The Pilot on Aug. 7 contained a column titled “Churches Can Lead in Extending Welcome Mat,” written by Harry Bronkar. In the article, Mr Bronkar, in addressing immigrant processing centers on our southern border, comments that, “People of faith understand that their religion calls them to reach out in compassion and love, without judging or discriminating.”

After reading this, I could not help but think that reaching out with love and compassion to those who choose to come to this country legally is a very Christian thing to do.

However, and with respect to those crossing our borders illegally and breaking our laws, I could not help but think that perhaps this love and compassion might be better directed to the victims of illegal immigration, such as the families of those murdered, tortured or raped … or the families of those killed by MS13 gang thugs who also terrorized neighborhoods in such areas as Long Island … or those impacted by the illegal drugs crossing our borders … or to the families and victims of human trafficking that occur annually on our Southern border … or to the American tax payer for the $350 to $400 billion being spent on illegal immigration services.

And perhaps this love and compassion could be also be directed to all Americans who will be subjected to the continuing danger of thousands of illegals roaming our streets, and whose country’s culture, sovereignty and freedoms are being destroyed by illegal immigration.

I also could not help but think that Mr. Bronkar is reflecting the progressive ideology permeating Christian Churches, as illustrated by the recent Declaration of Sanctuary by the Lutheran Church.

Bill Lyons, Seven Lakes

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ken leary

The objective of an authoritarian state is to make everyone feel as though their safety is threatened. That way a security/surveillance organization can be established with popular support to protect one from the, usually, unfounded danger. Unfortunately these organizations often, historically, take on a life of their own which causes people to feel less secure. With good cause if you are poor, homeless, maybe a member of the Move organization in Philadelphia, or otherwise not part of the chosen few. The author of this post sounds frightened, as though he were a child, in a dark room, alone, with his imagination. I just listened to an interview with Dr. Charles Derber. He wrote ‘Moving Beyond Fear: Upending the Security Tales in Capitalism, Fascism and Democracy’. He wrote the book for you.

Mark Hayes

" The author of this post sounds frightened, as though he were a child, in a dark room, alone with his imagination. " LOL. "Authoritarian state ", where do you come up with this stuff ? I believe that after looking into Dr. Charles Derber and a few of his articles, it became very clear where you obtain the bits and pieces of material for your own pompous ridiculing of others. No, Derber did not write the books for Bill Lyons , the good Dr. Derber wrote the books for you, it is not by coincidence the two of you write in a similar fashion, he writes and you repeat, I believe in the literary world it can be refereed as borrowing, remixing, that to exaggerate ones own intellectual prowess. No one I know is afraid, living in fear, or threatened, most just want immigration enforced by laws in place and some to be amended that have been abused for decades. I do appreciate the introduction to the writings of Dr. Charles Derber, he illiterates a degree of animosity and criticism of capitalism, globalization, corporate power, and of course American Militarism, just as you have displayed here so often, a remarkable coincidence don't you think ?

ken leary

"illiterates"? Yea, I read a lot. Then the ideas coalesce into a world view informed by a variety of ideas. Central to the beliefs I hold is that nobody should have to die, or be otherwise destroyed so that I can have my way, and that people should have agency over their own bodies. I am not much interested in people's ideas if they require other people to suffer. Derber's theory, as I understood it, simply put, is that the "middle class", the baby boomers for the most part, are made fearful that someone is going to take their stuff, and they are group that supports and votes for the security state to the detriment of people who are still struggling. Mark Blyth says the baby boomers are the most spoiled generation in the history of the world. It is not a "coincidence" that Derber and my observations are similar. We look at the world objectively. Not through a lens which demands, delusionally, USA domination of the world. Not afraid Mark? Why are all of our friendly, neighborhood, "peace officers" turning into para military forces with absolutely no accountability to the public they supposedly are sworn to protect. Why is Samarcand now a fantasy camp for training people to address threats. What are the threats they are training to suppress? Why do we have the largest military, by far, in the world? Derber's point also is that by fomenting fear among citizens the security/surveillance state is allowed to form and this in itself causes people anxiety. Kind of a loop. Don't hate me because I'm not "illiterates" Mark.

Mark Hayes

My comment was to acknowledge that I recognized several similarities of you and Dr Derber, I don't believe that was " coincidence ", more that of a plagiarist, now which of the two is guilty of such an act, well that I don't know. Illiterates often can convince fellow illiterates that they are intellectually superior, that is a tactic to keep them selling those books. I am not fearful of a para military force, I support a strong Military, and I do not have anxiety over the use of security/ surveillance. It appears Derber is living in fear, and he also seems to be trying to sell it. I'm not buying. I don't hate illiterates, I believe they suffer their own fate eventually.

Suzanne Martin

You know who else professed progressive ideas? Jesus. I think it is possible to have compassion for those who seek refuge and those who are victims of violent crime. They are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Sally Larson

I wish we could do a thumbs up for comments we agree with.

Sally Larson

Mr. Lyons, I don't think to be a Christian means cherry-picking who to give love and compassion to. Love and compassion requires empathy for the people who have made brave and difficult decisions to leave their country and family to survive. Several years ago I was teaching English as a second language to a young Mexican woman who had to cross the Rio Grande as a child with her father and illegally entered the US because there were no jobs available and no food to feed her family. It was a frightening and harrowing journey of desperation. Illegal immigration is an economic issue for both immigrants and our country. Wouldn't the Christion approach be to look at this situation with compassion and empathy to come up with positive solutions for everyone instead of just throwing them all into cages out of sight and out of mind? It's too easy to just lump them all into an impersonal group and label them enemies to our country and ignore the humanity of their plight. This is not a game and it's ignorant to ignore the real human issues. Obviously, something is wrong with the system we have so it takes some open-mindedness and creativity to find solutions that will work for everyone.

Mark Hayes

Mr Bronkar does not live in areas that " illegals " roam the streets, residing in Seven Lakes has assured the preacher that his chances of that ever happening are very, very slim, to none. That is good for the residents of Seven Lakes, but rather hypocritical of the preacher.

Peyton Cook

Well put

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