms has nothing to do with a deity, it derives from the second amendment to the Constitution: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed".

What Kent, as usual, and others ignore is the first phrase, "A well regulated militia being necessary to the the security of a free state....".

The question becomes to what "...well regulated militia..." does Kent and his ilk belong. Unless in the military or national guard the answer is none.

When the second amendment was written the country lacked a standing army and a/the/any militia would have been, in time of need, comprised by citizens of the new country. Since in time of need the citizenry would form a militia the right (necessity) of those citizens to keep and bear arms was guaranteed. Obviously this is no longer true. The current interpretation of the second amendment is a social and political invention which substantially differs from the original intent of the drafters because it ignores the requirement of the first phrase and gives sole recognition to the second phrase. If the drafters had intended that result the first phrase is unnecessary, without meaning and were that the case would not have been included, but the drafters included it, and did so for a reason, the necessity of a well regulated militia...and we no longer have or require citizen militias.

Peyton Cook

Not true Beto O’Rourke has let the cat out of the bag. The radical Left does want to confiscate all privately owned firearms. As an aside, the Founders did want citizens to possess “military grade” firearms. That’s all that existed. In fact many on the frontier possessed even better arms: the rifled musket.

Jim Tomashoff

Peyton's right. The Founders wanted citizens to possess "military grade" firearms, circa 1787-1789. Because that was all that existed AT THAT TIME!. I guess it is Peyton's belief that citizens should be allowed to possess all "military grade" firearms today as well. Are tanks firearms, or just their main guns? What about artillery pieces, are they arms? Are grenades? And even though Beto O'Rourke specifically cited AR-15s and MK-47s as the guns he wants to be subject to a mandatory buy-back, Peyton has concluded from that statement that "The radical Left does want to confiscate all privately owned firearms." Anyone have a problem with Peyton's reasoning here? He claims he was a college level teacher. Based on his lack of reading comprehension and an ability to engage in rational thought I wouldn't let him teach 1st Grade.

Jim Tomashoff

"The Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act or Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) was a subsection of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, a United States federal law which included a prohibition on the manufacture for civilian use of certain semi-automatic firearms that were defined as assault weapons as well as certain ammunition magazines that were defined as "large capacity".

The 10-year ban was passed by the US Congress on September 13, 1994, following a close 52–48 vote in the US Senate, and was signed into law by US President Bill Clinton on the same day. The ban applied only to weapons manufactured after the date of the ban's enactment. It expired on September 13, 2004, in accordance with its sunset provision. Several constitutional challenges were filed against provisions of the ban, but all were rejected by the courts." Wikipedia

And yet, somehow the Republic survived.

Peyton Cook

That is very true, the term “assault” because they looked like military arms, even though they weren’t. How much experience have you with firearms? I was brought up with them in the house. While growing up we had cap pistols, I got a BB gun when I was ten, and a .22 when I was twelve. I learned how to safely handle them. I have fired most WWII weapons, including automatic on a range. I have been interested in the evolution of firearms in the context of military history. While not wholly up to date on the latest weapons, I have pretty good understanding. Firearms in the hands of the wrong people, no matter what the type, is the problem; not the normal citizen. While shootings will continue no matter the laws, they can be minimized by preventing persons with known mental problems from obtaining them. The Supreme Court has ruled that possessing is a right to possess firearms.

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