There were several tragic events that took place in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill. Most happened on Jan. 6; an additional tragedy may occur later.

The first tragedy was the loss of life of five individuals.

The second tragedy was one of preparation. Demonstrations are not unusual in Washington. The Capitol Police and Washington Police Department were not prepared for what went down. Better preparation might have saved lives.

The third tragedy: On Jan. 6, President Trump made an unnecessary speech to a huge number of loyalists who assembled from around the country.

This is not a debate about who should be inaugurated today. It is about a much more serious issue, so I would ask my Democratic friends to please read on.

Survey results over the past two months indicate that millions of voters believe there was voter fraud. Voters have lost faith in one of our republic’s most basic rights, free and honest elections. We have a national crisis of confidence.

Those of you who routinely watch certain networks or read certain newspapers have been told over and over since November that there was absolutely no fraud or there was so little fraud that the overall results could not change.

When you tell me, “But it wasn’t enough to make a difference,” that begs the question of what’s acceptable. Is 1 percent fraud is OK? 5? 10? What “standard” of fraudulent activity is tolerable?

Others say, “But it is not widespread.” Is it OK if it is just in five states? What you are saying is that some cheating is OK and should be overlooked as long as it does not pass some undefined threshold of frequency or quantity.

Many of you say, “where is the evidence?” Why have the judges thrown out the lawsuits? Good questions.

Sworn affidavits are “evidence” if corroborated, and the corroboration exists in the form of ballots, 150 million ballots.

Potentially the greatest failure of the incoming Biden Administration will be to do nothing. The very fabric of our constitutional republic is in jeopardy.

Can we just sit back and hope the states all get their act together by 2024? No, because hope is not a process.

What to do? Immediately after inauguration, President Biden should select a special prosecutor charged to, within six months, identify voter/election problems. As a minimum, the prosecutor would answer these mandates or questions:

Define the accuracy of voter registration rolls in every state.

  • Did massive mail-in balloting provide greater opportunity for fraud?
  • Does ballot harvesting provide greater opportunities for voter fraud?
  • Was there evidence of ballot stuffing?
  • Was there voter registration fraud?
  • Was there voter impersonation?
  • Was there fraud by election officials?
  • Was there absentee ballot voter fraud?
  • Did state officials, in the weeks before the Nov. 3 election, illegally change voter-related laws, rules and regulations?

Finally, the special prosecutor must provide recommendations as to how to fix the problems.

Lt. Gen. Marvin L. Covault, U.S. Army (ret.) is the author of “Vision to Execution,” a book for leaders and the author of a blog,

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Ed Pieczynski

What is even more sad is that in 2016 almost 60% of Democrats thought Trump was an illegitimate President elected only with Russian help. Even more Republicans now think Biden is illegitimate. It is a fact that rightly or wrongly both sides have lost confidence in our elections.

Jack Farrell

Can General Covault provide one piece of evidence to demonstrate any significant voter fraud? Believing something is true is not the same as a fact. Allowing a columnist to essentially claim something of such importance with absolutely no basis in fact or evidence of his claim seems to be irresponsible.

William Conklin

There is always voter fraud and 2020 is no exception as we are seeing in recent arrests.

I think that the key set of issues is whether the massive vote processes put in place because of the pandemic and with much less oversight increased the probability of fraud and if so what structure needs to be put in place to reduce that probability.

NC went from prosecuting people for voter harvesting in one election to basically encouraging it as a necessity in the next,

There is too large a part of the population that believes that there was increased fraud to not do anything.

Anybody that equates concern with the significantly modified voting process to storming the capital has their own issue.

This was a preplanned attack known by the FBI in advance but evidently not acted on that used the 6 January protest as a smokescreen but that is independent of ensuring faith in future elections

Robert Beck

It is very disconcerting to think that an individual like former General Covault had the responsibility to lead US Servicemen and women. This man resides in another world. Instead of criticizing the actions of the radical mobs and the lawlessness of Trumps followers, he refuses to accept the determinations of public officials and the many courts about election integrity. I suppose he condones the destruction and threatened violence of those mobs who were invited by Trump to act in D.C. and around the country. So sad to think he has had an influence on our protectors.


Jim Hart

Two points....

first of all, it is difficult for me to understand how a retired Lt. General of the US Army would have so little faith in our judicial system as to call into question, and basically disregard, nearly 60 court decisions from all over the country and simply not believe any of them. In all of Trump's attempts to overturn the election, not once, not even by Republican judges that he appointed, did he get a favorable ruling. There is one simple reason for this. THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE of election fraud to any degree that would alter the outcome of any results in any of the states, let alone the results in the Electoral College. I think it is time for Covault to get a grip on reality and admit that Trump lost and lost fair and square.

Point two....Given Kent Misegades's baseless and highly partisan comments that appear every week on pretty much every topic, maybe it is time to simply ignore him and not respond to him any more.

Comment deleted.
Jim Tomashoff

Pathological liar. Absolutely NO EVIDENCE for his assertions/reasoning. I guess that just proves how successful the conspiracy was. Thousands of election workers, over 60 judges, several appointed by Trump, and of course the mainstream media all coordinated their efforts seamlessly. Kent is as mentally ill as his God on Earth, Donald Trump.

Comment deleted.
Barbara Misiaszek

Biden received OVER 71,000,000 votes. Trump 75,000,000.Trump lost.

As in 2016 we should have a commission to investigate voter irregularities. This one will be as meaningless as the one in 2016 was. It will be disbanded without comment.

Yes, we all watch select networks don't we General? You networks of choice constantly reiterated unfounded "evidence" as advanced by the man who will soon be our former president. Could you ever have condoned the lying within your chain of command that he constantly spewed? I would think not.

John Misiaszek

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