On July 5, FBI Director James Comey finally answered the question that’s been hanging out there for months: Will Hillary Clinton be criminally indicted for irregularities having to do with the private email server she used for official business as secretary of state?

In case you missed it, the answer was “no.” The reaction of Clinton’s critics shows another perfect example of the kind of overreaching that explains why they’re always angry and frustrated.

Some of us have been, to say the very least, skeptical of the confident assertions from the Raging Right that Clinton was going to be indicted over what Bernie Sanders called her “damn emails.”

Because let’s face it, we’ve been hearing “Hillary’s going to jail! Real soon now!” since 1992.

Unfortunately for the wingnuts, every investigation — Cattlegate, Travelgate, Whitewater, etc. — all the way up to the latest attempt to politicize the tragic deaths of four Americans in Benghazi — has come up with a big fat zero as far as any criminal charges are concerned. Now it’s happened again.

Even Donald Trump knew it wasn’t going to happen.

On July 2, three days before the press conference, he took to Twitter to inform us that “sources” had announced that “no charges will be brought against Crooked Hillary Clinton. Like I said, the system is totally rigged!”

When the announcement was made confirming this, House Speaker Paul Ryan was equally outraged.

“This announcement defies explanation,” he said.

You know, the Trumpkins remind me of nothing so much as a bunch of spoiled little boys yelling “Cheater! Cheater!” every time they lose a ball game. Except little boys occasionally wait for the game to be over. The problem is, in their obsession with seeing Hillary Clinton in jail, they blow right past some legitimate criticisms in the report.

The director clearly said that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case” because the FBI never found any evidence of intent to violate the law or to hurt the United States and no intent to obstruct justice from the deletion of some emails.

He did say that “Secretary Clinton or her colleagues” were “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.” Further, he went on to say that the State Department as a whole “was generally lacking in the kind of care for classified information found elsewhere in the government.”

That’s actually worrisome, when you think about it.

Faced with a critical-but-not-criminal report, Trump could go one of two ways:

One, he could switch from his tiresome and unsupported “Crooked Hillary” mantra to “Careless Clinton” and use it to question Clinton’s judgment.

Two, he could screw his tinfoil hat on tighter and keep ranting that the FBI is corrupt because she’s not going to jail. As we’ve seen, Trump’s pre-emptively boxed himself into option one. He’s not very flexible when it comes to tactics, so this probably won’t change.

It’s exactly like the Benghazi mess.

There are serious questions that could and should have been asked about what happened there, including but not limited to whether we should have been intervening in Libya in the first place (something which, you may remember, I said was a ‘terrible idea.’ You can look it up).

Beyond that, you could legitimately question whether we should have had rapid response forces closer to Benghazi when we did, and soberly discuss whether that would have made a difference.

But noooooo. After all, how are you going to get eyeballs glued to the Fox News and CNN shoutfests if you talk about wonky policy stuff like that?

What draws the viewers are wild claims like the one that Secretary Clinton or President Obama told rescuers within striking distance to “stand down”; that Clinton personally denied security requests by the ambassador; or even that Clinton “faked a concussion” to avoid talking to one of the seemingly endless witch-hunts (sorry, congressional committees) investigating the murders.

And all of those committees, after spending months and millions of dollars, came up with the following that would lead to Hillary Clinton facing criminal sanctions: another big fat zero.

Come to think of it, though, there’s probably a reason why the Republicans don’t want to get into questions about something as mushy as a candidate’s “judgment.”

They are, after all, about to nominate Donald Trump, a man whose bad judgment in word and deed is truly breathtaking in both its breadth and depth.

So they’ll continue to hope for the criminal indictment that might knock their opponent out, and will once again find themselves fuming and clutching an empty bag while the woman they love to hate stumbles to the White House.

“Clinton 2016: She May Be Careless, But She’s Not Crazy.” Not the most compelling bumper sticker, but it’ll do in a pinch.


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Bart Boudreaux

I wonder if Orville is muslim like obama?

arthur marsh

Now that's a real intelligence observation.

arthur marsh


Roland Kidd

I believe anyone that would even think about voting for hillary is on the same level as benedict arnold.

Mark Hayes

The depth of depravity that Clintons will go to promote themselves is without end, she is now proposing a plan that will allow those families making less than $125,000 to be given free college for in-state students, she took part of a Sanders plan, reworded it to be that of her own, and now is passing that out as a campaign promise to the young that still do not trust her. For a two income family that is not really that much, I fail to see where there is much incentive for those families of that income level, I'm sure she will have another plan for them. We have in our future over 300 thousand illegal families in this state, by birth right the children are legal citizens even though their parents snuck in here by cover of darkness, now does anyone really believe that they will be able to make the amount that would put them above the dollar requirement, no, and so we will be giving them all a free college education while our own families that meet or are above the level of income pay for all others. Coming through Okinawa on my way back to the states myself and others visited the " red light districts " , even there I never witnessed the level of prostitution as I see in Hillary Clintons approach to becoming the first woman President, her being elected will return the Whitehouse into the brothel it was when her and her husband occupied it. Many of the young voters were just 10 or so when the Clintons rose to fame, they are not educated in the full background of that family. Just flipping a dirty tablecloth over to the clean side does not make it any less soiled, it just hides yesterdays remains, that is Hillary Clinton, a dirty and soiled politician.

arthur marsh

Francis, does this mean you are not going to vote for Hillary?

Mark Hayes

Orville... Unlike you, I do the doing, I don't get done. You vote for her she will be the first woman and the first prostitute to become President, you have some very low standards , I find it difficult to come down to your level, but I will, this time.

arthur marsh

Come, come Francis. Where is your sense of humor?
I never said I was voting for Hillary. What is the doing your doing?

Conrad Meyer

I neglected to add this little tidbit from the liar.

"Look, the average Democrat voter is just plain stupid. They're easy to manipulate. That's the easy part." - Hillary Clinton, 2005

So was she lying or telling the truth? What do you say Dusty?

arthur marsh

I'm not a big fan but absurd statements supposedly made by Hillary are false. Why dig up right wing lies that you know are lies?

Conrad Meyer

Thanks Orville- turns out the quote I got from a trusted friend was inaccurate.

So I'll simply repost the scandals this woman has inflicted on the American people.
From a WND article on 5/18/16, entitled "Here they are: Hillary's 22 Biggest Scandals Ever"
1. Clintons turn IRS into 'gestapo' - targeted Clinton "enemies"
2. Covering Bills dirty deeds
3. Looting the White House - tried to take $190,000 in gifts and furnishings from the WH. Also vandalized the WH before Bush moved in, to the tune of $14,000. While in the WH, they auctioned off and sold taxpayer financed government goods and services in exchange for campaign contributions and personal profit.
4. Filegate: FBI files on GOP enemies. Illegally obtained FBI files on over 90 people.
5. Hillary's "Muslim Brotherhood princess" = Huma Abedin. Known ties to the brotherhood.
6. Vince Foster's 1993 death.
7. Emailgate: 'she should go to prison for this' - homemade email server
8. Chinagate: Sale of high tech secrets - donations to Bills reelection campaign
9. Travelgate: always room for friends. Hillery fires seven staff and hires her friends.
10. Whitewater: Jail for friends, but not Clintons
11. "landing under sniper fire' in Bosnia - a flat out lie
12. Hillery's "missing' law firm billing records - from the Watergate scandal, mysteriously showed up in the WH two years later
13. Pardongate: Hillary Senate contributions - Bill's controversial pardons to those that donated to Hillery
14. Hillary's cash cows and 9,987 percent profit - she cashes in big with no previous experience
15. Clinton body count - "you find dead people" - lots of mysterious deaths
16. Hillary's radical pal, Saul Alinshy
17. Hillary laughs about defending child rapist
18. Hill cashes in: Iranian fundraising. Hires convicted Iranian-American with ties to Iran as campaign finance director. Clinton Foundation pockets $105,000.
19. Clinton Foundation - Scandals keep coming. Systematic fraud
20. Benghazi - 4 American lives lost - blamed on a video. (And just last week, ol' Hill proclaims that no Americans died in Libya - a travesty, her incompetence is showing)
21. Peter Franklin Paul" Another Hillary friend goes to prison. A complicated mess where ol Hill is in the middle
22. Watergate: Fired for being a 'liar' . "Fired by lifelong democrat Jerry Zeifman who called her a liar and much worse. Unethical and dishonest. Conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee, and the rules of confidentiality. Zeifman refused to give her a letter of recommendation, making her only one of only three employees he snubbed during his 17 year career".
23. Giftgate: Hill has a habit of not disclosing pricey gifts.

Note number 22 (also 11 and 20)- fired from the Watergate investigation because she was a liar. She has lied her whole life and the democrats don't seem to care.

arthur marsh

These of course are all accurate?

Frank Staples

Orville, not knowing which comments you are referring to I'll remind you that the sayings of a politician can be found easily and confirmed easily. Your own liar in chief is on video talking about "my muslim roots". Seems that makes that particular case right there. Slick hilly is on record with her many, many changes of mind...she's darn near as bad as good old "I did before I didn't, J. Kerry" the legend of the Navy who stole three purple hearts with scratches.

Conrad Meyer

I remember hiLIARy telling the American public with a straight face that "she did not send or receive classified emails" on her home grown server. WELL SHE LIED.

I firmly believe that the reason why the FBI couldn't find enough to charge the witch is that she DELETED over 30,000 emails before the FBI got to the server. I am not stupid enough to believe her when she said that the delete emails were "personal". In those 30,000 deleted emails were plenty of smoking guns that would put her in prison.

For those Democrats that will vote for such an untrustworthy liar just because he/she has a "D" by their name, I feel sorry for our country as it goes down the tubes.

I do not feel sorry for the old Dustmeister - he is beyond all hope. He drinks a very special aged Kool Aid.

Mark Hayes

I would give credence to the writings by one who has actually participated in the practice of governing over improprieties and misuse of Federal classified material handling , but so far what we have had is a child custody lawyer and a airport baggage handler explain the findings and determination made by a FBI political puppet and the AG who does not possess the intellectual capacity to know when she is being stupid, used as a tool by the Clintons.

Hank Walker lll

As always happens- Dusty speaks his opinion, right or wrong, and far right hacks immediately spout nonsense. Yawn...

Bart Boudreaux

Dusty's problem is that he's biased like you. Can't get past all of the evidence that Hillary and Bill are both perjuring hacks. Hillary is absolutely useless. She needs to go back to doing dishes and keeping an eye on that player she has for a husband.

Frank Staples

Can't say as I've read any nonsense here except from the dusty roads...as usual. He's just another yellow dog democrat like op.

Dan Roman

The trouble with the usual blowhard responders from the right is they think the three branches of the gubberment" are, or should be, indicted, prosecuted and convicted.
Sorry but no violation of statute, no indictment, no trial, no conviction etc, etc.
Don't like it, tough, we live in a nation of wherein statutory law defines boundaries, not rabble with torches and pitchforks.
So the choice is easy, vote for a nutcase who has never held elective office, seems to have a disco ball for a brain and apparently thinks of world events as an opportunity for personal profit or a long time public servant, former senator, former Secretary of State who has been there, done that but understands the reality and gravity of the office of the presidential office.
No one in public office ever, ever has had a perfect track record in retrospect, but 20/20 hindsight is easy as is armchair criticism.
So, vote for the short term nut case or vote for long term sanity.
One would think folks who think of themselves as intelligent would be able to discern a campaign based on mental/verbal rambling devoid of substantive ideas but they are "angry" and willing to accept childish behavior and childish statements no matter how disjointed and illogical as gospel.

Roger Glass

Both candidates are flawed. But to think that you could vote for someone who looks a grieving mother in the eyes and lie to her about her dead son in Libya and then lied to the entire country, your moral compass is broken.

Bart Boudreaux

OldPilot - you're the blowhard. Hillary is probably the worst candidate in history next to the muslim obama.

Martin Samchalk

Old Pilot what I find sad are people who put party above principle. Hillary has been excused by the FBI for her actions because she has been judged too incompetent to understand how she was supposed to conduct herself. If you can't understand how to conduct yourself as Secretary of State how can you understand the gravity of the presidential office?

Frank Staples

My personal opinion is, oldperson, that she was guilty as sin, lied about it, still lies about it and even you radical liberal democrats are secretly ashamed of her. I think the general public hates to see a politician get off the hook for something that the common person would be behind bars for...right??

Richard Wright

OP - You can always depend on your derogatory comments on anyone or anything that does not met you liberal position. Hillary's track record, at least what we have been able to find out due to her deliberate concealment of her sketchy record, is weak. Face it, traveling hundreds of thousands of miles in an Air Force VIP jetdoes no qualify her for higher office or even frequent flyer miles.

Mark Hayes

I believe Democrats were more surprised than any others, like this columnist/ lawyer/writer, l who is now jumping up and down like a jubilant school girl, clapping like a trained seal, I believe others in the Democratic party thought Hillary would face some type of disciplinary action, after all several had made the comment she was guilty, but they were quick to withdraw from those statements being pressured from within their party, corruption wins again. Hopefully a more qualified will come forward and explain the outcome. The expectations met the reality, so no surprise, just lacks understanding.

Bart Boudreaux

Oh by the way - she's bat crazy to boot. don't fool yourself, you're giving her way to much credit

Bart Boudreaux

You Democrats amaze me. Someone openly commits perjury on TV and you guys still defend her. What a loser.

Lee Gulley

As recorded and seen on this YouTube video from March 10, 2015 Hillary Clinton says she did not send any classified materials on her email.
Clinton, March 10, 2015: I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material. So I’m certainly well-aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material.
You can read more here: http://www.factcheck.org/2016/07/clintons-handling-of-classified-information/
This was not the only time she told this lie.
The FBI said there were 110 emails with classified material.

Hank Walker lll

Who will you be voting for, melo?

Bart Boudreaux

I'll be voting for the only credible candidate Trump.

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