School Uniforms

Richmond County, located just south of Moore County, has had its students wear uniforms like these since 2004, but officials there are now looking at revising the policy.

The Moore County Board of Education will consider implementing a student uniform policy in the coming months, once the committee appointed by Chair Robert Levy Monday night has time to formulate one.

Board member Shannon Davis initially proposed that the school board consider the question of uniforms at its work session last month. She suggested that requiring all students to wear more or less the same clothing may reduce bullying among students and eliminate one basis for superficial comparisons among classmates.

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Sally Larson

BOE, you are obviously trying to find solutions to some of the problems our children are dealing with. Our school system isn't the only one in the country with problems. There are many studies out there and many success stories to draw on that should be looked into. Scrambling around struggling with ideas without any experience is making you look foolish. Book reports and uniforms are something from the past. I don't think we even know what your ultimate goal is for our children, have you established a mission statement to guide you? You need to get your act together, learn to work with the faculty who really know the problems and probably have some very good suggestions. Reach out to government resources and develop goals. Trying to solve all the problems yourselves isn't working.

Kent Misegades

We sent men to the moon without cell phones in schools. Or PCs. “The evidence is clear: Students learn better without mobile phones in class”, The Educator Australia

Kent Misegades

“School Uniforms Save Money for Parents and Enhance Safety, School Pride, and Unity for Students“. West Virginia Academy. Ever see a school band or sports team not wearing a uniform? Kids love them. Visit many foreign countries and one sees nearly all school kids in uniforms, especially in the poorest countries. The “uniforms” here are typically dress codes with garments found in any big box store or Goodwill. Parents often set up second-hand distribution of uniforms as kids grow so fast. This is a no-brained.

Mike ODea

This is what happens when people elect persons to the board who have no business or experience with educating children. Ridiculous

Kristin Garner

Why are we going after something that is not a proven problem? Do we have data saying this is an issue, or is this just something people think is a problem?

We do have problems in schools these days, but I am not seeing that it is about what students are wearing. Let's put our energy into getting highly qualified teachers with smaller class sizes and more support staff (academic interventionists, counselors, AP's, nurses, psychologists, EC staff, etc...) in schools. Lateral entry and student teachers with no experience also should not be allowed to teach at D and F schools.

Back to the uniforms. They can be expensive when you do not have what is mandated to wear and when you have multiple children in your family. Also, even with the same color shirt and pants, students will still stand out from one another in other ways. The brand of shirt or pants they have will vary, students' shoes, socks, bookbags, lunch bags, water bottles, hair cuts, cars and more will set them apart from each other. This is just life; this is the society we live in; we are different and that is not a bad thing. Instead of enacting a policy where all our children are told to be uniform, let's teach them to be proud of their unique selves and kind and empathetic to all people, of "all walks of life." Uniforms are not the answer in my opinion. I believe that enacting this policy will hurt student morale.

Jason Baker

Bravo!! Well said!!

Lori Holland

I 100% agree Kristin!

Karen Tussing

Wow. Another blatant example of the new school board's overreach.

Barbara Misiaszek

Sounds like this current Board is leaning into that "Social and Emotional Learning"

they so decry! Is this uniform garbage going to increase our "School Report Card" results? I doubt it. This conversation, when combined with their decision as to whom to place on the SCC Board, makes one wonder why there isn't a provision in State law enabling recall elections for School Boards.

John Misiaszek

Kent Misegades

Nearly all private schools have had such dress codes for decades. Many government schools do, too. This also saves families time and money. But as much common sense this makes, it won’t improve the performance of poor teachers, doesn’t eliminate wokeness, and there remains the problem of kids bringing cell phones to school. They too should be banned from campuses. Look at area private and charter schools for examples of what works.

Tommy McDonell

I went to a private school in Grosse Pt woods now called University Liggett School. While private many students weee and are on scholarship. It has a dress code but not uniforms. Boys with Jacket and tie or sweater shirt and pants. Girls had a skirt length. I’m not sure of it now but it is a code.

The catholic school had uniforms.

While this may help a little, to me it is not what Moore County needs.

The public schools here need more teachers and better qualified teachers in their fields. We need more bus drivers.

Just once I would like to read that the school board is suggesting something that the schools need to have smaller classes, safer classes and good education. And yes, Kent, I am putting my signature with my Ph.D. It is from the Steinhardt School of Education at NYU in TESOL.

While I may not have kids, I know kids in this system.

Tommy B. McDonell, Ph.D.

Malcolm Hall

Go ahead... take their cellphones so when there's an active situation they can't call for help. What a stupid idea. Also, we keep talking about students rights. Wearing whatever they want in public schools is one of those rights.

Home schoolers go shopping during normal school hours. No restrictions on them. Private school students know that uniforms are part of the tuition. Low income families cannot put food on the table let lone buy a minimum of three uniforms. Why three? They need washing and sometimes spills do happen. Plus Goodwill does not make available uniforms for those who can't afford them. This is cult like behavior and should be handled by our SBI.

Jason Baker

Nailed it!!!

Jason Baker

“Dress codes save families time and money”? You think the uniforms will be free? Also, based on your comment to take cell phones out of kids hands, it’s clear you don’t have a child or anyone you are about who attends MS or HS or else you’d understand their need. Hence, your comments are uninformed.

Kent Misegades

Jason, I have five grand children, none are allowed to have phones and are excelling in their learning - in home schools. I taught engineering to JH and HS aged kids in the largest independent private school system in the state, Thales Academies, which forbids phones but requires school uniforms which the kids and parents love. Their students are 2+ years ahead of their peers in government schools in all grades and all subjects. You are clearly uniformed over things outside of our terrible government schools.

Barbara Misiaszek

Does Thales have an open enrollment policy?

John Misiaszek

Cindy Ewan

What about the teacher and substitute shortage? What about the bus problem that is causing kids to be late or miss first period class? Sorry, but no to uniforms. Last year for us at private school the uniform situation was a nightmare. Expensive and always out of stock or taking months to come in, if at all. We were so happy to be done with that now that we are in MCS.

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