This article was updated with new information on Jan. 11.

A U.S. Army Captain who lives in Moore County is at the center of an Army investigation into her participation in events surrounding last week’s protests and violent riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Emily Grace Rainey, who is known locally for protesting coronavirus restrictions and for her involvement with an anti-mask organization, helped lead a group of about 100 people from Moore County to Washington, D.C, on Jan. 6.

“'I was a private citizen and doing everything right and within my rights,” she said in an interview with The Associated Press on Sunday. The Pilot was unable to reach Rainey for additional comment.

Rainey, 30, is attached to 4th Psychological Operations Group at Fort Bragg, according to Maj. Daniel Lessard, a spokesman for 1st Special Forces Command.

“Our command is aware of Capt. Emily Rainey’s presence at the Capitol on Jan. 6 and is currently investigating to determine the facts as to her exact involvement,” Lessard said in a statement to The Pilot. “It is unclear if she violated any laws or regulations, as the (Department of Defense) encourages members of the Armed Forces to carry out the obligation of citizenship, so long as their actions are in keeping with DoD policy and do not impair the good order and discipline of the service.”

The investigation, Lessard said, will determine whether “further actions by the command are warranted,” though he did not elaborate on what actions might be taken.

“It would be inappropriate for me to speculate on the potential administrative or disciplinary actions that our command could take, as the investigation could determine such a wide range of findings,” he said.

Lessard said Rainey resigned her commission in October. Rainey had been approved for a “separation date” in April, meaning she was still considered to be on active duty when she led protestors to Washington. She was seen in Army fatigues as recently as last month, when she spoke at a Moore County Board of Education meeting.

Psychological Operations Groups "use information and misinformation to shape the emotions, decision-making and actions of American adversaries,” according to The Military Times. The group’s Latin motto, “Verbum Vincent,” means “words conquer” in English.

A Heart ‘Bursting With Pride’

Rainey told The Associated Press that she informed her “bosses” of her trip to Washington and notified them after she returned. Lessard said there is “no indication” that other members of the 1st Special Forces Command traveled to the Capitol with Rainey.

Pauline Bruno, president of the Moore Republican Women, said Rainey attended the rally in Washington with a contingent of about 100 people on buses rented by Bruno's group. She described Rainey as “the most wonderful woman,” who helped with the “overwhelming” task of shepherding the group — most of whom were in their 60s and 70s — through the crowds who turned out to support President Donald Trump and protest Congress certifying Joe Biden as winner of the presidential election.

“We went to Washington, D.C to support our president, whom we love, and to support our country. It was a wonderful, beautiful day. We sang, everyone simultaneously. We prayed, we talked to everyone from all over the United States and it was the most inspiring day,” Bruno said in a phone interview with The Pilot. “I walked from the Jefferson Memorial right down to the Capitol, my heart was bursting with pride that I was an American and I could stand up for my beliefs.”

Bruno said Rainey was responsible for the travelers’ safety. She divided the cohort into five smaller groups with designated leaders and advised them on areas to avoid should they become separated.

The trip was well-subscribed by Moore County residents. Bruno said that seats on both buses chartered by the Republican Women’s group sold out within hours. None of the group’s members were among the rioters that breached the Capitol early that afternoon, she said.

“As soon as we got the word that the mayor put a curfew out, we all headed back to the buses. I don’t know what happened up there, but it was not our people,” Bruno said. “We did nothing wrong. Moore County should be proud of the people that went to Washington, D.C.”

So far, about 100 people have been arrested on charges ranging from misdemeanor curfew violations to felonies related to assaults on police officers, possessing illegal weapons and making death threats against Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. At least five deaths are linked to the breach.

‘This is For You’

Rainey was charged in May with injury to personal property after she tore off tape that had been used to cordon off a playground in downtown Southern Pines. Gov. Roy Cooper had closed public parks across the state at the time in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Rainey, who had received previous warnings from the Southern Pines Police Department, posted an 80-second video of herself on Facebook tearing down the tape and talking about it.

“Everyone here, all you freedom fighters, this is for you,” she said.

Lessard said the 1st Special Forces Command “took appropriate administrative action” against Rainey shortly after that incident. He said he could not provide information to The Pilot about what action was taken.

The incident and video helped bring attention to Moore County Citizens for Freedom, the then-nascent organization founded by Rainey. While the organization describes itself online as a nonpartisan network promoting conservative values, it has been most vocal about its opposition to coronavirus restrictions and orders to wear face coverings.

‘We’re Not Shutting Up’

On Dec. 30, Rainey posted a video to Facebook in which she said that Citizens for Freedom and Moore County Republicans were sponsoring buses for the trip to Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6. In the video, she is wearing what she said was a Christmas present: a ball cap that read “Lions Not Sheep.”

“If you would like to sponsor a rider to go to Washington, D.C. to stand for election integrity, on Jan. 6, which our president asked us to be there, then please let the GOP know so we can get folks signed up,” she says. “I’ll lead this trip, so, um, I’ll be there and will be helping to coordinate on the day.”

Rainey told The Associated Press that her group and most people who traveled to Washington "are peace-loving, law-abiding people who were doing nothing but demonstrating our First Amendment rights."

In an all-capitals comment shared on her personal Facebook page two days after the Capitol riot, Rainey wrote “EVERYONE STAY CALM,” followed by four American flag emojis. She attached a seven-minute video.

“Everyone calm down,” she says, speaking directly into a camera. “It is ok to be upset but this was never about Trump. This was never about one man getting elected for another four years. This was always about our American values. This was always about we the people.”

She says further: “We aren’t going anywhere. We’re not shutting up. Until you’re ready to put everything on the line, just like our founding fathers did, then you’re not serious about this.

“And what is happening in our country will continue to happen. Do not be afraid. Do not fear Josh Stein and his witch hunt. My name is on there three times. Not afraid. It’s darkest before the dawn.”

Stein is North Carolina’s Attorney General. In a tweet last Friday, he urged the public to come forward with any information leading to the identities of North Carolinians who were part of the mob that stormed the Capitol.

Later in the video, Rainey said she was leaving Facebook and giving up her iPhone in favor of an LG flip phone.

“The technocracy is out of control and we are going to do something about it,” she says. “They’re going to try to silence 80 million people and they hate you. They hate you. They hate you with all the same hatred of every genocide that has ever happened.

“So get off the bench. This is not an extracurricular activity. This is an existential activity. You need to start fighting. Everyone has talents. Everyone has resources. Everyone needs to be putting all of it, not some of it, not attending something on a Saturday, no. You don’t have time for vacations. I’m sorry. That time has passed. Our Founding Fathers didn’t take vacations. They were fighting for our freedoms. They were framing our Constitution.”

She then urges people to run for public office, saying, “There’s a ton of town councils out there. We have county commissioners. We have school board.

“There are seats here and you have a network. You have a network of people that will support you, that will make your campaign successful,” she says. “It’s time to make it untenable for progressive elected officials to become elected in this county. Moore County stands for American values, not Communist values. So let’s keep it that way. Our county is a stronghold.”

The video concludes with Rainey saying, “You just have to be ready to give it all you got. It’s worth it. Our country’s worth it. Our values are worth it. Love you guys.”

(44) comments

No election fraud? From Texas: “Rachel Rodriguez was arrested Wednesday and charged with election fraud, illegal voting, unlawfully assisting people voting by mail, and unlawfully possessing an official ballot.“. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Captain Rainey and all Liberty-loving patriots have every right to question election results. Madame Pelosi agreed, back in 2005: “when House Democrats objected to counting Ohio's electoral votes for President George W. Bush. At the time, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., termed the objection "fundamental to our democracy." "This time around, anyone who objected has been called an 'insurrectionist,'

Jim Tomashoff

Why is The Pilot allowing Kent to post without his name? It's bad enough that The Pilot allows him to post lies about the Covid-19 virus that may get someone(s) killed, now he doesn't have to play by the rules anymore? And since almost all The Pilot's deleted comments seem to come from him, demonstrating that he breaks the rules The Pilot has established that must be followed, why he continues to be allowed to post comments is itself a good question.

Sally Larson

I know, he's acting like his cult leader hiding in the basement so no one can get to him. The Pilot needs to be clear about their requirements to participate here. Back when we could have made up names people got really out of control so they put a stop to that. I actually liked it because people respond differently when they don't know whether you are a man or woman which annoyingly taps into gender prejudices.

Mark Hayes

Rules, come on Jim, you been communicating and agreeing with a " Dan " Roman for months on this site, try locating him on Facebook, voters registration, or address, let us know how that works out ? He doesn't exist, prove me wrong.

Sally Larson

What a bunch of nasty sleazy people carrying guns, fighting, and threatening Senators at our capital, THE CAPITAL OF THE UNITED STATES! What a disgusting disgrace for our Constitution. I doubt after the insurgent attempt many decent Republicans want to associate with them and can recognize the crazy nut cases for who they are. They have shamed this country and deserve to be put in jail.

Sally Larson

Last week, a mob incited by President Trump stormed the United States Capitol building. Rioters broke windows, beat law enforcement officers, vandalized offices, and tried to track down members of Congress with mayhem in mind. At least five people died. (Washington Post)

I challenge you to state one single word from the President’s speech that any sane person could construe as to incite violence. Just one. Jack the Rasputin look-alike from Twitter didn’t like the word “patriot”. Pelosi and Waters are totally unhinged. Must be from a Botox overdose. This does not end well for Democrats.

J.D. Rhoades

From the Associated Press:

"The Associated Press reviewed social media posts, voter registrations, court files and other public records for more than 120 people either facing criminal charges related to the Jan. 6 unrest or who, going maskless amid the pandemic, were later identified through photographs and videos taken during the melee.

The evidence gives lie to claims by right-wing pundits and Republican officials such as Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., that the violence was perpetrated by left-wing antifa thugs rather than supporters of the president....

Steven D’Antuono, the assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Washington field office, told reporters that investigators had seen “no indication” antifa activists were disguised as Trump supporters in Wednesday’s riot."

AP Obama LOL

J.D. Rhoades

So, to sum up the position of the Trump supporters: The NY Times is lying, The Washington Post is lying, CNN is lying, the Joint Chiefs are lying. The Capitol Police are lying, the DC Police are lying, the FBI is lying, Senators and Congressmen, both Republican and Democrat, who were actually on the scene are lying, and on and on...the only one who's telling the truth is Cheeto Mussolini and his loyal supporters.

Tell me again how this isn't a cult.

Cite one word from President Trump’s speech where he called for violence. Just one is enough. Crickets.

Comment deleted.
J.D. Rhoades

""We witnessed actions inside the Capitol building that were inconsistent with the rule of law. The rights of freedom of speech and assembly do not give anyone the right to resort to violence, sedition and insurrection," said the statement, released Wednesday and signed by America's most senior general, Mark Milley, and the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff, which is comprised of the heads of each military branch."

J.D. Rhoades


"Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, has told associates that he believes President Trump committed impeachable offenses and that he is pleased that Democrats are moving to impeach him, believing that it will make it easier to purge him from the party, according to people familiar with his thinking....

While [House Minority Leader Kevin] McCarthy has said he is personally opposed to impeachment, he and other party leaders have decided not to formally lobby Republicans to vote “no,”

Wow. Guess costing the party the White House and the Senate isn't the ticket to party leadership Cheeto Mussolini thought it was. Folks had always said that McConnell would throw Trump under the bus if the thought Dolt45 would cost him control of the Senate. And now he has.

J.D. Rhoades

And now Liz Cheney, wingnut extraordinaire, has said she'll vote to impeach.

The dam is breaking. The wheels are coming off. Insert disaster metaphor here.

NYTimes. LOL

J.D. Rhoades

Also reported in The Liberty Herald, a libertarian site "s a political news website dedicated to political commentary that advances the principles of economic and personal liberty" and edited by a former staffer for Ron Paul.

Walked right into that one, Kent.

NY Slimes. LOL

J.D. Rhoades

"It's okay because antifa" has to be the lamest defense of terrorism ever.

Comment deleted.
J.D. Rhoades

Did BLM or “antifa”

1) Murder a police officer by beating his head in with a fire extinguisher?

2) Show up with zip-tie handcuffs to try and kidnap legislators?

3) Bring molotov cocktails and homemade napalm?

4) Bring pipe bombs?

5) Erect a gallows to hang the same legislators?

6) defecate in the hallways of the US Capitol?

7) Urinate outside legislators’ offices?

8) Steal mail and laptop computers from legislators?


No? Then sit down and shut up.

Lowell Simon

Where are all you courageous "freedom fighters" now? Why are you hanging it all on Ms. Rainey? Who else attended the rally - speak up!

You need to simply speak to your neighbors. Many were there. Attend a Moore County GOP meeting. Or go to church. 99.99999% of those in attendance were peace-loving patriots who will not stay silent over the Democrat-led theft of the election. Contrast this to BLM/Antifa-led riots across the country in Democrat-led cities, where the majority of participants were looters, arsonists and other thugs. Cooper walked arm-in-arm with them and with no mask. Look at the pictures of cities like Portland and Minneapolis after a Democrat “peaceful protest”. They look like a war zone. And after a Trump rally? It’s cleaner after the rally than before it started. I gladly attended multiple Trump events and look forward to more. It’s called the First Amendment. I did see some dangerous, vulgar people at these - a handful of black-clad unhappy anti-Trumpers screaming their usual obscenities. Especially a little gnome-like guy at the Stop the Steal rally in front of the Governors Mansion, led by Latinos for Trump and Blacks for Trump. Will this comment now be censored for the use of the word “steal” as FB is doing? Why does the left so fear people exercising their inalienable rights and speaking the truth?

Never smelled pot at a Trump rally either, attended by smart, clear-headed, happy people.

Stephen Woodward

I was there, along with about 100 Moore County patriots. There was no rioting in our midst. Many of us opted out of walking to the Capitol. The focus of the rally was between the Washington Monument and the White House Ellipse, 8 am to 1:30 pm.

J.D. Rhoades

if I'd been part of a terrorist attack in which a police officer was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher and in connection with which the DOJ says they're getting ready to arrest hundreds of people, possibly on charges of sedition, I'd probably be keeping a low profile, too.

Mary Anne Lauer

There were over 100 women on those buses. If the army wanted to find out exactly what Captain Rainy did I'm sure there were plenty of pictures taken. Those women would gladly speak up. Is losing the election getting to you?

Comment deleted.
Carroll Watts

Wait. More than half of this article is a direct quote from Emily and her video on Facebook. Talk about free publicity! She should pay the Pilot for giving her the platform to sell her point of view. As for what she did in the park and going to DC, there’s no secret about that. She has publicly documented it. Like Trump she seems to like publicity and is good at bringing attention to herself. Look out Jamie Boles!!

Comment deleted.

Yes we know the election was stolen because Donald trump said so. He also said the election was fixed in 2016 when he won. Make up your friggin mind who is doing the stealing?

What is it about sixty law suits over election results and Trumps band of excellent lawyers never presented on shred of evidence. I would think if they had evidence Trumps appointed Republican judges would have at leased taken a look,

Trump saying I heard there was cheating is not evidence. How hard headed are you people, 80 million voted for Biden and harris and 73 Million voted for trump that's all you need to know.

Tell me I am reading that wrong, you didn't just say Palin-Trump did you?

As far as this bimbo from Moore Co who wento DC who cares. Just another Covid spreader that's all.

ken leary

It is interesting that people often don't recognize mental illness until it is too late, even when it is rather obvious. On another point of interest: Trump just put to death a man who drove the car during a robbery in which a murder was committed. The guy was a teenager when it happened, and he was unaware that the murder would happen but, the law is the law, and he had to die according to the Donald. So can all the people that get identified as participating in the event in Washington during which a cop was murdered (was that the cop filmed being dragged out of the building and seen being beaten by a guy with a flag) be charged with murder. I just don't see any difference. Accessory to murder in the commission of a crime. Slam dunk.

David Hensley

Let me explain the difference.

Driving a getaway car for a robbery is "Accessory to murder in the commission of a crime".

Showing up to peacefully protest is not a crime, so you are, by defninition, not an "Accessory to a crime".

I hope this helps you see the difference.

J.D. Rhoades

"“Kick some a-- and come back with a collection of severed ears!” -David Hensley

Real peaceful there.

ken leary

How do you define "peaceful" Hensley?

Stephen Woodward

First, the headline is a distortion (probably deliberate). Emily had no "role" in the D.C. rally, at least no more than any other attendee had a "role". Unless demanding fair, untainted elections and defending First Amendment rights is somehow suspicious, possibly dangerous. The Pilot appears to be on a mission to destroy the reputation of a great Patriot who served our country faithfully.

Well put Steve. This paper still has no idea who lives in our area - Conservatives, Active and Veteran Military and a whole lot of Trump supporters. Many veterans stay here and start businesses. I’m guessing some even spend their marketing money at The Pilot, for now. Bite the hand that feeds and you will starve to death. My guess is that the paper’s owners are part of the deranged Pelosi TDS Gang in shock over the real Election Day results and are desperate to prevent what will be their political demise, sooner or later. See the immediate backlash against the actions of the cyber Gestapo of the past few days.

Laurel Holden

There is a quote in the article from a video she made, saying "I’ll lead this trip, so, um, I’ll be there and will be helping to coordinate on the day.”

jimmie canabera

Stein, North Carolina’s Attorney General, asking the public for any information leading to the identities of North Carolinians who were part of the Capitol Hill mob. Wish he had made this appeal during the months of terror, looting, rioting, burning cities done by BLM and Antifa.

J.D. Rhoades

Maybe because BLM and anitfa didn't try to hang lawmakers and overthrow the government. Just a thought.

Comment deleted.
J.D. Rhoades

The people forcing their way into the Capitol shouting "Hang Mike Pence" after a scaffold was built on the west side of the Capitol. It's on video. You can look it up. And it's no surprise that you'd side with terrorists, Frank.

Comment deleted.
J.D. Rhoades

58 police officers injured according to the Capitol Police. One murdered. Officer Brian D. Sicknick. Say his name, traitor.

Mary Anne Lauer

Maybe because they knew the government wouldn't do a thing. And "overthrowing the government" was not on the minds of the people in D.C. either. We're becoming a nation of tattle tales, not necessarily a good thing. Kind of like Nazi Germany which they are accusing Trump voters of being when it's they who are wanting snitches to come forward. I would have gone on the 6th had I not had a commitment to the food pantry. Wondering if burning government buildings, hurting policemen and first responders and vandalizing buildings is not worse than what was done in D.C.?

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