On Friday, June 26, all North Carolina residents were required to wear a mask in public. What’s that? You don’t think you need to wear a mask? Let’s step out of North Carolina for just a moment.

Take a look at Texas and Florida, which opened way too early and are now pausing or going backward in their phasing-in as a result of opening too soon.

I want my personal life — as well as my professional life and the U.S. economy — to get back to some semblance of normal. Frankly, the sooner we tamp this pandemic down nationwide, the sooner businesses can get back to some kind of normal, albeit a new normal until there is a vaccine.

With regard to having to wear a mask? It’s a minor inconvenience, folks. No one likes it, but it’s for the greater good.

And please spare me the griping about your rights. You don’t have the right to infect me. A mask mostly protects others from you, who might be infected without realizing it. It’s surprising how many people have it backward.

If we all do it, it will be over that much sooner. If you wear a mask and it turns out you didn’t need to, there’s no harm. If you did need to and didn’t, there could be incalculable harm. We’re all on the same team here.

Neil Desmond, Pinehurst

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Peyton Cook

Masked are not mandatory. I wear one when I am going to be in more crowded conditions, when I can’t maintain socials distancing and where businesses require them. I care for my fellow man. Some only care about themselves.

Stephen Woodward

Not wearing a mask. Ever.

Sally Larson

Stephen, I suppose it's useless to respond to your childish comment but you are saying you want to keep the state from re-opening? You want to keep the spread of the virus going? Even now that the administration (Pense) is promoting wearing masks? Do you want to be part of the problem or the solution? Stop being so entitled and self-important and do the right thing.

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