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USGA Picks Pinehurst for 2nd HQ

More Championships Coming to Moore, Rest of NC

USGA Picks Pinehurst for 2nd HQ

The United States Golf Association will build a second headquarters in Pinehurst under a multi-million incentive package approved by state and local leaders.

A new economic development project, dubbed “Project Woodpecker,” rolled out Tuesday during a public hearing before the Moore County Board of Commissioners. The Pinehurst Village Council reviewed a similar presentation a short time later.

Andy Ogletree

Andy Ogletree, a student at Georgia Tech and native of Little Rock, Mississippi won the 36-hole final round of the USGA’s 119th U.S. Amateur Championship at Pinehurst Resort & Country Club.

Payne Stewart strikes his iconic victory pose

Payne Stewart strikes his iconic victory pose after winning the 1999 U.S. Open Championship. The event returned in 2005 and 2014, and will come again in 2024. (Photograph courtesy Tufts Archives)

Helen Alfredsson after winning the second U.S. Senior Women's Open on May 19, 2019

Helen Alfredsson after winning the second U.S. Senior Women's Open on May 19, 2019. (Photograph by David Sinclair/The Pilot)

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In the adjoining article naming Pinehurst an anchor tournament site for the U.S.Open Championship it's mentioned that Governor Cooper discussed moving this idea forward with USGA officials during the 2019 U.S. Am. From there discussions picked up quickly. Yes,kudos to local officials but let's not forget, or minimize, Governor Cooper's effort in helping to make this opportunity a reality.

John Misiaszek

Robert Martin

"A combined museum and visitor center will be housed in the new facilities in Pinehurst"

I hope this means the USGA and the Village of Pinehurst have come to terms with the Tufts Archives. Move the Archives to the new USGA museum space and let the USGA take over the management and preservation of all the information.

The Givens Library could then stay in the same building with room to expand into the old Tufts space. It’s a win, win for the town and especially the towns people and others who frequent the library -arguably the best library in Moore County.

“Funding would be paid from new tax revenues collected as a result of the organization’s investment.” This sure sounds like a TIF - Tax Increment Financing, a form of Ponzi scheme first used years ago to fund the infamous Randy Parton Theater of Roanoke Rapids. While this news is good for golfers in our area (I’m not one) I have my doubts that it will contribute much in terms of real value creation. If for instance Eaton would return its Golf Pride grip manufacturing from China to Moore County and employ only legal residents of our County, that would add to the long-term stability of our economy. Providing tax Incentives, aka Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, to get a golf organization to move from high tax state NJ to move to low tax state NC is a double absurdity and grossly unfair to all the local businesses that started in our county and have struggled to survive over the years. Why are they less important? Why not give them the same tax breaks as a reward for their investments? Corporate welfare is just welfare, which only makes recipients lazy and dependent and steals from others. More important is indigenous business - grown from within, not bribed to the County from elsewhere, especially not from parts of the country with high taxes and liberal voters.

Rebecca Francis

Oh please...this is a great opportunity for this community and welcomed.

John H Hamblen

This may be the best investment Moore County and the State of NC could ever make. It a natural development of the strenth of the History of Pinehurst and the golf community already established.

Jack Farrell

Keep in mind that the USGA is a registered 501(c)(3) charity and as such will pay no property taxes on any property they build or own in Moore County. Same as First Health which pays no County or Pinehurst Taxes.

Jack Nance

Yes, but the people they employ and the events they bring will generate lots of mych needed tax dollars. It's a give and take deal. Plus this move wil possibly make our area the Carlsbad of the east.

The Cooperstown of golf.

John Misiaszek

Dan Roman

Kent Misgades would obviously much rather Moore County industry consist of steel smelters, open pit mines, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, gas fracking, lead battery manufacturing and recycling, and maybe a few tanneries.

Jack Farrell

Correction. I have been told by a usually reliable source that unlike many 501(c)(3) s the USGA was informed bythe State and Local Tax office they will not be exempt. Stand Corrected.

Robert Tyska

But they are getting huge tax incentives that will mostly eliminate them paying property taxes for the next 10 years.

They'll be here for 100 years.

John Misiaszek

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