Just last week The Pilot alerted us that “A group of Western Carolina University education professors with social justice backgrounds toured [our] schools… [T]his year they’re leading quarterly training sessions for principals and assistant principals.”

In other words, our schools are being molded into institutions of “social justice.” It’s something that should scare all of us.

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ken leary

This column reveals the workings of an intellect either devoid of critical thinking capabilities, or it reveals an author who intends to be controversial by advocating nonsense. I would generously grant the latter is true. Levy offers a perverse notion of what the concept of justice implies. Is it, in a free market, “just”, to exonerate and recapitalize the perpetrators of schemes which exploded our economy and bankrupt millions of people? How does that comport with your statement: “To ‘do justice’ implies a punitive act which is designed to right a wrong.” You would right a wrong by rewarding the wrong doers? “Criminal justice” in this situation does not seem to be the “state” taking action to right a wrong. It is more like the abandoning of “social justice” by criminals to facilitate their well being at the expense of society.

Here is what is going to happen if the Democrats don’t again facilitate the election of Trump. Sanders is going to win the election. I’ll vote for Trump if the so called democrats again steal the primary. He is going to have a platform to speak the truth of our situation to us and the world. He will lay bare the criminal behavior of our banking industry. We will stop murdering and facilitating the murdering of millions of people around the world. We might start talking about nationalizing electric grids, cable companies, health care, and any other enterprise necessary for human existence. We might start recognizing truth tellers and put war criminals out to pasture. Maybe we will get rid of people like Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the multi millionaire RepubliDems who have obviously succeeded in parlaying the “existence of inequity… to seek success.”

Our government schools are doing a lousy job of teaching the three Rs. It appears they are focused more on bogus social justice indoctrination than preparing young people for independent life. No wonder snowflakes are the result.

Sally Larson

Me Levy, I took a moment to research what social justice in the field of education is and found this description. I'm not sure you got it right.

"Basically, a social justice framework is a way of seeing and acting aimed at resisting unfairness and inequity while enhancing freedom and possibility for all. It pays primary attention to how people, policies, practices, curricula, and institutions may be used to liberate rather than oppress those least served by our decision making."

I sure would have loved that when I was not allowed to take shop in 5th grade because I was a girl. I fought hard arguing with my headmaster saying if someone is good at something and wants to do it, it shouldn't matter what gender they were. Didn't listen, didn't care. Anyone should be able to achieve their dreams if they are willing to work hard for them regardless of age, race, or sex. That's what social justice is all about.

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