For those Democratic presidential hopefuls who want to be our new democratic rulers, climate change has become their chief reason for seeking power. They claim it to be their World War II moment and idiotically label it as an “existential threat” to the continuation of human life on Earth.

As such, Democrats are now ready to destroy the working class in order to achieve their goals. For instance, in order to fight climate change, the city of Berkeley, California, recently banned new hook-ups for natural gas. Upper-class white voters filled its city council chambers to support the law. New residents and restaurants must now cook and heat only with electricity as a “cost effective way to meet our greenhouse gas-reduction goals.”

But cost effective for whom?

For each BTU of energy, natural gas costs about half as much as electricity. For the poor and middle class — often persons of color — heating and cooking costs will double. The poor will pay so that wealthy Democrats can feel better about polar bears.

Still, it is a cost they will gladly pay so long as they remain erroneously convinced that the Republican enemies of the planet are racist. They will continue to support the very persons who make working class lives miserable. They are the convenient chumps for the climate change establishment.

Malcolm X, the mid-20th century African-American considered a radical foil to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., understood the problem. “The white liberal is the worst enemy to America and the worst enemy to the black man,” he declared. “They are fighting (only) … for power and prestige… (They are) the persons who have perfected the art of selling themselves ….” He asserted that in return for their loyalty, “those white liberals… (just) perpetuated (African- American) problems.”

In the climate change arena as well as others areas of concern, 53 years after his assassination, it is clear that Malcolm X was right.

In the liberal sanctuary of California, climate change carbon taxes have raised the price of gasoline more than $1 above the per-gallon price charged in North Carolina. Because of climate rate regulation, California electricity, on average, is about 32 percent higher than that in North Carolina. In short, liberalism causes poor chumps to pay more while mostly white “limousine liberals” just shell out a little extra chump change.

The leaders of the poor are always threatening to rise up. When will they wise up?

In the arena of gun control, the situation is the same. Law-abiding citizens are murdered on city streets controlled by liberal Democrats. These citizens are mostly unarmed and vulnerable to crime. While criminals ignore the gun control laws and terrorize the population, the liberal establishment demands that crime victims give up their guns. At the same time, they decry the enforcement of the law and the incarceration of the lawless.

Yet, the worst of the notional irony comes from Democratic policies on immigration. Caesar Chavez, the Latino union organizer for underpaid farm workers, understood it best. According to his biographer Miriam Pawel, Chavez realized that “a surplus of labor enabled (employers) to treat workers as little more than interchangeable parts, cheaper and easier to replace than machines.” Chavez called illegal aliens “wets,” short for the pejorative term “wetbacks.” He told his assistants, “Let’s go after them.” So, in the 1970s, Chavez conducted what he called the “Illegals Campaign” to identify and report illegal workers. Chavez wrote a memo describing his goal to “get illegals out of California.”

Poor and working-class citizens, especially those of color, know nothing of this. They continue to work for stagnant wages and support the Democratic liberal establishment. To further obfuscate reality, Democratic president Barack Obama in 2014 proclaimed March 31 Caesar Chavez Day as a federal commemorative holiday.

Will workers realize that they are being conned? As the high cost of energy lowers their standard of living, will the working poor reread the wisdom of Malcolm X and Caesar Chavez? At the same time, will conservatives regret their historic opposition to black Muslims and union organizers? These radicals of the 1960s would be the conservatives of the 21st century. If they were alive today they might feel bad about gun violence, deportation and polar bears.

But they would not craft a solution based on which the poor suffer the most and liberals respond only with chump change.

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Suzanne Martin

I look forward to a day when there can be an educated discussion about the issue of climate change and the best steps to address it. But I suppose firse you have to understand it is an existential threat and understand the science. But please do continue the partisan bashing becuasre that is so helpful.

Jim Tomashoff

Suzanne, Kent Misgades, among others, will tell you that climate change is a hoax. It is a Chinese plan to undermine the U.S. economy. Somehow, he doesn't tell us how, the Chinese have convinced several thousand scientists, expert in climatology, physics, mathematical modeling, among other disciplines, to participate in the largest international conspiracy of all time. And Kent's not alone, most Trumpians and a clear majority of Republicans in Congress share this belief. "Science," that's just another example of liberal's acting superior to real 'mericans.

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