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The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation is assisting with the Moore County Schools Police and Moore County Sheriff's Office investigation of a threat leveled against school board members in early September.

Chief Arthur Frye of Moore County Schools Police reported the threat to the SBI on Sept. 13 under advice from the sheriff’s office. Frye filed a formal incident report on Sept. 21, two weeks after someone reportedly left a threatening, after-hours voicemail on the district’s human resources line.

Moore County Schools has not disclosed the nature of the threat, but Robert Levy, a member of the school board, has reported that the sender referred to mandates requiring students to wear masks around the district. First adopted on Aug. 9, the mandates were recently upheld by four of the board’s seven members — Libby Carter, Pam Thompson, Stacey Caldwell and Ed Dennison.

“SBI possesses capabilities for assessing threats that are not available to local law enforcement," Catherine Murphy, director of communication for Moore County Schools, wrote in an email to The Pilot. "There is no lead agency as this is a joint law enforcement investigation."

The Pilot has requested copies of the threat, and of any communication between the district and school board members related to it, under state public records law. Murphy responded that the district is withholding that information due to the ongoing law enforcement investigation.

When reached for comment, representatives of the SBI and Moore County Sheriff’s Office deferred to Moore County Schools Police.

Moore County Schools initially reported “a particular concern” under law enforcement review as the reason behind moving the board’s regular meeting, originally scheduled Sept. 13, from West Pine Elementary to the smaller board room at the district’s central office in Carthage.

The board ultimately postponed the bulk of its September business meeting until Sept. 22, citing a legal technicality stemming from the venue change. Moore County Schools Police screened meeting attendees, more than 20 of whom spoke in opposition to continued mask mandates, through metal detectors as they entered the building.

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alexa roberts

Here is a comprehensive timeline of events. https://www.facebook.com/695023157548025/posts/1500255520358114/?d=n

Matthew Hintz

Mayor Roberts thank you for sharing this timeline. There is some subjective opinion in there, but helpful none the less.

Matthew Hintz

I curious about the author of the Moore Voices timelines, Cheryl Christy opinion on real reporting? Reporting she agrees with, or reporting that just contain facts known at this point. Without speculation, hyperbole, and subjective slander? I think the Pilot has done a very good job of their reporting from 13 September to present on this topic. Let the investigation play out. Why try to plant narratives with the public, prior to the completion of the investigation. I think what might be useful. Print the transcript of the "threat" made and left on the recording. Then let the public decide. It is not the duty of you, Cheryl, or the Pilot to steer public opinion. Give the public facts. Then let us decide for ourselves.

Roy Ross


Matthew Hintz

Now that I've read more of Cheryl Christy's writing on "Moore Voices", it seems from her rantings that she is very angry, hate filled, and emotionally unstable.

Roy Ross

Don't support threats but there have recently been actions taken by the teachers union and school boards against those who differ and dissent from their views and positions....to the extent that dissent is called terrorism. This is of course another of the red herrings of the left only topped by racism. If you dissent you are a racist...if you dissent you are a terrorist.

Transparency in this matter , which is totally lacking at many levels of government, should be the order of the day. Pretty easy to publish the threat and if it is one the public will be just as much against it as those who may have been threatened.

How you betting on transparency?

Matthew Hintz

Great post

David Goldberg

North Carolina does not have a teachers union . There are nocollective-bargaining rights in the state.The labor laws in North Carolina and make it a right to work state.

Stephen Woodward

When opposition to a school board’s contempt toward citizens becomes a “threat” we don’t have a civility problem, we have a First Amendment problem. This so-called threat is a ruse to limit public attendance at board meetings. Good luck.

Sally Larson

Stephen, a threat is a threat, not a freedom of speech issue. It should be investigated by the law.

Betty Cole

Yes !! You can disagree with what you don't like!1 You don't have the right to threat anyone. Threats only make it worse. Why would the broad want to meet with the public when all the hear are shouting and cussing. Let's act like adults people.

Matthew Hintz

When the transcript is released from the message left, and the investigation is complete. Then I will decide if this was a "threat" or not. I'm not going to trust the Leftists or The Pilot to tell me what is reality when they both live in a marxist fantasy utopia.

Sally Larson

Mathew, of course. I understand a threat as an intention to physically harm another person or place. If it's an opinion on a subject then it's not a threat. I'm not sure how something like "I want to see you dead" should be classified, it feels threatening but it's also an opinion.

Matthew Hintz

Sally it is being investigated. However, what if the investigation finds that it was not a threat? Will you accept that? Sometimes a "threat" is a matter of opinion. What threatens woke snow flakes, might be a normal work day for me. The emotional over reactions must be tempered down. For some logical, rational, objective, and fact based discussion. Subjective slander helps no one.

Barbara Misiaszek

Maybe we should wait for the SBI to conclude their work before we draw conclusions.

John Misiaszek

Matthew Hintz

100% agree.

Matthew Hintz

I concur at this point. What is the definition of a "threat" without the transcript. I'm left to think this is an extreme over reaction.

Justin Bradford

This area is filled with gun toting Qanons who brag about open carrying to the supermarket, and violent “conservatives” like Mr. Woodward who has used so much violent rhetoric in the name of the first amendment in the past few years, it’s hard to keep track. But here you are talking about people being mentally unstable and overreacting. Jeez. I wonder why that might be? You think ,Abe people are tired of these folks who literally attended a terrorist attack on January 6 and their garbage antics? And then anyone with a voice of reason is a called a liberal. You’ve done well to help contribute mightily to the problem with most of your comments here. I’m sure Ms. Bowman would like nothing more than not have any of this mess to talk about, but here we are.

Matthew Hintz

Mr. Bradford, you are unhinged and separated from the real world. 6 January was far from a "terrorist attack." The burning, looting, and murder in our cities in 2020. Now that was Domestic Terrorism.

Justin Bradford

Well, Steve, also, when you go about spouting violent rhetoric all the time, like saying Chair Carter should be “destroyed”, literally your words, what do you expect? Your mindless followers are doing as you’ve wished. Uprising. Severed ears. Destroyed. All connected to ONE guy. Then you brought in Emily and she sounded exactly like those people on January 6. You truly are a disgrace to our community. Every time you open your mouth, the property value drops.

Matthew Hintz

Mr. Bradford,

I will pay for your therapy. You seem filled with hatred to me.

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