In the name of full disclosure, I supported former Vice President, now President-elect, Joe Biden in the recent presidential election.

I did so not because he will not make any mistakes, not because he will not say the wrong thing, not because he will get his election platform passed by Congress. Every president has made mistakes or said the wrong thing. And no president gets a blank check from Congress to do whatever they want.

I voted for Biden because I believe he is more capable; understands government much more; has a deeper appreciation of foreign affairs; is simply committed to doing the right thing for all the people, not just his base; and cares more, not about himself, but about the average person.

There has been so much written and said about President Trump’s personality, his brashness, his egocentric attitude or that he is only in this office for himself. Many Republicans admit this but voted for him anyway because of “what he has done.”

In the three weeks since the election, Mr. Trump had the opportunity to basically wipe the negative side of the slate clean. He could have admitted that he lost the election, gave just a general concession speech and gotten on with being president the final two months of his term. Did he do this? Not even close.

Instead, Mr. Trump’s campaign has filed lawsuit after lawsuit in all the swing states he lost, claiming voter fraud in one way or the other, all without evidence. He has lost all those suits at this point. There is virtually no chance of turning over any one of the states he lost and zero chance of turning the totals in his favor in enough multiple states to give him the election. It is over.

Further, he and the person he appointed as the administrator of the General Services Administration have refused to provide office space and funds for the Biden transition team to do its work so that we can have an orderly transfer of power from one administration to the next. This has never been done before.

The president has also refused to permit anyone on his staff to work with the Biden transition team on the matter of the coronavirus pandemic in terms of what the administration is doing daily or what it has planned. Without this information, there is no continuity of action and, very simply, more people will die than they would otherwise.

And perhaps worst of all, Mr. Trump has refused to permit President-elect Biden to receive the daily intelligence briefings that are due him and that are necessary for him to govern on Jan. 20, 2021. He is withholding vital military and foreign and domestic intelligence that is necessary for any president to know, making us vulnerable to both international and domestic threats to our national security.

This has never been done before. Even in 2000, both then-Gov. George Bush and Vice President Al Gore received these briefings while the courts determined who won. Keep in mind, the difference there was less than 580 votes in Florida, not nearly 80,000 votes in Pennsylvania or over 14,000 votes in Georgia.

Mr. Trump had the opportunity to clean up his act and his reputation by simply doing the right thing. He could have chosen to go out on a high note. But even in the bright light of everyone else knowing he lost, he refuses to admit it. He continues to cast doubt on the election process, again, without any evidence, just like he has discredited most other institutions and norms.

We have also seen what amounts to nothing more than retributional firings by the president since the election, most notably the secretary of defense and other top Pentagon officials and most recently, the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency in the Homeland Security Department. Why? Because they disagreed with the president.

In the latter case, the director issued a statement that the election was conducted without outside influence and in a fair manner without fraud. He then went on to debunk conspiracy theories about the election. The president said he was “highly inaccurate,” again with no supporting evidence. This was a termination without cause.

The time has come for this president to not just admit defeat, but, at least in these final days, start to care about America and not his bruised ego. He needs to do what every other president has done to have a smooth and peaceful transition to the next administration.

The Congress and even we, as citizens, have a role to play in this process, as well. We will have a new president in January. We can continue to fight with each other or we can try to move forward, as one, for the betterment of this country.

That is not to say that everyone must agree with President-elect Biden or his policies. However, it is vital that we work together for the common good of the nation and its people.

The onus is now on those who continue to argue about election results. Those who do are now part of the problem, and not part of the solution.

Jim Hart, of Pinehurst, spent 38 years in Washington, D.C., as a lobbyist and chief of staff to four U.S. congressmen.

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Conrad Meyer

I found this to be a good read to counter Mr. Hart's opinion.

Conrad Meyer

Jim Hart – So now we are supposed to be all buddy-buddy? Where were you 4 years ago? I originally wrote a response that was quite lengthy. Mark and Ed hit many of the points.

Here is what I remember (just the highlights).

I remember main stream media anchors crying on election night 2016.

I remember thousands of sky screamers and people wearing funny VJJ hats.

I remember Russia Russia Russia and Impeach Impeach Impeach even before inauguration.

I remember RESIST bumper stickers.

Then Ukraine, Ukraine Ukraine.

How about the “insurance policy”?

Turned out to be a HOAX HOAX HOAX.

I remember poor treatment of conservatives at restaurants and public places.

And lots more. Never gave Trump credit for anything and dogged his every move for 4 years.

I also remember Biden’s poor record during his career in the swamp.

How about his Ukraine deal? Fire prosecutor Shokin or you don’t get the billion in aid. Bragged about it on camera.

Where is Hunter? Didn’t campaign for sugar daddy – then again neither did Obama. Biden has a real scandal in Burisma and China – but crickets from the media.

Biden hasn’t had an original thought in decades and wishes he could forget the crime bill and taxing my social security. He is nothing but a sock puppet and his administration already looks like Obama 3.0. He is nothing like he used to be.

Reach out? No thanks. I’ve seen this movie before. What goes around comes around. The hypocrisy is stunning.

Mark Hayes

If any reach out, they will be shaking hands and aligning themselves with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, IIhan Omar, Rashida TLaib, Bernie Sanders, and Kamala Harris. All will play a part in the manipulation and control of Joe Biden. May as well appoint Angela Davis as Secretary Of State.

Jim Hart

Aside from just being simply wrong about most of your "points", (Obama didnt campaign for Biden? Really?), as I said the can be part of the problem or part of the solution. I have made my choice...apparently you have too. Good luck with that.

Mark Hayes

Jim Hart, Democrats, and some Republicans voted for Joe Biden, although I doubt it was because of his past performance, more out of contempt for Trump. Now you and others will have to accept the will of those who are not looking out for your own best interest, but needed your vote in order to achieve their goals. Good luck with that.

Ed Pieczynski

Ah yes, the old work together for the common good. Did liberals signal a willingness to work together when they called for Trump's impeachment BEFORE he took office?

Did they show a desire to unite when Pelosi, Schumer and so many others called Trump "illegitimate" from the day he won the election? The hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Jim Hart

Ed, I knew that argument would be presented. Given the criticism of the Obama presidency, and the charges of illegitimacy on him by Mr. Trump for years, adn the pledge by Mitch McConnel to make sure he was a one term president, what do you say we all it even steven and begin to move forward together for the good of the nation? What objection do you have with that?

Ed Pieczynski

Jim...while I appreciate your comments even you must admit the vitriol towards Trump continued all 4 years and continues today. The media love fest for Biden and the hatred for all things Trump will continue. The best thing that can happen for Biden is for the Ga. races to go to the GOP. Biden will at least have some cover from the really wacky ideas of the far left. Biden is not far left but can be forced that way by the extreme wing of his party. I for one love divided government. Yes it makes big changes more difficult but it makes both parties actually make some attempt at negotiating and compromise.

Jim Hart

You are correct, Ed. However, the key words are ' attempt to negotiate and compromise'". I dont know if Mitch McConnell can even spell these words, let alonE practice them.

Ed Pieczynski

How much "compromise" did Harry Reid do? How about his blatant lies on the Senate floor about Romney tax returns?

Keith Miller

And I venture to say that reid not only didn't know how to spell "negotiate or compromise"...he had no earthly idea what either word meant.

Mark Hayes

Jim Hart, I always enjoy reading columns that you contribute, they reveal the problems we are facing in this country. Having such a long career in the political arena, a devout Democrat with 38 years of Washington DC , you have not lost the ability to entertain. I may suggest you research the number of your fellow Democrats that stated " he is not my President ", or " he is not the legitimate President " as some have mentioned. As you celebrate the Democratic victory, I believe it will be short lived, Biden will have to produce, accomplish what he promised in those campaigns, as we all have learned in the past, results are more difficult to achieve than spouting campaign gibberish. I will wait for that SS# increase, the hourly workers will anxiously await their $15,000. 00 a year pay increase, the loan forgiveness for many, the reformation to his Black voters, so many other generosities. All this from a man that has not done a days work in life, other than live off the tax contributions of others, 49 years or so, I'm sure you are an authority on that issue. I was somewhat surprised by his long winded campaign speeches when he demonstrated the remarkable recovery from his asthmatic condition, having years ago he showed up for his Military draft physical and brought a inhaler to his draft board physical. Congratulations.

Jim Hart

Mark, I dont anticipate the Democrats winning both of the Georgia Senate seats, perhaps one of them, but even so, Mitch McConnell will still run the Senate and will stall most of the legislation pushed by Biden. A good example is minimum wage increase. There is virtually no chance of that passing, and certainly not setting it at $15.00 per hours. Not sure what you mean by loan forgiveness. Student loans? That will be difficult but worth a fight. Also not sure what you mean about reformation to his African American voters. If you mean renewing the Voting Rights Act, that is definitely worth the fight. But one thing is for sure...depending on the issue, picking off a couple Republican votes will not be the biggest lift. Neither am I sure also about what issue you think I should be an authority on. Lastly, i dont think anyone who might have remotely supported Mr. Trump wants to insinuate that Biden averted military service. Dont go down that road.

Time to move on....lets do it together.

Mark Hayes

Jim Hart, you flaunt your expertise of being a former political aide, a lobbyist with 38 years in Washington, what parts of the Biden campaign gibberish did you not read, watch, or understand ? Do a bit of research on his political career over the years, not the Joe Biden that just won the election, that was a performance he has been rehearsing for years, after all he was turned away twice before, and would have again had the DNC not sabotaged Sanders. His history with the African-American voters , " If you are African-American and struggle with voting for me or Trump, then you ain't Black " that's the real Bwana Joe Biden. The wage increase, Social Security increase, the loan forgiveness, the reformation for Blacks, and so much more, I'm a older White guy, Democrats haven't mentioned the White race in decades. Face it, he played the virus like a fiddle, and wisely, because that is what got him elected, without Trump would have been reelected. As for the authority I suggested, well you seem to have spent decades in Washington, and obviously are proud of that, I guess. The " Don't go down that road " Well I have been subjected to Trumps limp for so long I just wanted to remind you of Joe Biden's miraculous recovery from his asthma attacks, that after being deferred for duty. BTW Joe Biden and Kamal Harris support the Black Lives Matter, Harris help set up a fund to bail out protesters and looters, both of them should have denounced them after burning this countries Flag. I have moved on, and I am rather selective of those I would consider coming together with. We will probably not see this country together ever again, at least at my age I won't.

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