B“Horse” and “manure” are the first two words that come to mind reading John Nagy’s Aug. 18 column describing The Pilot’s “letters to the editor” as “an engaging forum for all.” In response to correspondence I had with Mr. Nagy almost two months ago questioning whether there had been any changes in The Pilot’s policy after four straight letters I had written went unpublished, Mr. Nagy assured me that letters were published regardless of “political orientation,” and that my latest was “in the queue,” where it remains with no further time relevance.

In fairness, I have had several letters with a conservative bent published over the years, to the point where I have had many people tell me they look for them, and ask why I have stopped writing. But no objective observer can question the fact that The Pilot has a liberal slant showing up in its selection of which letters to publish. Throwing a bone with the occasional publication of letters disagreeing with the editor’s political viewpoints doesn’t change that, or help to explain things like The Pilot’s inclination to publish letters with the most offensive statements about the president, while rejecting conservative letters as uncivil, or like the multiple responses published to the unfortunate “tattooed punks” letter.

As I have said before to Mr. Nagy, it is your newspaper and you can publish, or not publish, what you want. What is offensive is that you can’t seem to be able to acknowledge how your political orientation is reflected in The Pilot, which I think is out of step with the community here in the Sandhills you “serve,” and that you continue to pat yourself on the back for what you claim is a balanced “news” paper, when it is clearly not.

William Muller, Pinehurst

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Sally Larson

Maybe the Pilot should encourage people to go to the website to get a more interactive conversation if they feel they aren't being heard.

Craig Dunlop

Mr.Muller's letter is bang on and anyone that does not see that is slanted just like the main media. The liberal mix of letters is probably 3 to 1 at best and if you feel Muller is writing without variety, review how many letters have been printed in the last year that dump or our current President over and over. Muller had to shame Mr, Nagy to print his letter after a ridiculous article written last weekend about "fairness" in opinions.

Conrad Meyer

Mr. Muller, your letter is most concerning. I had always felt that the Pilot tried very hard to print letters on both sides of the issues. Apparently this is not the case.

As an aside, I just finished listening to Mark Levin's "Unfreedom of the Press" on a day trip to Myrtle Beach today. It was quite eye-opening. A couple of my conclusions are that the press is biased and that they will tend to print what supports their "group think". This explains much of what has been going on in the main stream media for the last 50+ years. The bias is significantly toward the progressives and away from the conservatives.

I had hoped that the Pilot would remain immune from the political bias. I hope I am wrong, but their actions will tell the tale.

That said, I hope to read more of your letters.

Dan Roman

Interesting that Muller is complaining about the same publication that has given a platform & audience to a number of his past letters as well as this letter that complains The Pilot doesn't print his letters. Maybe: 1) he writes too often or 2) his subject matter is always the same or 3) not of general interest or 3) all of the above.

Printing a constant repetition of the same complaints from the same people is not good business.

Mary Fales

Dan, I completely agree with you. I recognize William Muller’s name more than anyone else’s. William, you continue to complain about the same issues! Believe me, we hear you - loud and clear! I think the Pilot publishes both viewpoints. I am not a fan of the Trump administration. However, from my perspective, more conservative leaning letters are published than not. But I still read them, because that’s how this works. If you are looking for a conservative only news source, perhaps consider picking up a new source. Or better yet, if you want to make the same points repeatedly and only want to present your conservative viewpoint, how about starting a blog? According to you, you would have a many followers! You aren’t the only person wishing to have letters published. Variety is key. If you don’t like the Pilot, maybe just don’t read it. Your constant bickering is irritating, to be honest.

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