Record heat waves in America and Europe endanger millions, as wildfires rage, in a brutal manifestation of man-induced global warming.

Each of us can reduce our personal contribution by cutting back on consumption of animal foods, which account for a whopping portion of “greenhouse gases.”

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Laurie O'Loughlin

Thank you, Sandler, for caring about the climate crisis enough to write. Reducing meat consumption, if nothing else, increases the demand for more plant-based foods. And policies reducing the waste from giant meat farms will definitely help to reduce the excess greenhouse gases in the air. Climate Crisis Working Group of Moore County welcomes folks who care about the climate to further our research and sharing. if you're interested in learning more. Thanks again for caring.

Jared Kaufman

Coming from someone who has been a vegetarian for nearly 10 years, I feel you make a mistake blaming the consumers and not the corporations. For the most part people buy what's easy, cheap, and marketed to them. The amount of people that would need to go on an organized boycott to actually affect the environmental effects of the meat industry would be massive. Rather than simply changing our diets I think it would be better to fight for policy.

Kent Misegades

The exalted enviro guru and Nobel prize winner Al “The Kiss” Gore claimed in his 2006 (science fiction) documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” that unless drastic measures were taken the world would reach a point of no return within 10 years. Well, we’re still alive and kicking! But I did join PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals. I’ll have mine medium well please with a slab of bacon on top. Enjoy your tofu!

Stephen Woodward

Now they’re coming for our shopping lists?

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