Next month marks two years since the arrival of COVID-19 in Moore County. In that time, according to the Moore County Health Department, almost 24,000 of us — a quarter of the county’s overall population — have tested positive for the virus. The real number, however, is likely much higher, since an unknown number of infections were never reported to doctors or health officials.

In the year since three vaccines have been available, about 57 percent of us have received a Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson shot. A smaller percentage — 30 percent — have chosen to receive a booster.

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Kent Misegades

More gibberish and fear mongering. “We may never quantify the real value of precautions like wearing face masks, crowd limits and social distancing, but the preponderance of research shows they helped keep spread of the disease from being worse.” Wrong. The latest Johns Hopkins study, and dozens of others show no health benefits resulted from lockdowns. States and countries with no lockdowns, no mask rules or social distancing faired as well or better than those with them. Everything predicted by the CDC and parroted by the media has been wrong. Yes, we will experience annual flu viruses just as we have since the dawn of man. Get a backbone and move on.

Suzanne Martin

Over 900,000 dead Americans beg to differ. Not to memtion those who will suffer the affects of long term COVID for years after. It would be great Kent if you could expand your world view.

Sally Larson

Kent, this is the second time you have referred to this lie and I've posted links to dispute this statement. Stop spreading misinformation.

"Have you seen the so-called “Johns Hopkins study” that’s been making the social media and Bill Maher rounds lately? Some folks have been asserting that this “Johns Hopkins study” somehow showed that Covid-19 “lockdowns” have been essentially useless. If you haven’t seen what they’ve been referring to, could it possibly be because there’s been so-called “a full-on media blackout” of this so-called “Johns Hopkins study,” as an article for Fox News has claimed ? Or maybe, just maybe, this “Johns Hopkins study” didn’t receive much press because it wasn’t exactly what some people have been claiming that it is."

Rose Mary

Ken, almost everything you say is twisted! We know lockdowns didn't work, however masks work, social distancing works. Get off it. You offend the over 900,ooo dead from Covid-19.

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