Joe Biden’s campaign platform is beginning to creep out of his basement. That was the opening line to my Aug. 5 Pilot article, “Joe Biden Does Not Offer New Ideas On Education.” For those who missed it, Biden got an “F” on education. This time, let’s look at a second pressing national issue: immigration.

Professors from MIT and Yale estimated in September 2018 that as many as 22.1 million undocumented aliens could be in the U.S. A nation that cannot secure its borders against drug traffic, criminals, gangs, human trafficking and illegal aliens has a serious national security problem.

President Trump has worked this issue and managed to bring immigration under reasonable control. In a recent news conference, President Trump outlined 42 things Biden will do if elected. Nineteen of them had to do with immigration.

The fact-checkers and main-stream media went crazy, saying there is nothing in Biden’s platform that says he will take those actions. That is correct; Biden will not run on open borders and amnesty-for-all. But President Trump is also correct; if Biden is elected, he will execute these actions.

For decades the Democratic Party has been synonymous with identity politics, particularly Black American voters. Additionally, for several years they have seen the Hispanic community, especially those in this country illegally, as a new political identity target.

Biden’s 14-page platform on immigration is littered with soft language and propaganda. For example, “Biden will move immediately to ensure that the U.S. meets its responsibilities as a nation of immigrants.” He says he will, “End prolonged detention.” That is code for catch-and-release, the Obama/Biden centerpiece. “Welcome immigrants in our communities.” That is to say, amnesty-for-all.

Not only is there soft language in his printed platform, there is also his answers when questioned by reporters.

Earlier this year there was open dialogue concerning, “Support for the elimination of criminal penalties for entering the country illegally.” That position is a euphemism for open borders.

During a recent interview, Biden was asked if he would introduce immigration reform legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants. “I already have the bill,” he said, “and I will get it done in the first week.”

There it is, amnesty-for-all. In that interview, Biden went on to say, “illegal immigrants should have access to the same health benefits everyone else has.”

The long-term ramifications of amnesty-for-all are unthinkable. Once amnesty is implemented the precedent is set and precedent is a powerful force. Organizations are generally change-averse and that includes this country. But once the work has been done and decisions made, the next time will be easy. It is highly likely that amnesty-for-all could become the norm every time Democrats are in power.

How many will there be the next time? There are actually hundreds of millions of people world-wide who would jump at the chance to immigrate to the United States. The prospect of a second round of amnesty-for-all will likely result in all of our borders being overwhelmed by attempted illegal entry.

There are about 47 million Hispanic citizens in the U.S., plus another 20 million believed to be in this country illegally. Democrats foresee a dynasty in power for years to come if they can get a hold on the Hispanic identity group. The complete revamp of the immigration system by Biden will certainly do just that.

Bottom line: By only looking at two of the potential 19 changes Biden might make in immigration policy, open borders and amnesty-for-all are the two biggest and most irrational. They defy intellectual honesty and threaten our national security.

They may provide an up-side for the Democratic party in its search for the perfect identity voting group, but the question for Biden, is there any value added for America? I think not.

Lt. Gen. Marvin L. Covault, U.S. Army (ret.) is the author of “Vision to Execution,” a book for leaders.

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Conrad Meyer

Why oh why didn't Obama and Biden fix immigration at some point in the EIGHT years they were in office? And NOW it is a big deal?

Mark Hayes

More than likely because that Democrats knew they would be using that theme again in future elections, being fixed would offer no advantage. The Democratic strategy on race, immigration and equality, " keep them wanting . " It's going to be a contentious election, and Biden's slogan of " build back better " may just become a reality, because after the carnage and chaotic rioting, protesting, the broken storefront glass, the burnt out businesses, the looting and shooting, the out of control destruction of properties, yes, someone will have to " rebuild " and they should build it back better, with reinforced concrete walls and gun slots, because we are going to be in this mess for another decade. Biden should end his political advertisement with a " I'm Joe Biden, and I forget my message".

Mark Hayes

I have no idea what Joe Biden says, I don't believe Joe Biden knows what Joe Biden says, he can't even keep track of his notes his aides write for him. Let's exclude Trump for a moment and just concentrate of Joe Biden. The man rambles on incoherently, mumbles, lost for words at time, can't remember what he has already stated, this is not a man that is mentally stable, early signs of dementia have impacted his behavior. Democrats know this and that is why they chose his VP for him, he will not make it a full four (4) years. Hello President Kamal Harris.

Conrad Meyer

To your point Mark, here is a video that is quite disturbing.

Keith Miller

Mr Meyer...biden needs to provide "proof of life" for himself if he can...before his next public appearance.

Peyton Cook

The bottom line is that the radical, Marxist Left believes in open borders and immediate citizenship for brought in by their illegal parents. This may come as a surprise from the radical left that conservatives believe in the Constitution and the goodness of this most unique nation.

Jim Tomashoff

None of what you claim in the first sentence is generally true. Your about 30-40 years out of step with political reality. Who are the Marxist Left that you cite? Where are they? What are your sources regarding immediate citizenship demands?

Peyton Cook

Bernie Sanders. All you have to do is read the Biden/Sanders Policy document. It is right out of the Marx manifesto. The Federal Government while control every aspect of our lives.

Peyton Cook

In addition the confirmation of Judge Barrett will be the only remaining to preventing Marxism. The Democrat Party will do everything possible to steal the election by any means possible. Leaders such as Schumer and Pelosi have threatened Supreme Court packing an elimination of the Electoral College.

ken leary

Guess the General didn't want to talk about abortion this week. And: "identitarian politics" is a description for right wing, some say fascist, movements. You don't have to convince me though General, I think Biden is a foil for the DNC who represent, and are owned, by Wall Street. For your next column, if you are not married to the abortion trope, could you explain why the bankers never go to jail for laundering drug money.

Immigration is a separate issue from being in our country illegally. Immigrants follow our laws, learn our language, English, wait their turn and then once here obey our laws, respect our unique history and American exceptionalism. If they contribute to our society they might be considered for citizenship. Illegal aliens are criminals and should be deported, period. Birth rights to their children are not guaranteed by the Constitution but this has been ignored for decades. SCOTUS needs to clarify this once and for all - the offspring of non-citizens do not automatically gain US citizenship, which is the case in all other countries of the world. Those who knowingly harbor and employ illegal aliens should themselves serve jail time. Those who support sanctuary cities and counties should do the same. The federal government should cut off all forms of transfers to these cities until they end this illegal practice. Replace cheap, uneducated laborers with better machinery and processes and stop paying people welfare not to work. You do it get the luxury to pick and choose the laws you wish to obey, except of course when they infringe on our inalienable Rights.

Dan Roman

Couvalt raises a classic straw man argument, Biden has never said he will take the actions Trump has said he will. Trump lies constantly. Why would anyone with half a brain, anyone on the planet believe what Trump says? Couvalt then argues that the actions Trump has said Biden will take, although Biden has never said he will do so, are improper. Wonderful, make up a lie than scream the implementation of the lie would be evil. Kill the straw scarecrow! Can't figure out which is worse, the column or the inane comments.

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