“I go on the principle that a public debt is a public curse and in a republican government more than in any other.” — James Madison

House Republicans made a commitment to deliver an economy that’s strong and a government that’s accountable. With our nation now staring down a debt crisis as a result of years of reckless spending, yet again, we are following through on our promise.

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ken leary

“While many in Washington play games with your tax dollars, I will always stand up for you and your family and stay focused on working across the aisle on common sense solutions to improve our community, state and nation.”

I don’t believe you. You all play “games” with our tax dollars. To start, you either don’t understand economic realities, or you purposely mislead people. It is either one or the other. Would you dispute this: Money, for lack of a better word, collected as a federal tax is not used to pay for anything. When a federal tax is collected it simply settles an IOU issued by the sovereign USA government, and is destroyed. It just moves the balance to zero on an accounting ledger. The USA government does not need our money. It can make or issue all the new money it needs to do whatever is desired as long as there is something to spend the money on. So my question to you Mr. Hudson, is why do we spend so many of our resources on wars, or our ever expanding security state, rather than the things we need such as health care, education, housing, infrastructure etc., if in actuality money is not the issue; our lack of political will is? For you to even talk about a “debt ceiling” and suggest that our “hard earned money” has anything to do with it demonstrates either mendacity or economic illiteracy.

There is so much more nonsense in this column to consider, but for you to perseverate about differences between the libtard democrats who are now trying to eviscerate the first amendment and the lunatic conservatives who are trying to make us all peons again shows either a diminished understanding of current events or a purposeful effort to obfuscate for the purpose of aggrandizing your real constituents who I would suggest are the people who paid for you. Art Pope in there somewhere?

ken leary


Barbara Misiaszek

That planned IRS spending increase of $80 billion over the next 10 years will include improvements in service, badly needed, long overdue modernization of systems and yes, improved collections efforts. Over those same 10 years $210 Billion of additional tax receipts are anticipated with no additional audits being performed on taxpayers claiming less than $400,000 in annual income. That's a decent return on investment but more importantly promises to enforce our existing tax laws on tax cheats to the benefit of we lawful ,tax paying citizens.

John Misiaszek

Jim Hart

You are absolutely correct, John. Hudson is playing on the public's dislike of the IRS and making it a political issue and he always does with everything. The new agents are planned over a period of ten years, not all at once. They will enforce existing law, not new tax increases. They will make sure all pay their fair share. They will enable us to collect the taxes that are due under current law, without which, we will see an increase of about $114 billion in our debt. Collecting these taxes that are due would reduce our debt by $114 billion, not increase it. Hudson is counting of an unquestioning public....

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