Were one to take an inventory of Moore County’s greatest assets, the list would include FirstHealth of the Carolinas, Pinehurst Resort, Sandhills Community College, First Bank and Moore County Schools.

Choose any metric; regionally, our school district ranks either first or near the top in academic performance, athletic achievement and extracurricular opportunity. It is the reason active-duty military families, given the chance to live anywhere in this region, have chosen Moore County for their school-age children over Cumberland, Lee, Harnett or Hoke counties.

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Sally Larson

No one has ever taught CRT in the classroom at any public school in this country. Stop freaking out and making this out to be real, it's not.

Kent Misegades

Hilarious: “regionally, our school district ranks either first or near the top in academic performance,” only if the region is confined to the government schools of Moore County. No wonder Kool-Aid is running low at Harris-Teeter in Pinehurst.

Stephen Woodward

The assassination of Shannon Davis's character not withstanding, endorsing Pam Thompson based on experience and empathy demonstrates again that The Pilot is merely an appendage of the public education industrial complex. When elevated to chair, Thompson often was incapable of conducting meetings under parliamentary rules, and did not seem to grasp matters of budgetary complexity or fiduciary responsibility. Thompson refused to join six board members in a vote to denounce tenets of Critical Race Theory, by any name, as acceptable in Moore Schools history curricula. She pandered to the so-called Southern Pines Land Trust, strongly supporting a sham sale of a former county school property. If undercutting proponents of selling the land at fair-market value and infusing much needs funds into the Moore County Schools infrastructure budget is a display of empathy, I advise that the definition needs to be re-visited. Or, perhaps, call it what it was, race-baiting. Thompson's "service" to the board has been carried out amid a period of declining student reading and math proficiencies, escalating campus violence and a proliferation of sexually explicit, if not pornographic, books in numerous school libraries. She has dismissed all of these as areas of concern. As for “challenges” that arose during the pandemic, Thompson and her CDC-compliant fellow board members multiplied them by prolonging virtual learning and rigidly enforcing useless mask wearing. If public education reform is the goal, and it clearly needs to be in Moore County, a return to fundamentals in classrooms and a wide-eyed recognition of evaporating morality and civility across our campuses, is long overdue. It would take a school board member who is not shackled to the status quo. Perhaps it takes a former home-schooling Mom guided by common sense and Christian values.

Jaclyn Baucom

This post is hysterical.

I'm guessing you don't have a child in the Moore County Public School System?

Many of the Pro-Shannon Davis advocates are confusing the definition of what a public education is, and the roles of our elected representatives on the school board and the fact that School Board members are supposed to be non-partisan.

Your statements are skewed: "declining student reading and math proficiencies"?? Moore county is above the state average and FYI *every* school district is experiencing declining numbers post-pandemic compared to pre-pandemic. Only ignorant people manipulate data to push their agenda.

Please provide evidence of "proliferation of sexually explicit books in numerous libraries". The pro-Davis clan are using the "indoctrination" as a scare tactic. It's overplayed. What about the indoctrination of far-right, narrow-minded, hateful and hurtful erroneous Christian values that people like you seem to want in school? Why is the one okay, but not the other? Because you happen to subscribe to the latter?

"Evaporating morality and civility"? That's the responsibility of parents/caregivers/grownups at home, not the teachers in the school.

"CDC- complaint"? Duh. They were obligated to follow the CDC guidelines and recommendations.

If, as you say, Shannon Davis is guided by "common sense and Christian values", send your child to her homeschool.

Jim Tomashoff

When children are taught things that right-wingers believe that's education. When children are taught things that right-wingers don't believe, or like, that's "indoctrination."

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