Why is President Trump keeping his base? I think I have finally figured out the love his base has shown for him.

Most of us who are not dedicated Fox News junkies and actually get our news from CBS, NBC, ABC, The Observer and The Pilot get to read and see both sides and opinions of our president.

Most of us know by now after more than two years that he is not the only one who can fix everything. The coal industry is on a steady decline, auto plants are closing in one state and some are relocating to cheaper-wage states. Well-paying jobs are now relocating to become poor-paying jobs. He has fired two complete White House staffs because he is “the only one who can fix things.”

Yes, the economy he inherited is doing well, and people who used to work in retail sales are now working in non-air-conditioned warehouses. Nothing he is doing seems to be working, so why do his people still love him?

Well, lately he has shown himself to be even more of a racist than we all knew he was. Folks who are racist love leaders who think just like they do. His latest racist rants are sure to get him some more support from closet racists who never admit to being racist, but we easily see their phoniness.

Of course not every Trump supporter is a racist, but you can bet every openly racist is a supporter, some are just easily duped.

Roger Davis, Jackson Springs

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Ric Mayle

As soon as I started reading Roger Davis's comment, I knew he was going to end it by calling Trump supporters Racists. That's what uninformed liberals do these days. The majority of his facts are wrong, they are really his slighted opinions, and anyone who thinks that NBC, ABC and CBS are fair to Trump really doesn't have a clue what they are talking about. I love the inherited economy comment. Yeah, Obamas 8% unemployment and less than a 1% growth rate in the economy was wonderful. Black unemployment, lowest in history, 80% of Americans received a real tax break, average wages across the country are UP for most Americans, ISIS has not chopped off any Americans heads since he has been in office. And Roger thinks Trump and his followers are Racists because Trump said keep illegal people out of the country and only allow legal people in. Yeah Roger, you got it. You fit the liberal mold perfectly. Please grow up!

ken leary

If you get your information from CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox or ABC you are being spoon fed questionable information. You might want to expand your resources.

I did absolutely no research before I moved here; had no idea I was moving to Dufferville, and I would move tomorrow if the decision were mine to make. Did someone suggest you might have racist leanings Mark? You could just deny the suggestion if it is false. Pointing out a rather questionable hypocrisy in others does not absolve a person of responsibility.

Mark Hayes

" I did absolutely no research before I moved here; " well Ken, maybe you should have, that may have prevented moving to, as you refer to Pinehurst, Dufferville. As for questionable hypocrisy in others, well if one is to read the letters by those on this site that accuse others of racism, most often they will have a residence in predominately White areas. Many of these individuals that are stirring the pot of racism share a commonality, they have Northern roots, most native to this area, or have lived here decades give little thought about race.

ken leary

Don't want to get too deep here; but "most native to this area, or have lived here decades give little thought about race," probably suggests you are leaning toward a perspective favoring a caucasian world view. Just saying. I apologize for the duffer remark. I have to amuse myself somehow.

Mark Hayes

The moment you attempted to put words together, you were in over your head.

ken leary

And yet you never answer a challenge when you can avoid it by offering a childish, schoolyard comment. Try this Mark: Are you a white supremacist? Are you a racist? Because if you believe people are suggesting you are then there must be a reason for their opinion. My bet is you'll quibble, or throw more childish insults, or once again state that you don't have to defend yourself from egregious questions asked by inconsequential people. Will it be just another evasion? I'm not accusing, I'm asking.

Mark Hayes

I have noticed that the only individuals accusing others of racism on The Pilot section of Letters To The Editor, most often come from those who live in predominately White populated areas, doubtful that to be by mere coincidence, although most claim to have had no idea of the racial diversity , but seriously, who in today's world does not research the area they are going to purchase a home ? This accusing others of racism has become redundant, and those doing so to be the hypocrites.

Ed Pieczynski

"Nothing he seems to be doing is working well." Guess that said it all about your TDS condition.

Dan Roman

Actually it's "DTS", delusional Trump syndrome, applies to those who support a president who is immature, insecure, a sociopath and think that's a good thing.

Ed Pieczynski

Sorry to make a comment like "nothing is working well" is at best misinformed and certainly not objective. I'll stick with my original TDS.

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