When former President Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Clinton’s private airplane, many were appalled. For most, it cemented a promise between the attorney general and the Clinton campaign that Hillary would not be prosecuted.

With “a wink and a nod,” it also confirmed that so long as she continued to play “Bill Ball,” a bright future was reserved for Ms. Lynch in the upcoming Clinton administration.

But for me, the meeting symbolized something very different. It was a caricature of limousine liberals confirming their position of moral and economic supremacy while pretending to fight for the environment and the morality of the middle class.

The confab commenced at the VIP terminal at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. Both Lynch and Clinton arrived on their private jets, machines that burn carbon emissions faster than coal miners can be fired. Yet each professes to fight for the middle class and the purity of the environment.

During the meeting, Bill Clinton represented both his wife, the presumptive Democratic candidate for president, and the Clinton Foundation, a multinational “charity” which collects “contributions” (some would say bribes) from the world’s harshest dictators.

Lynch represented the law of the United States, which has — at cross purpose to the foundation — the duty to prosecute dictators’ agents when they break American law.

As such, the meeting symbolized the cozy corruption between international wealth and the rule of law.

This symbiosis between government and corruption is not new. It was the driving force throughout our government in the post-Civil War years, especially under the presidencies of Andrew Johnson and Ulysses S. Grant.

Such scandals as the Credit Mobilier, which sold discounted stock to government leaders in exchange for support of the Union Pacific Railroad, was not too different from the Clinton Foundation receiving excessive contributions in exchange for favorable treatment by the State Department.

Of course, Sky Harbor may have been a coincidence. Perhaps they did not talk about the contempt with which Hillary Clinton stored classified information on a bathroom server. Perhaps they did not concern themselves with the FBI probe into Mrs. Clinton’s misconduct. But that has very little relevance.

By its nature, government is the largest source of money and privilege that is found in each and every nation on Earth. As governments get larger and as taxes become greater, there is a “LinkedIn” network of parasites who descend upon the treasuries of nations in order to enrich themselves.

Once Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton in Phoenix, the deal was sealed. So long as she played “Bill Ball,” Lynch would be part of the world’s most exclusive cabal.

No words had to be uttered. No secret handshakes had to be exchanged. The conversation could have been merely about grandchildren and golf.

But the meeting itself, the fact that the attorney general of the United States met with the target of a criminal investigation, shows the power of the Clinton Credit Mobilier.

Indeed, Sky Harbor symbolized a corruption not too different from that of Vladimir Putin or the worst of African dictators. It is typical of the cronyism that was evident during the time of the Soviet Union and is evident in Russia now.

It symbolizes the convergence of public and private power at cross purpose with the public good, It symbolizes the enrichment of those controlling government with the riches of private sector capitalism.

Now, there is nothing wrong with capitalism, the formation of private capital for investment into a free market at a profit. But there is something wrong with government controlling capital and giving favor to a select group of capitalists who, in turn, enrich or grant favor those running the government.

This symbiotic capitalism uniting government and industry into a cooperative partnership is the definition of fascism.

Ignoring for a moment Nazi fascism (which was overshadowed by a cruelty and barbarity having nothing to do with economics), we must understand that the basis of Italian and German economic policies from the 1920s to the 1940s was a merger of the public and private interests into a giant corrupt machine.

The Clinton-Lynch meeting at Sky Harbor Airport was not too different from that template. It was private corruption unifying with government regulation to favor the rich and powerful.

It was a creeping American fascism at its ugliest.


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Bart Boudreaux

Bill and Hillary have lying down pat

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