The Moore County Board of Education is now fielding calls to reprimand David Hensley in light of a remark he made on social media the day before the “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, D.C. last week that ended when rioters breached the Capitol.

Hensley, who was elected to the school board in November, says that he did not attend the rally in support of President Donald Trump, and that his post on Moore County Republican Party social media manager Steve Woodward’s personal Facebook page to bring back “severed ears” from the rally was intended as innocuous banter.

But in light of the day’s events, which forced members of Congress to evacuate or barricade themselves in offices while rioters were cleared from the building, some are reading it as an attempt to incite violence.

Hensley posted twice in response to photos Woodward posted Jan. 5 as he traveled to Washington for the rally. At first, he simply commented “Thanks for representing us.”

But it was his second comment that made headlines in statewide media outlets on Tuesday.

Later in the thread, Hensley responded to another post encouraging Woodward to “be safe,” and Woodward’s subsequent response that “I don’t want to be safe. I want to be free,” by suggesting: “Okay then, Kick some ass and come back with a collection of severed ears! Is that better?”

Hensley "Ears" Screenshot

A screenshot of Steve Woodward's Facebook page earlier on Tuesday still showed Moore County Board of Education member David Hensley's Jan. 5 comment to "bring back a collection of severed ears" from the pro-Trump rally in Washington, D.C. the following day.

The post and attached comments have since been removed from Facebook. But before it was taken down, a reporter for the McClatchy publishing company used it as the basis for an article that appeared Tuesday on the websites of both The Raleigh News and Observer and The Charlotte Observer.

In an email to Hensley on Monday, reporter Hayley Fowler told him that the Observer had been “alerted” to a number of his Facebook posts, including his comments on Woodward’s page.

After the article’s online publication, Hensley posted his full response to the reporter on his “Hensley School Board” Facebook page. He said in that post that his reference to severed ears was meant figuratively, and that “no one should read anything into that.”

“I actually believed I had just finished watching a season of American Horror Story where that played a part, so as I mentioned and made a flippant, metaphorical comment,” Hensley wrote.

Hensley, a retired Marine Corps officer, said that the way he formed his comment is reminiscent of Marine vernacular. He also said that his comments on Facebook were made as a private citizen, rather than representative of the Moore County Board of Education and that he doesn’t see how any of his comments could be construed as inciting violence.

“My hopes for the Washington, D.C. rally were that a group of upstanding people from Moore County travel to Washington, D.C. and show their support for both the president and fair elections,” Hensley said when reached by The Pilot this week. ”And that is exactly what they did. Neither them nor I bear any responsibility for anything else which occurred in D.C.”

He characterizes having his social media activity shared with media outlets as a left-wing political attack. Hensley said he, and other parents critical of the school system in recent years, have also been on the receiving end of personal harassment via anonymous text messages and emails.

More than 20 emails criticizing Hensley hit board members' inboxes in the day after those stories were published on Tuesday. One of those letters, which was also sent to The Pilot, urged school board members to “hold each other to the highest possible standard.”

"Our words matter, the children are watching and listening to us, and they are learning. Where one member of the board calls for violence against their fellow Americans, the integrity of the entire board is in question,” wrote Pinehurst resident Justin Bradford.

“Conservatives must hold to the highest possible standards to which we aspire, and failing that, take responsibility, rather than deflect, deny or attempt to reduce poor behavior with hollow explanations and justifications. When nothing nice to say exists, rather than members of the board denigrating, calling for boycotts and/or violence against citizens with whom they do not ideologically align, however flippant the tone, perhaps the best thing to say would be, simply, nothing at all.”

Input also came via Moore County Schools' Facebook page, where three people added comments to an unrelated post promoting a virtual career fair calling for the school board to comment or take action against Hensley. Two others supported Hensley and posted in defense of his freedom of speech.

Moore County Schools posted a separate statement early Wednesday afternoon, which drew about 170 comments from posters both in Moore County, and who were drawn by the statewide news coverage, within a day.

“We thank all of you who have contacted Moore County Schools to share your thoughts and concerns,” the post reads.

“It is beyond the scope of the Board of Education to limit the right to public speech on behalf of any one member, so long as they are not speaking on behalf of the full Board. Any comments currently being attributed to Mr. Hensley should not be considered reflective of the thoughts of the Board as a whole or of other individual members.”

Hensley’s remark would likely have fallen outside Moore County Schools’ code of conduct as it applies to students. The district’s policies prohibit students from making “false threat of harm or violence, even jokingly, which cause or is reasonably likely to cause fear or a disruption to school activities.”

But he doesn’t believe that the “vast majority” of parents or children would find his comments offensive.

“Should something be left unsaid because some portion of the population might find it offensive? I think not,” he said.

“If a student comes across something which challenges their preconceived notions of what is offensive, it gives them an opportunity to consider what is being said and apply critical thinking and reach their own conclusion on what was said. It also provides an opportunity for a parent to engage the child in conversation about the remarks.”

In nearby Sanford, similar criticism is mounting against a member of the Lee County Board of Education. Sherry-Lynn Womack, also a military veteran, participated in the pro-Tump rally last week and has disavowed the ensuing violence at the Capitol. But earlier this week the Lee County school board voted to investigate whether or not Womack violated board policy as dozens of protesters and public comments condemned her attendance at the rally.

For Hensley’s part, he says he intends to remain openly politically active, but doesn’t plan to let partisan politics create a distraction from working toward the betterment of Moore County Schools.

“The contributions I make as a member of the MCS school board are 100 percent non-partisan and are always made with the best interests of Moore County Schools, our parents, our students and the Moore County taxpayer,” Hensley said.

“Outside of the school board, I am a father, a businessman and a conservative activist. Those are all very different roles and I am committed to each and every one of them. I made no attempt to hide my conservative values and approach during my campaign for the school board.”

(63) comments

Barbara Misiaszek

Just read The Pilot's Sunday article. My question = Have your parents now engaged you in conversation about your comments?

John Misiaszek

Lowell Simon

Mr. Hensley, Every comment you make says your comment "kick some a** and bring back a collection of severed ears" should not be taken literally. You refer first to the Marines saying "kick a** and take names" - are we to believe that as a Marine this means to actually have a polite conversation, maybe some warm tea or does it mean to fight and maybe kill? Your reference to severed ears maybe wasn't meant literally but is it another reference to polite conversation? My question is what did you actually and specifically mean by those comments? Stop telling us what you didn't mean. You insist it's all metaphor - metaphor for what exactly - war?

John Vann

Dave, reasonable people support you and that's why you were elected to the school board. Sorry for these negative comments and reportage you have endured. The same people who allowed this to be "reported" in the Pilot are the same ones who ignore the entire 4 and a half years of absolute corruption by the Obama/Biden administration and the corrupt FBI and Justice Department, who listen to the Washington Post, CNN, PMSNBC, and Facebook for their news, and wouldn't bother to read the facts released this weekend about the falsified "Russia" investigation -- started by Hillary Clinton and Obama and Biden. They aren't even aware of Hunter Biden's disgusting behavior and the Biden corruption in Ukraine, Russia, and especially China. God help our country when so many people are ignorant of facts and focus on hate and censorship rather than the things that made our country great.

Barbara Misiaszek

So we should be watching FOX, OAN and Newsmax because they bring us the real news?

John Misiaszek

Sally Larson

Really pathetic. Are you saying Dave's comments were acceptable despite the pledge he made to serve all the people in his government job? He can't be both. Can a paster run a brothel and still be your paster?

Sally Larson

What this country witnessed was domestic terrorism by a group of people who didn't like the fact Trump lost. As much as some wished he didn't lose, he did fair and square without a doubt. This isn't just about Trump losing though, it's about hate and intimidation. This terrorist group doesn't like anyone who doesn't look like them or believe what they believe and feels they have the right to terrorize these people. They are energized by conspiracy theories and lies making them feel righteous in their attacks.

Mr. Hensley, when someone takes the pledge of public office you have the responsibility to represent all the people, not just those you associate with. And that responsibility goes beyond just the job, you are always upholding your oath in all aspects of your life until you leave that office. You are a leader in your community and are expected to behave like one. You need to make a choice to either be a public servant or join your hate group and take responsibility for your words and actions.

"Domestic extremists pose the most likely threat to the presidential inauguration, particularly those who believe the incoming administration is illegitimate, according to a joint bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security, FBI and eight other agencies obtained by CNN."

Are all ten agencies lying?

Comment deleted.
David StClair

PolitiFact has a story debunking the claims that Antifa activists had anything to do with the seditious acts perpetrated in Washington by Trump and his toady's. John Sullivan was there filming the riot, but that was the extent of his actions.

Comment deleted.

So, just for fun, let's give this "IT WUZ ANTIFA/BLM WHO STORMED THE CAPITOL!" claim more consideration than it really deserves.

We're supposed to believe that a few hundred Antifa and BLM members spent years online carefully crafting their image as Trump supporters, all so on January 6, 2021, they could go to a rally that hadn't even been planned when they began their cover identities, mix in with good, patriotic MAGA folk, and attack the Capitol to overturn the election of Joe Biden, the very man the MAGAt's claim is the puppet of "the radical left", and to keep Donald J. Trump in the White House.

Sure, that makes PERFECT sense.

Jeff Marcus

"Bring back ears" is not a flippant remark. It is a violent perverted remark that is grounded in the disturbing macabre history of combat human trophy collecting. There is an excellent article in Millitary History Now: Allied Headhunters — Research Explains Origins of Wartime Trophy Taking

Mr. Hensley has a history of making vile remarks on social media posts and during his campaign. Many of us have been on the receiving end of his hate mongering. We are residents of Moore County and parents of Moore County Students and I for one am disgusted and disturbed by his unhinged attacks. Mr. Hensley's constant stream of 'flippant' remarks has proven his character. Mark Twain, “it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to talk and remove all doubt.”

Jeff Marcus

My husband I share an account. The comment above was written by me, Ellen Marcus.

David Hensley

Wait a minute. I didn’t attack you.

What you call an “attack” was actually a response to your daughter publicly calling my daughter a racist, called my wife a racist in there Facebook page and then working with a group of people to spread it all over social media. The above are all facts which I can prove in a court of law.

What I cannot say for sure if the motivation of your daughter to call my wife a racist and conspire to post it all over social media, I can only assume that it was an attempt to attack my reputation while I was running for the School Board.

David Hensley

For clarity, it was my wife whom Ms Marcus’ daughter slanderously called a racist and then launched a smear campaign to post it all over social media.

There are a couple other typos in my above post, but I cannot correct them, so I am acknowledging them.

Jeff Marcus

Be impeccable with your word.

Don't take anything personally.

Don't make assumptions.

Always do your best.

Jeff Marcus

The Four Agreements

"Be impeccable with your word.

Don't take anything personally.

Don't make assumptions.

Always do your best."

I'm reasonably sure if I posted I was going to go to Mr. Hensley's house and bring back a collection of severed ears, it wouldn't be regarded as a flippant remark. I'd get a visit from the Sheriff's Dept.

Comment deleted.
Tommy McDonell

My problem with the idea that Trump won, is that every case that went to any Judge including ones put on the bench by Trump wouldn’t hear the case.

The Pilot knows I have complained that they allow people to say things that are not true.

As long as This newspaper allows you to say that Trump won the Presidency they make it okay for those who break the law going into the Capitol.

Fact Biden won both the Electoral College and the popular vote.

Fact those who voted for him came from all colors and nationalities and sexes.

I like The Pilot. But I do not like the policy of allowing people to say that Trump won. This leads to more trouble than we need.

Stephen Woodward

Rather than obsess about exchanges on a Facebook page, why will the school board not laser focus on returning our children to full time classroom instruction? This is not a game. Get serious and deal with the new school board members who are committed to crushing the status quo.

Barbara Misiaszek

One reason might is that we have a 19.3% virus positivity rate. I suspect a lot of kids will be repeating their current grade next year.

John Misiaszek

Note - most private and charter schools returned to their normal in-school schedule months ago. All home schools did. They don’t use the CCP flu as an excuse. Government schools fail in all areas and cost taxpayers a fortune. Taxpayers should scrutinize MCS. Thankfully the Board now has a few members that do.

Cancel culture has reached Moore County.

What the right calls "cancel culture" the sane world calls "Accountability." That used to be a thing on the right, No more, it seems.

Comment deleted.

Wow I didn't know election fraud occurred in every state, those Democrats are sure outsmarting Republicans pretty easily.

You have no idea what exploding taxes are. My School portion of property taxes in NJ was $3,500 10 years ago of course my son got a free ride in an Iv League School in the Northeast. What kind of public education do you expect in Moore County with the low taxes we pay.

NC may produce basketball and football stars but not many Rhodes scholars.

I can't believe you come here trying to convince people how smart you are. Voting for Trump does not require smarts. Just sayin.

John McInerney

re Mr. Hensley's comment of 11:52 am, the correct word is there, not their. I would have hoped that a School Board member might know the difference.

Justin Bradford

Oh give it time, that hope will fade in a decade or two.

Sarah Patrich

Some people who went to this rally brought pipe bombs, zip cuffs and the intent to do very real harm. Clearly Mr Hensley isn't familiar with his brand if he didn't think his comments might be taken seriously by the general public. I for one hope he does the right thing now and steps down from his role as board member, as he clearly doesn't represent the whole of this community. My military family chose Moore County because of the excellent schools, the fact that any educational decision may rest in his hands is sickening. This isn't a joke, ask the five dead from the event.

Stephen Woodward

The Capitol Police shot to death an unarmed woman. A Capitol Hill police officer died of a stroke. Three others died of causes unrelated to the activity at the Capitol. Why won’t you tally up the police officers and people injured and killed across 2020 during Marxist BLM riots in our cities. You’re detached from reality.

James McCaskill

Just so it is clear, the officer died of a stroke after being bashed in the head by a rioter. I know you don't want to mislead anyone.

Yeah, getting your head bashed in will do that.

Barbara Misiaszek

One lady was crushed by the mob ! It's fortunate Capital Police were as restrained as they were. Other law enforcement organizations might not have shown the same restraint, Some might say they shouldn't have been as restrained as they were. I guess you are calling a moral equivalency to the events of last summer and an attempt to overthrow our government ?

Detached? You certainly appear to be.

John Misiaszek

Patricia Truslow

And, I might add, as the days go by and information starts to flow, it seems that some of those Capitol Police were actually in on the riots, and it's turning out that some Congressional members probablly were, also. Don't be blind to the truth...a novelty with this administration!

Patricia Truslow

The "unarmed" woman was scaling the wall in order to enter the protected Chamber. She wasn't just standing around looking, you know. Tell the whole story. Your reality is flawed.

Laurel Holden

I posted this on Facebook, but I'll give it a shot here, too: Mr. Hensley, I think you will find that just because you can say something doesn't mean you should. I agree that people should not send you threatening texts or emails. Posting people's personal information for political gain is inappropriate. For example, printing out property records of private citizens and making a handout alleging bias and insidious relationships between the school system and the media is not the way that honorable people do business. However, facing backlash or criticism for public statements you have made does not mean that you are being unfairly doxxed or punished. It's interesting to me that, when given a clear opportunity to condemn the violent acts of January 6th, you instead expressed sympathy for those who are angry about the results of the election. You really didn't have to be a part of this conversation, but now you are. Will you condemn the violent acts of January 6th?

Lynette Crosby

Laurel, right on. A person's character is controlled by their own actions. As my old schoolmate Bill Shakespeare would say: "me thinks Mr. Hensley protests too much." As for Kent, he's just a curmudgeon.

All I do is bring truth to the discussion. Some people can’t deal with that. Otherwise you know nothing about me and all I have done for the people of North Carolina. Get your facts straight before you lob insults. Frankly they are a badge of honor for truth-speakers.

Elizabeth Leonow

My sense of you is that you live deep in an alternative reality. And, pray tell, exactly what are some of the things you have done for the people of NC?

Tim Russell

Wow, that was all very well said. Simply put, “facing backlash or criticism for public statements you have made does not mean that you are being unfairly doxxed or punished”.

What is this about property records of citizens being made into handouts showing bias? I’m afraid to ask...

Comment deleted.
Laurie O'Loughlin

Be Truthful. Don't knowingly lie about anyone or anything.

Stephen Woodward

This lame attempt to question the character of David Hensley is typical of The Pilot’s non-existent journalistic standards. The reporter correctly notes that these exchanges occurred on my personal Facebook page, yet found it necessary to note my connection to the county Republican Party. I journeyed to Washington as a private citizen. The party did not send me, and the others from Moore who attended the rally did not coordinate the trip through the party. So why was my affiliation with the party relevant in the context of this report?

Patricia Truslow

Ahem..."...and the others from Moore who attended the rally did not coordinate the trip through the party." I beg to differ...and Emily Grace posted in her group...The GOP is paying for the bus" certainly sounds as if the trip was "coordinated" the trip.

Rachel Cullen

Who cares? They had a right to go, they have a right to peacefully protest and that is what they did. Any person however who attended the rally or any Black Lives Matter “protest” (riot) who commits a crime: arson, vandalism, breaking and entering, theft, murder. These people should be charged with crimes. PERIOD.

It would seem that we truly do have a Democracy in the United States - by which I mean what Aristotle did “MOB RULE” - it is the happiness of one group in favor of another. Aristotle didn’t have a good opinion of Democracies at all - because he knew that one side would always cudgel the other into submission. Happiness for the few never works out well.

Rachel Cullen

Mr. Woodward, you are correct! Especially as Mr. Hensley has the same First Amendment rights as every other person on this board. When his comments were made, they were made as a private citizen, not as a school board member.

It would be wise for everyone to consider this - especially as Governor Coopers wife not only flipped a child off, she bragged about it posting on Facebook that she was glad she flipped of the “brainwashed Trump Supporter.”

So, if people want to start highlighting stupid comments, that could lead to violence, or insinuate it, then that needs to be equally applied.

Clearly, the Pilot does not serve the interest of the community, but rather is a Public Relations Firm for the DNC and their contributors.

If they weren’t, then they would be commenting on the research released from Duke and Chapel Hill this past week which stated children needed to return to school full time as there was nearly zero transmission of COVID-19 found in the schools. “A new peer-reviewed study from the American Academy of Pediatrics found that in-school transmission of COVID-19 is "extremely rare."

In a collaborative study between Duke University and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, researchers discovered that among 11 school districts with nearly 100,000 staff and students, there were no instances of children passing the coronavirus to adults during in-person instruction. Researchers found just 32 cases of either kid-to-kid or adult-to-adult coronavirus transmission over nine weeks.“

Oh, and for the record, they also found that this school closure is disproportionally affecting minority students as most are from single parent homes.

So how about this Pilot - maybe you should examine the meaning of the word journalist and the word publicity manager. And when you realize that you actually align more with the publicity manager definition, do the citizens of Moore County and come out about it.

We are tried of your failure to do research and we are tried of your divisiveness in this community.

Barbara Misiaszek

Thank God for The Pilot and their reporting. And you might want to remember The Pilot endorsed GOP candidates more or less exclusively during the most recent election cycle. For a left wing publication,your opinion I suspect, that exemplifies a pretty strong demonstration of journalistic integrity wouldn't you agree?

John Misiaszek

Kristin Garner

There is a validity issue with the Duke and Chapel Hill study. Without testing all the students and staff within the school buildings, you don’t know for certain how many people actually had the virus. There are many people that are asymptomatic and some people don’t get tested thinking their symptoms are just cold or sinus issues.

Also, that data is now old. Those numbers are from the fall when the virus was not at its peak and not spreading as rapidly. There were not multiple, more contagious mutations of the virus circulating then. Also, students and staff at that time were on Plan B and were social distancing with masks at, at least 6 feet apart. All students were not back at school in close quarters distancing at 3 feet, as they are now. That study was well intended but has flaws and is no longer completely relevant to our current school environments and COVID situation.

I want things to get back normal, but I also want to do it with my health and with my entire family in tact. I hate all this, the virus and the divisiveness it is causing. However, like it or not, the virus is causing disruption in our schools right now. Ignoring this doesn’t make it go away. Currently, we have 3 different elementary schools with at least 7 different quarantined classes. These 7 classes and their teachers are quarantined and we’ve only been back to school for 9 days since break. There may be more quarantined, but that’s what I know of for sure and I don’t want to exaggerate to emphasize my opinion on this.

Going back to school just to be sent home again for 14 days seems like more of a disruption in schooling to me than just easing back in safely half time.

Like it or not, the virus is still with us and right now and it’s peaking. It’s not convenient or ideal, but I think we need to hang in there a little longer with a revised school plan that limits personal contact to remain safe.

The speech police are busy in their parents’ basements, what passes for journalism these days. If this paper knew anything about common expressions used in the military for decades, their tender ears wouldn’t be hurting. This is especially remarkable given our large military community and the many area businesses owned by veterans, some of whom likely spend their marketing dollars with publications from this paper’s parent company. If it weren’t for double standards, the left wouldn’t have any standards at all. “Antifa is an idea, not an organization.” Joe Biden in the debate. “Antifa demonstrators forced a prominent Portland, Oregon, bookstore to close for the past two days. Antifa wants the establishment to not sell a forthcoming book by a local conservative journalist that details “Antifa’s radical plans to destroy democracy.”

Kamala Harris, applauding Marxist BLM “peaceful protests”, the same ones promoted by this paper, that have caused billions in property damage and two dozen deaths in Democrat cities in 2020: “They’re not going to stop. They’re not going to stop,” she told him. “This is a movement, I’m telling you. They’re not gonna stop. And everyone beware because they’re not gonna stop. They’re not gonna stop before Election Day and they’re not going to stop after Election Day. And everyone should take note of that. They’re not gonna let up and they should not.”

Hollis Alexander

Kent, I am not affiliated with the Pilot newspaper, but am curious as to your military experience. How many decades did you spend in service to our country? Or does your "experience" consist solely of watching television shows about Soldiers? Surely not, based on your criticism of the Pilot's article. Always happy to meet a fellow military retiree! Looking forward to hearing from you about your Army career.

David Hensley


I don't know Kent's background as I don't believe I have ever met him outside his posts. Kent may or may not have been in the military, but one doesn't have to have been in the military to know military culture and/or know military jargon and commonly used phrases. Kent may have learned from friends in the military or just paying attention to what is being said in our community.

For the record, I spent 20 years in the USMC, seven years enlisted and thirteen commissioned.

David Hensley

Kent: You made a point which I was going to make but, in the name of brevity, did not.

I was going to point out that "Kick a** and take names" comes from my background as a US Marine. We said it all of the time.

As you repeatedly point out, this is just more hypocrisy of the left. The left tells us we must be "culturally sensitive", but they have no cultural sensitivity towards my military background, being raised in Oklahoma, being a Christian, etc. Of course we all know that when the left states we must be "culturally sensitive", the only be sensitive to cultures of which they approve.

ken leary

Here Dave, take a lesson from a pro: “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is. If the—if he—if ‘is’ means is and never has been, that is not—that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement. … Now, if someone had asked me on that day, are you having any kind of sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky, that is, asked me a question in the present tense, I would have said no. And it would have been completely true.” “Metaphorically speaking” doesn’t quite cut it. Do you know the difference between a metaphor and a simile?

David Hensley


Actually "metaphor" or "figuratively" are the correct words because both of them include "not to be taken literally" which "simile" doesn't include that as part of its definition.

My comments were bantering among friends and were obviously not to be taken literally. Only someone who wanted to manufacture fake outrage would think or imply that my comments were to be taken literally or implied any sort of violence. My comment is a derivation of "kick a** and take names". But I was was watching the "1984" season of American Horror Story when I wrote that post so I substituted "and come back with a collection of severed ears" for "and take names".

Question: Do you really believe that I was encouraging anyone to cut off ears and collect them?

Doug Champion


David Hensley

Doug: I you honestly believe that I meant that literally, then you are not correct.

No objective reader would believe that I meant that literally and I am sorry that you will not accept my explanation.

ken leary

Whatever you say Dave. It is possibly unreasonable for anyone to assume you "implied any sort of violence" by the suggestion they cut off the ears of (another assumption) Congress people. I have no "outrage" regarding your comments Dave. I know where they come from, and so do you. How apropos that your horror story should take place in 1984.

David Hensley

It is unreasonable to assume that I implied any sort of violence because I did not. Further, based upon the people I know who were attending, it was also unreasonable to assume that I would expect their to have been any sort of violence.

Apparently we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

Barbara Misiaszek

Comforting to know that and individual with so little judgement sits on Moore County's School Board. John Misiaszek

David Hensley

So what are you saying reflects poor judgement:

#1. Me showing support and thanking friends and other residents of Moore County for attending the rally in support of fair elections for representing people who wanted to attend but could not?

#2. Me bantering with a friend and saying "Kick a** and bring back some ears"?

Barbara Misiaszek

Posting what you did on what has become a public forum demonstrates extremely poor judgment.

John Misiaszek

David Hensley

When you are talking about people on the school board who exercise poor judgement, I assume you are talking about the ones who renewed the contract of an Elementary School Principal while she was facing charges for DUI, several counts of child endangerment and other miscellaneous charges. Or perhaps you are referring to those board members who spent $103 million to build three gold plated schools to serve PH/SP/AB while ignoring $70 million worth of desperately needed repairs for the ~20 other schools located in the poorer portions of Moore County?

Barbara Misiaszek

You have apparently not read any of my several posts over the last couple of years about that $70,000,000 of needed repairs on existing schools. Our Commissioners have been advised of these needs and have failed to provide money to any reasonable extent to even begin to address the problem.. Of course what this does is put us potentially in the same position we were in that necessitated the building of those new schools.Previous Board's of Commissioners refused to spend money maintaining those schools that have now been replaced. Only when Commissioner Gregory,to his credit, noticed the problem with those schools was action taken.Are we going to do it again? I suggest you come to the next Commissioner's meeting and pose that question to them.

John Misiaszek

clarkson groseth

John, it is hardly worth your time trying to talk sense in response to certain people...unless it really makes you feel better. There may be some merit in that! I have tried to start the New Year by not responding to things like"severed ears."

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