For 82 minutes during President Trump’s State of the Union address last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shuffled papers, chewed on her lip, scowled and mostly kept her seat as the chamber erupted in applause over 100 times.

Keep in mind the Constitutional requirement is to “give to the Congress information of the State of the Union ….” The content of the address should, therefore, be factual. To meet that requirement, the president proceeded to report to us a number of improvements over the past 36 months.

And so it went for 82 minutes, factual data describing today’s state of the Union.

What is wrong with Speaker Pelosi? Since 2007, Pelosi has been either the minority leader in the House or, when in the majority, speaker of the House.

From 2007 through 2016, all of the economic, foreign policy, trade and national security issues enumerated in Trump’s remarks were, in fact, real problems. This is not to say that those were Pelosi’s fault, but for sure she was not instrumental in adopting solutions to any of them.

Failed leadership.

Beginning 36 months ago, Trump turned all the problems into success stories. Pelosi’s role has been to lead the “resistance,” plus 2½ years working to impeach the president. During the impeachment fiasco, Trump’s overall approval rating went up 10 percent.

Given all that, how depressing, frustrating, agonizing must it have been for Pelosi to sit there listening to the actual State of the Union as she sat on her hands and chewed her lower lip?

Nothing is right in Pelosi’s world right now.

Additionally, during the president’s address she demonstrated how callous and uncaring she can be. The president’s guest list:

n Tony Rankins, a down-and-out drug addict who lost everything, is now sober with a good job and reunited with his family.

n The touching story of 100-year old Tuskegee Airman Charles McGee.

n Fourth-grader Janiyah Davis and her single mom, Stephanie, striving to get into a better school. The president promised her an opportunity scholarship to attend a school of choice.

n Rush Limbaugh, recently diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer, awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

n The amazing 2-year-old Ellie, who was born at 21 weeks and survived, in attendance with her mother, Robin.

n An illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city in a sanctuary state murdered Rocky Jones, an innocent bystander. His grieving brother Jody was there as a guest of the president.

n The president honored military spouse Amy Williams and her two young children, who were suddenly joined by their husband/father, Sgt. 1st Class Townsend Williams, home from his fourth deployment. It was the longest applause of the evening.

Every story was heart-wrenching, yet Pelosi sat on her hands unsmiling, not looking at those being honored. It was disgusting to watch.

When President Trump finished his address, Pelosi promptly stood up, ripped her copy of the speech in half and departed the House Chamber. When asked her why she had ripped up the speech, she replied, “It was the courteous thing to do considering the alternatives.”

Courteous? Alternatives?

Pelosi is in a failed state of mind. She is not a leader; she is a person obsessed with power in a leadership position. By most accounts, Pelosi is vindictive, power hungry, obsessed with hate and is leading many Democrats in exactly the wrong direction. She is the leader of a debilitating culture of blame and hate in this country.

Pelosi is a leader only to the extent that her example influences her followers. Unfortunately, her unforgivable behavior at the State of the Union has further influenced millions of progressive Democrat Trump-haters. She and they are blinded by hate to the positive things going on across our great country.

She has moments of good thoughts; for example, “Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country.”

Those thoughts vanished, hatred and obsession took over, and doing what is in the best interest of the American people became a distant after-thought. Her hatemonger rhetoric rings hollow.

After taking an objective look at the actual state of our Union, if you are a disciple of Speaker Pelosi, I have two questions for you. One, can you recite a specific list of positive accomplishments that Pelosi has advocated for over the past 36 months?

Secondly, can you find it in your heart to love your country more than you hate President Trump?

Lt. Gen. Marvin L. Covault, U.S. Army (ret.) is the author of “Vision to Execution,” a book for leaders.

(14) comments

Peyton Cook

Boy, the comments are certainly becoming very uncivil and demeaning and puerile. Adults should be able to comment without vitriol.

Jim Tomashoff

Take it up with your ideological buddy Mark. Anyone who hits me is going to be hit back. You should love that, it's what your President does all day long.

Jim Tomashoff

The next time you make a veiled threat to me my next "comment" in response won't be to The Pilot it will be to the police. Sadly, many in your pwt tribe have had major problems with Meth. Should I assume you have too? The cops won't like that, will they?

Jim Tomashoff

Mark just wrote: "Jim, I know you.." How do you know me Mark? I don't know you other than through the moronic comments you bless us with.

Dan Roman

Mark appears to be a very sick person, socially and emotionally, based on what he writes. This should always be considered when reading his trash talk. I feel sorry for him.

Jim Tomashoff

Dan, Mark doesn't deserve your feeling sorry for him, he needs to be banned permanently from commenting. He constantly violates the terms of use The Pilot has enunciated. In years of doing this Mark is the only person who has both implicitly and explicitly threatened me. To date he's gotten away with it, hopefully a stern warning from The Pilot, which I know he has now received, will be a wake-up call for him, but I wouldn't count on it.

Jim Hart

First of all, I have never seen such blind allegiance to another individual as Covault has for Trump. Have you no shame,sir? Do you and other supporters of the President have not limit? As being one of the most inept, ill-suited, lieing presidents ever, how can you imply he can do no wrong at all?

As for Betsey Mitchell's comments, which are spot on, let me assure you she needs no one to defend her as she is more than capable to do so herself, but a more fair and honest person you will not find, regardless of where she lives.

Betsey Mitchell

Please don't use the word "hate" when then actual emotion was "dismay". Any legitimate news outlet will document the veracity of the information in this speech. And as a veteran, I am amazed that you are not concerned with the treatment of Vindman given his years of service and commitment to the USA.

Dan Roman

1) Serving as Speaker of the House while presiding over the richly deserved impeachment of Trump while the House passed dozens of bills to improve the country none of which Moscow/China Mitch had the gits to bring to the floor of the Senate;

2) Yes.

Maybe if Trump had had the courage to return her proffered handshake she wouldn't have ripped up his election rally speech disguised as a State of the Union address.

The medal for Limbaugh was and is an insult to our intelligence and propr recipients of the medal.

The column once again shows unthinking devotion to Trump, like Pence.

Peyton Cook

I would ask an additional question. How has President Trump threatened your way of life?

Betsey Mitchell

Yes... my way of life is based in the core belief that the United States of America is the country where anyone can rise. This president, in so many ways, has blocked the gateway to America's opportunity. One grandfather came from Germany and built a loving family and a career out of nothing. My other ancestors arrived in the time of William Penn. There are human beings around the globe yearning for a chance to make their way in the freedom of our country. How many are being denied by the policies of this administration bound up in intolerance and bigotry?

Mark Hayes

It is always some residents of gated or fenced communities, those who live in areas financially out of the reach of those who " yearning " to be here, they are the first to accuse others of intolerance and bigotry . Where has this administration denied those who come into this country by legal means been denied ?

Jim Tomashoff

How do you know where Betsey lives? Put up or shut up, prove you know where people live when you make this assertion, which you do over and over. You're lying unless you do. You know nothing about what's in Betsey's heart or experiences do you? You're only true expertise is your profound ignorance and false righteousness. Maybe I should address all future comments to you at your trailer park where you subsist on moonshine, gum your corn on the cob because all your teeth have rotted away, go to bed with your guns to keep you warm, bask in the praise of your family because you're the first one to graduate grammar school, and where you wave your huge Confederate Flag next to your tiny 'Merican flag. See Mark, it's very easy to just print unfounded presumptions about people isn't it. It's dishonest, but clearly you don't let that bother you, nor does lying bother the President you so love.

Mark Hayes

Tomashoff, John Nagy has removed several of my comments directed at you, I am no longer a participant, remember that.

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