This column has generally tried to avoid politics and stick to religion, and both subjects can be quite controversial.

But for the last few weeks I have become quite concerned about how the Christian evangelicals adhere to a right-wing political viewpoint that is not consistent with what they profess to believe. I will refer to the recent Congressional impeachment trial to make my case.

Christian conservatives maintain that there is but one primary source of truth, and this is the Bible, the Word of God. As the impeachment unfolded, the prosecutors made a strong case that President Trump’s allegation about the election being stolen from him was a carefully crafted lie.

None of his objections proved to be true. State election boards and courts, even the U.S. Supreme Court, failed to find a legal basis to advance a case of a failed election. Yet the evangelicals, for the most part, continued to hold the position that the election was fraudulent.

Why would they do this, when the case was obviously untrue? Because the president said so. Donald Trump’s word had become virtually equal to the Word of God. The truth is whatever the president said that it is.

They weakly acknowledged that the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol wasn’t good, but strongly argued that the president’s words were not intended to motivate the angry crowd to action.

When the impeachment committee overwhelmingly made the point that the mob was carefully organized and stimulated by the president’s frequent pep rallies, the evangelicals and other Trump supporters simply fell back on the argument that the entire impeachment approach was not constitutional. Truth was conveniently ignored.

Over the last four years, I got the impression that evangelicals felt that the White House was occupied by Jesus. None of the president’s controversial statements or tweets was ever challenged. Whatever the president said was true, and anything else was a product of the false media.

It has been observed that evangelicals helped elect Mr. Trump because they expected to convert him, but over the course of his administration he managed to convert them.

We now have a new president, a life-long Christian, a man of integrity and faith. I hope that Christians of all denominations will give President Biden their backing, and will support him with their prayers. When we do this together, we will be taking strong steps toward crafting the more perfect union which the Constitution envisions.

Harry Bronkar is a retired Baptist minister living in Seven Lakes. Contact him at

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Sally Larson

Harry Bronkar, you laid the whole scenario out exactly the way many people saw it. It's baffling why Evangelicals just overlooked all the lies and supported him without question. I would have thought if Trump wanted them so much on his side they would have seen the leverage they had over him and set expectations for him and his behavior. Trump was the most unchristian person pretending to be one I've ever seen, it was so blatant but his followers kept overlooking his real character and letting him get away with it all. If Republicans don't think that taints their party then why did Biden win? Don't tell me it was stolen, that's been proven to be another lie. The people have spoken.

Jim Tomashoff

It's being called "Christian nationalism." Kent exemplifies it perfectly. There's just one thing though, you can't be a Christian nationalist and be a Christian at the same time. They say they are, but they are not.

Mark Hayes

Harry, are you familiar with the Cadavor Synod, the trial of pope Formosus, because that is what the impeachment of Trump appeared to be, a corpse being drug through the motions by Democrats and some Republicans , no longer a threat, and for no other purpose than to satisfy the thirst for revenge. Are you a revengeful preacher, or just a bad Christian that has used the facade of faith to disguise your own inward hostility towards others. It is because of those like yourself many have turned away, and no longer hold " gospel " preaching propagandist in a favorable light. Your column exhibits the lack of true Christian values, more that of a rebellious activist, like a Al Sharpton.

Jim Tomashoff

Mark, your favorite Congresswoman has now raised $5,000,000 to help Texans. Should Texans reject taking this money? By the way, I agree completely with the second and third sentences in your comment.

Roger Davis

I don't think I have ever read so much honesty about Trump. If you don't believe a retired former Baptist minister who are you gonna believe?

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