We treat it like a joke. The Congress and the media are obsessed. Is Donald Trump a “racist”? Is he the illegitimate half-brother of Vladimir Putin’s cousin?

We call it “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” and we laugh. But last week it cost the life of a notorious prisoner. Next week it could destabilize the world.

A few days ago, Jeffrey Epstein died in his federal jail cell under mysterious conditions. Almost a year ago, reputed former boss of the Boston mob James “Whitey” Bulger was murdered while in a similar custodial arrangement. Is there a pattern? We may never know, because those charged with supervision of the federal prison system are too obsessed with either persecuting or protecting Donald Trump.

The congressional committee primarily charged with overseeing the facilities that housed Bulger and Epstein is the House Judiciary Committee. For months, its chair, Jerry Nadler, has been obsessed with whether or not to impeach President Trump.

Last week, just as the death of Jeffrey Epstein hit the news, Nadler boasted about the fact that his committee was well into its impeachment investigation about Trump’s Russian collusion and obstruction of justice. He said nothing about his duties with respect to federal prisoners and the negligence, if not outright lawlessness, inside the correctional facilities under his oversight jurisdiction.

Of course, when it comes to the implosion of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, there is plenty of blame to go around. Where is the outrage by the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lindsey Graham? Why didn’t Attorney General William Barr show his outrage with the prison murder of Whitey Bulger? Why did he wait until a second untimely death of a more politically connected criminal to show his upset? Clearly, he was too busy defending Donald Trump against the Democrats.

What happened to Jeffrey Epstein at the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center and what happened to Whitey Bulger at the Hazelton, West Virginia, Penitentiary is symptomatic of a government incestuously interested more with itself than the proper governance of the American people. It is reflective of the actions taken by all players in the public arena from politicians to the press.

For, instance, on Tuesday last week, CNN thought that the second most important story in the world was “See Trump’s Notes to (Canadian Prime Minister) Trudeau That Ambassador Thought Was a Joke.” Just one or two stories below that was “Donald Trump Gets Sick of Everyone Except Donald Trump.”

Meanwhile, the top trending news article from Apple News was “Trump Blasts CNN’s Chris Cuomo…” And Fox News agreed. It listed the world’s two most important stories as being about Donald Trump. Fox joined CNN to make Trump’s feud with Cuomo more important than a possible revolution in Hong Kong.

In the early days of the Trump presidency, the “smart people” on television told America that the president was an unbalanced narcissist so fixated on his own grandeur that he had to be impeached. The truth is that the fixation on Trump by Trump is only part of the equation. Trump’s obsession on himself is a reality. But the nation’s fixation on everything Trump is the real danger. Trump Derangement Syndrome (not global warming) is our existential threat.

India has just declared Muslim Kashmir to be part of the formal Indian state. This means that a nuclear Hindu India is daring a Muslim and atomically armed Pakistan to engage in a war. In the meantime, China, arguably the world’s most important international trader, is about to jail thousands of democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong. And worse yet, an accidental nuclear explosion in Russia revealed that Vladimir Putin is hard at work creating a hypersonic hydrogen holocaust missile that could destroy the United States.

In the year 2525, a young Ph.D. candidate will write a thesis on why the American Empire fell. He will suggest that Americans were so obsessed with the shenanigans of a narcissist from New York that they failed to pay attention to the things that really mattered. Without discovering this column in the hermetically sealed mayonnaise jar into which I will shortly place it, that scholar will fail his dissertation. I wrote this column just in case the American people do not realize their folly. If so, that future scholar will need my help.

Contact Robert M. Levy at Law52@Prodigy.net.

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Kent Misegades

TDS is a tough mental disorder to cure when those infected refuse to live in Literalville . I doubt though many Trump supporters worry much about these people and their crazy claims. MAGA!

Dan Roman

Actually it's "deranged trump syndrome", which is to say that trump, from his campaign through his administration, has made horrible the new normal. We don't have a time machine so there is no way to go back and undo the stupidity of the trump campaign and administration but there is ever reason not to repeat the stupidity. MAGA means "making America go away".

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