You guys are shameless peddlers of extreme left wing ideology in a community of patriots. Who do you think your readers are? The tattooed punks who work at Nature’s Own? Sunday: Two letters full of unsubstantiated bull by Ken Owens and Roger Davis, an editorial demanding Medicaid expansion without explaining the perils of doing so when the federal government realizes it can’t fund 90 percent of it into perpetuity. Then, another delusional column by William Shaw.

And you, John, apologizing to Robbins because it’s a garbage infested eye sore inhabited by subsidized entitlement addicts. Perhaps you should instead apologize for your pathetic “newspaper.”  

Steve Woodward, Pinehurst

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Andrew Steidinger

The Constitution protects obnoxious, offensive, or repugnant speech. Sometimes I wonder if The Pilot disseminates it publicly for the purpose of allowing readers to identify angst ridden judgmental residents we would like to actively avoid in the future, like Steve Woodward.

Mary Fales

Now that’s an interesting theory. I have been reading his vitriolic letters since we moved here. Responses like yours help remind me that there are a good eggs here, too.

Mary Sweeters

Haters got to hate

Ken Owens

It is not a liberal vs conservative thing.

It is all about what is right and what is good for the general population of North Carolina. We ain't all rich enough for the Republican legislators to care about.

bill fortenberry

Shame on the Pilot for allowing Steve Woodward's inappropriate letter to be printed. I can only hope that someone has the courage to sue him for belittling and demeaning the employees at Nature’s Own. I served in the military in the 1960’s. I have a tattoo. I see numerous active and retired military veterans and police officers who have tattoos. Are they also “Punks,” STEVE. The Pilot needs to do a better job of screening what they consider acceptable opinions from their readers.

Ken Owens

Juli, What distortions and lies. What do you want to nit pick? Are you one of the people that the Republicans want to keep in their place. Ain't nobody gonna keep me in my place. I think for my self. It ain't a right or left thing. Can't you see that the system is broken?

Ken Owens

Steve, you really missed the point that I was making that the Republican legislators really are trying to keep the poor people poor. You can nit pick virtually everything I mentioned, but the pattern is there. The Republican legislators are working for the rich and doing their best to keep the poor people in their place. Which one are you?

Carolyn Hatcher

Your letter failed the "be nice" rule. When the nation is reeling from the recent shootings, we don't need hate-filled rhetoric. Can you express yourself without the name-calling and degrading descriptions?

Mary Sweeters


David Lambert

I didn't know that I lived in a "garbage invested eye-sore" and was a "subsidized entitlement addict." I am so grateful to have been enlightened. There has been tremendous progress and hard work made recently. When I met you at Farmers Day last year, Republican HQ election parties, or at the polls---you could have told me sooner. Better late than ever I guess. I have those who say that Pinehurst residents were rude, ostentatious, and elitist. I have assured them that has not been my experience. Pinehurst and other places have fine residents, although I am sure they might have at least one bad apple.

Sally Larson

Steve, I would hope you are not suggesting The Pilot should speak to only one type of person. This area is much more mixed than you presume. There are a lot who like those tattoo punks at Natures Own, they are people too. We should all be grateful we still have the freedom of the press.

Mary Sweeters


Ric Mayle

Don't be disheartened Steve. Like all liberals and liberal organizations, they want us to think that "they care". They have a choice to take a stand on the left or the right, and they always chose the left. Look at the vast majority of newspapers across the country.They care about the average American and hate the mean right wing capitalist businessman. Even though business provides jobs for millions of people who can than support their families. Its all about making them feel good about themselves without any common sense as to how their ideas get paid for. Look at the good side, at least The Pilot let's us counter by publishing our thoughts as well. They haven't censored us yet!

Judi Rhodes

Great letter Steve! I had the same reaction to last Sunday's opinion section. It was just loaded with distortions and lies and I thank you for calling it what it was.

Dan Roman

Wow. Sounds like Woodward needs to get back on his meds and stop wearing his tinfoil hat so tight.

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