Tom McInnis

Republican State Sen. Tom McInnis announced Thursday he plans to seek re-election to the newly drawn Senate district representing Moore County.

McInnis, a longtime Richmond County resident, had to move to a home in Pinehurst in order to establish residency within the district, whose boundaries changed through the redistricting process.

The General Assembly last week approved new maps for the House and Senate. Moore previously had been in a district with parts of Richmond County, but the new District 21 eliminates Richmond and adds parts of Cumberland County. McInnis owns property in both counties.

McInnis has represented Moore County since 2019, when the district lines were last changed as a result of a court order.

“Over the past few weeks, as Janice and I thought and prayed about the future, we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from friends across Moore and Cumberland counties,” McInnis said. “It’s clear that this region wants a strong, conservative state senator and it would be my honor to represent the 21st district in Raleigh.”

McInnis, who was unanimously elected Senate Majority Whip by his peers in just his fourth term, is one of only a handful of state lawmakers in the United States to earn an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association.

He has scored high ratings from several other conservative organizations.

As chairman of the powerful Senate Transportation Committee, McInnis has delivered funding for critical local infrastructure. And he was a lead negotiator in the 2020 agreement to bring the United States Golf Association’s headquarters to Pinehurst.

McInnis is a professional auctioneer and entrepreneur who built and ran  local businesses for the past 40 years. His wife, Janice is a retired teacher and also a native North Carolinian. They have four children and 11 grandchildren.

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(5) comments

Justin Bradford

Maybe since mr big time powerful state senator is moving here he can use his connections to fix the traffic circle. It regularly takes 15 minutes to pass through there. Although I’m sure other powerful locals who sell gas and have connections on the DOT are perfectly ok with hundreds of idling and crawling cars on our roads burning fuel as they wait for the guy ahead of them to put down their phone and frickin drive already. It’s time to put in some traffic lights and stop the insanity at the circle.

Jack Farrell

With regards to the traffic circle, watch the following on utube to see what the NCDOT has in the plan to do to the traffic circle. This design guarantees lots of traffic accidents (including head on crashes with multiple deaths and or injuries).

Imagine someone from out of town at night or bad weather trying to drive around this!!! One large circle with 2 way traffic and 5 smaller circles.

or the following:

Ce Foote

Moving here from the northeast, 15 minutes to wait in traffic at a circle is not a long time. Why is everyone always in a rush? Chill. And drive safely.

Matthew Hintz


Adam Tarleton

A major 5-way signalized intersection here would still be chaotic and undoubtedly less safe. A simple solution to improve the efficiency overnight would be to install physical barriers between the two lanes entering the circle. Many selfish drivers choose to pass slowed left lane traffic from the right lane to cut ahead at the last minute (or it's drivers unfamiliar with the area). This cutting in forces idling cars to fully stop, disrupting the flow into the circle. If a driver misses their intended lane, make them exit the circle and turn around somewhere outside the circle. Don't make everyone else doing the right thing suffer through their mistake.

I know this is pervasive on NB 15/501. EB 211 is awful because there's no signage until after Page St, which is only a quarter mile from the circle.

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