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For most people, 16 West Jones St. has a far less familiar ring than 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But what happens inside the Legislative Building on Jones Street in Raleigh is just as critical to the lives of North Carolinians as what goes on in the White House or on Capitol Hill.

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About the same number of young Black men and women reach voting age in North Carolina every year, but there’s a huge gender gap each time ballots are counted. In 2020, when Trump won the state by 74,500 votes, Black women cast 622,000 ballots but Black men cast only 402,000 — a startling gap…

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How do you say goodbye to a group of young men who, for 14 years, believed in a blueprint focused on creating champions in the game of life, and a community that never said no and never let you down because they believed in it just as strongly as you and your players?

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A client of Legal Aid of North Carolina lived with her grown son and teenage daughter. She had always had a job until she got sick, and her doctor advised that continuing to work on her feet was harming her health. Her son worked in manufacturing to support the family, but when the pandemic …

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Last week, Sandhills broke ground for its new nursing education building. 
As you might imagine, in this modern age it will be a technological marvel. It will have the equipment and the simulation technology we will need to train our nurses — and our radiographers, surgical technologists, me…

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We are now just over one year into the coronavirus pandemic and, thanks to the diligent work of our public health experts, front-line and essential workers, state leadership and countless others, the hope of moving to a new “normal” feels more realistic than ever.

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Farming — it was the first profession, along with botany. I often wonder how long it took Adam to name all those animals, insects, fish and birds. It must have gone quickly with the Great Shepherd parading them by — now that is a farmhand I’d happily pay $15 an hour.

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We are liberal and conservative leaders with decades of experience at policy organizations. We often disagree, but after looking at data from the 2020 election, we agree on this: North Carolina’s unique mix of procedures made voting easy and cheating hard, and helped produce a record turnout…

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It’s “Sunshine Week” across America, a time when the public’s right to see government records and attend government meetings — in order to hold government officials accountable to the people who employ them — is traditionally celebrated.

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For the better part of two decades, I had an unshakable gnawing at the back of my mind to purchase land. Constant military moves brought me to various locales across this great nation but there was never that “aha” moment to act.

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The United States is currently leaderless and has been for some time. Leaderless in the home. Leaderless in its towns and cities. Leaderless at the state and national level. This lack of leadership cuts across culture and politics, and no party or group is blameless.

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Participating in public health is a civic duty. In America, we have access to a wealth of experts for many institutions. Many crises and emergencies have been avoided over the years due to advances in public health and public safety.

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“Ambition must be made to counteract ambition.” 
With those words, James Madison explained why, in the Constitution he was asking people to support in 1788, it was vital that the national government have a system of what our civics books like to call “checks and balances.” Each branch of gov…

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Again, we are horrified. 
Anjanette Young, a veteran social worker in Chicago, was handcuffed, held naked and harassed for half an hour after nine police officers rammed their way into her private home unannounced, fully armed, with a search warrant granted on faulty information.

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Each day, I find a new reason to be shocked and offended by what has transpired of late. These last few days, I am perplexed and extremely disappointed — even disgusted — by the total lack of faith, trust and confidence in our judicial branch of government.

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Editor’s Note: In honor of the federal Martin Luther King Jr. holiday coming up Monday, we reprint here his “I Have a Dream” speech, given on Aug. 28, 1963 at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The speech was the crowning moment of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, a peaceful mar…

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On Jan. 9, a political event was held in Vass by local conservatives. The event was advertised as a “peaceful rally in support of the Second Amendment,” a “muster” to “plan for the war of good against evil,” and a meeting organized “to expose the leftist hoax of COVID-19” in promotional post…

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In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s deeply insightful novel “The Scarlet Letter,” an early pivotal conversation takes place in the prison cell where Hester Prynne, the young mother in disgrace for having become pregnant by a man not her husband, has been confined with her child.

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“Explain to me why in Heaven’s name we have this thing called the Electoral College. Seriously, tell me why we have it, then write an essay giving your opinion on whether we should keep it as it is, reform it, or scrap it and go to a model where the popular vote winner becomes president.”

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What is Donald Trump’s next move? 
I’ve heard so many national news pundits talking about how he plans to influence U.S. politics over the next four years. They either fear that he will be the puppet-master of the Republican Party or that he is already fundraising for a 2024 presidential bid.

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How do you feel about garlic? Do you have a love-hate relationship with it like some people I know who love the taste but don’t love the stomach upset that quickly follows its consumption? Or are you one of those who appreciate its contribution to a dish but don’t like its negative effect on…