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Carthage polling site at the Moore County Agricultural building. Tuesday Nov. 3, 2020. Ted Fitzgerald/The Pilot

North Carolina elections officials wish to remind Election Day voters that it may take a few weeks before their “voter history” is updated to reflect their recent vote in their voter record available through the State Board of Elections’ Voter Search online tool.

“If you voted in person and inserted your ballot into a tabulator, your selections were immediately recorded on a memory card, and your votes were reported on election night as part of the unofficial results,” said Karen Brinson Bell, executive director of the State Board of Elections. “We respectfully ask that voters trust their bipartisan boards of elections across North Carolina. We are here to make sure your votes count, and they will.”

The State Board of Elections and county boards of elections are inundated with questions from voters about whether their ballot was counted in the 2020 general election. In almost every single case, the answer will be yes.

However, if you voted on Election Day, it will take time for your voter history to reflect the fact that you voted, as county boards of elections must first complete post-election processes.

Voters may confirm the status of their ballot in the following ways through the State Board of Elections’ Voter Search online tool at Simply enter your first and last names and county (if desired) and follow the instructions below based on your voting method.

If you voted in person on Election Day, when you inserted your ballot into a tabulator, your selections were recorded on a media card in the tabulator. These results were counted and reported publicly on election night.

Using the Voter Search tool, your ballot status will show up in the “Voter History” section as soon as your county completes the post-election process of assigning voter history to your record. This may take a couple of weeks or longer after the election.

The Moore County Board of Elections is currently scheduled to review and approve final election results Friday, Nov. 13. Absentee by-mail ballots postmarked by 5 p.m. on Nov. 3 will be accepted and counted until Nov. 12.

(10) comments

Kent Misegades

Sidney Powell just reporting they’ve found that 450,000 ballots only had one race checked, Biden. Statistically impossible. Just one of many ways Democrats are trying to steal the election from Trump. It will all be exposed in the end and some Democrat leaders will be pounding sand in a striped jumpsuit for the rest of their miserable lives.

Kent Misegades

The corrupt SBOE, a tool of Governor Shutdiwn Cooper, only shows if we voted, not how our votes were tabulated. Trump won on ejection day, just as McCrory did. in 2016, until mysterious ballots were “found” that changed the outcome. Philly comes to Raleigh it seems. Cheaters ultimately never win.

David Goldberg

Yes because someone who spouts off things all the time with no evidence is a credible person right?

Kathy Wright

Kent, you just cannot handle the truth, even if it slaps you in the face because you are so brainwashed. By the way Kent, what were you saying again about the idiot having a landslide? Tee Hee, Tee Hee, Tee Hee.

Kent Misegades

Kathy look at the results. The GOP won big time in NC and Moore County on Tuesday, except the handful of races where Democrats focused their election fraud effort. There is no way that the same people who favored Conservative candidates over Democrats also voted for Marxists like Biden and Cooper. As I recall, it was the Democrats and their media friends who predicted a landslide, including Democrats winning both houses of the NC legislature. Truth is, Republicans actually gained seats in the Legislature, Judges and even in the Pelosi House. And then there is the Moore County School Board with three - count them - new Republicans. How does the left explain this drubbing? More MAGA on it’s way!

Kathy Wright

No dear, you are wrong, as usual. It was you spouting your stupid, horrific garbage that the idiot was going to have a landslide. And, you kept repeating it all the time in your comments. Don't lie my dear, as you are trying to get out of what you said. Unfortunately, your head is up in a certain part of your anatomy and there is no hope for you, ever. Yes, you are correct that MAGA is on it's way and that is because of Biden and Harris. Now, America will finally be great again!! I am so happy that Hitler and Mussolini are finally dead again.

Kathy Wright

More thoughts. I take it you don't think that the idiot has done anything wrong, ever? No fraud and illegal things he has not done, ever? As I said, there is no hope for where your head is now. As far as North Carolina, it is certainly a very sad state with most people, especially in Moore Co., with their heads in the same place as you. I have decided that we should rename Moore Co. to Republican, uncaring and braindead county.

Chris Smithson

So you’re saying I should hold off on taking up arms against my fellow Americans based on a Facebook meme?

Comment deleted.
Chris Smithson

Trump is going to win NC. This is low for even you Kent. Complete credibility loss...

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