Double Bogey, by U.S. Reps. Richard Hudson and Dan Bishop, in joining with seven of their fellow North Carolina congressional Republicans in supporting a nonsense lawsuit filed by the state of Texas to try to throw out the lawful 2020 presidential election.

The suit had asked the U.S. Supreme Court to invalidate the votes from four swing states that voted for Biden to be president — Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Hudson and Bishop were among more than 120 U.S. House Republicans who piled into this clown car of a lawsuit, a “Hail Mary” play which the high court, including the three justices installed by Trump, dismissed out of hand last Friday.

Bishop represents southern Moore County, while Hudson’s district includes central and northern Moore.

It would be crass politics indeed — and worth just a bogey — if Hudson, Bishop and the others simply signed on to avoid being labeled “unsupportive” of Trump and guard against a primary contest in two years.

Heck, we’d have even respected them for just admitting that. Politicians are always trying to save their own skins, so it’s utterly believable.

But they get the double for continuing to utter seditious comments that the presidential election was riddled with corruption without any proof proffered whatsoever — in any state. Notice how they didn’t think the results in THEIR successful races were corrupted.

Hudson called Trump’s allegations “breathtaking” and that “this may be one of the darkest times in our country if those allegations are true.”

And Bishop posted on Twitter last week: “Unless SCOTUS stops the sabotage of State election laws, every election will be stolen, and the Constitution’s delegation of election procedure solely to State legislatures will become a dead letter. SCOTUS must defend the Constitution, not buckle to Dems and their media.”

Hudson and Bishop and all the other House Republicans have spoken of wanting the truth to come out. Oh, the truth is out, all right, and they’re not on the right side of it.

Birdie, by Moore County Schools, for honoring the legacy of one of the most influential school board members in recent memory. School officials last week dedicated the media center in the new Southern Pines Elementary School to Bruce Cunningham.

Cunningham, who passed away in July 2019 while on vacation, was in the middle of his fourth four-year term on the board. In his time, he was a champion for the public schools, frequently putting his time, efforts and money where his heart was. He led a community effort almost 20 years ago to design and built a playground at Southern Pines Primary School that received national publicity. And he was a passionate advocate for a new Southern Pines Elementary School.

And yet Cunningham never cared for the individual glory, choosing instead to identify himself as one of a group caring enough to make a difference. And so the plaque honoring Cunningham outside the school’s new media center identifies him as “one person in a large number of volunteers.”

Birdie, by Moore County Sheriff Ronnie Fields and his staff, in their renovation of the former detention center in Carthage. The center will serve as a much-needed annex when done in a few weeks.

The facility isn’t that old — it was built in 1995 — but it was rendered surplus after the Rick Rhyne Public Safety Center opened about seven years ago. It was used for storage for a while, and then the county contemplated tearing it down and using the property for something else.

“We were looking at it and we thought, ‘Man, that building is just too good to tear down,’” Fields said.

The renovation was done on the cheap, using inmate labor and local contractors to make sure it would meet current building codes. The whole job should end up costing about $150,000, a huge cost savings than if the county went out and built new space.

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