Sandhills Bridge Center

The Sandhills Bridge Center is located at 300 Kelly Road, Pinehurst, NC. Call (910) 246-0464 for additional information.

The website for game results is Bridgemates are used, which provide instant results following the game.

All games are ACBL sanctioned, nonsmoking, and stratified to accommodate all levels of ability. Lessons are available for players at all levels.

Schedule of Programs and Stratified Games

• Monday at 8:45 a.m. — Limited game open to any player with 199 points or less

• Monday at 1 p.m. — Open game

• Tuesday at 1 p.m. — Limited game, open to any player with 499 points or less

• Wednesday at 1 p.m. — Open game

• Thursday at 1 p.m. — Open game

• Friday at 10 a.m. — Beginners/intermediate lesson and supervised game.

• Fourth Friday of each month at 8:45 a.m. — Limited game, open to any player with 20 points or less

• Friday at 1 p.m. — Limited game, open to any player with 499 points or less.

• Sunday at 1:30 p.m. — Open game.


Monday, Feb. 24, Limited Game: N/S, 1. Sally Frick and Ed Frick, 2. Annie Thomasson and Sue Griggs, 3. Lafreda Williams and Elzabeth Rainoff, 4. Jane Wilkinson and Barbara Golla; E/W, 1. Becky Deaton and Greta Ouimett, 2. Chris Brown and Paula Lyszyk, 3. Meg Bassani and Mary Dawkins, 4. Pauline Rowe and Glenna Pope.

Monday, Feb. 24, Open Game: N/S, 1. Dora Pealer and Grant Pealer, 2. George Snow and Ray Fiorillo, 3. Roger Lehman and Ron Johnson, 4. Connie Dominguez and Al Lowrie; E/W, 1. Aad Burghouwt and Richard Venditti, 2. Lynn Connelly and Bill Seidensticker, 3. Walter Stohler and Ted Davison, 4. Lynn Bennett and Wendy Preble, 5. John Brubaker and Joann Thorne.

Tuesday, Feb. 25, Limited Game: N/S, 1. Jeff Chulay and Marianne Chulay, 2. Phillip Deturk and Andree Bailess, 3. Kathy Fiske and Harriet McCollum, 4. Joan Stoner and Della Lundy, 5. Sally Felton and Jan Haywood, 6. Alverna Plourde and Betsy McCracken; E/W, 1. John Wheeler and Karen Wheeler, 2. Mary Edwards and Susan Bowness, 3. Frank Shaw and Brian Scott, 4. Margaret Clark and Henry Levy.

Wednesday, Feb. 26, Open Game: N/S, 1. Aad Bourghouwt and Richard Venditti, Janie Moser and George Snow, 3. Lynn Bennett and Mary Zinn; E/W, 1. Peter Goldberg and Bill Seidensticker, 2. Al Lowrie and Edward Davison, 3. Karen Cook and David Cook, 4. Grant Pealer and Walter Stohler, 5. Lynn Connolly and Paulette Clayton.

Thursday, Feb. 27, Open Game: 1-2. (tie) Ray Fiorillo and Walter Lang, with Barbara Toomey and Joann Thorne, 3-5. (tie) Jean Klick and Mary Zinn, Kathy Bennett and John Brubaker, Connie Dominguez and Paulette Clayton.

Friday , Feb. 28, Limited Game: 49 points or less, N/S, Annie Thomasson and Betty Austin, 2. Mary Woodford and Sally Means, 3. Liz Polston and Paula Lyszyk; E/W, 1. Sue Griggs and Patsy Rhody, 2. Debbie Dix and Kathy Vandenbrook, Kathy Fisher and Barbara Golla.

Friday, Feb. 28, Limited Game: 499 points or less, N/S, 1-2. (tie) Chris Brown and Karen Wheeler, with Becky Deaton and Johanna Edgar, 3. Jim Brown and Susan Bowness; E/W, 1. Alverna Plourde and Dale Simpson, 2. Lafreda Williams and Millicent Moats, 3. Lynn Bennett and Wendy Preble.

Sunday, March 1, Open Game: 1. Ray Fiorillo and George Snow, 2. Claire Michalowsi and Nancy Fiorillo, 3. John Brubaker and Walt Lang, 4-5. (tie) Edward Davison and Joann Thorne, with William McClelland and Diane Jones.

Wolves Club

The Wolves Club held its monthly Kittredge Memorial bridge tournament on Friday, Feb. 28, with 16 players competing in 20 hands of bridge.


1. Bill Seidensticker (28 pts.), 2. Tom Kelly (28 pts.), 3. Dick Walsh (18 pts.), 4. Ron Johnson (7 pts.)

Breakfast and Bridge

Breakfast and Bridge played at the Pine Crest Inn Thursday, Feb. 27.


N/S, 1. Estelle Menke and Pat Groseth, 2. Annette Milligan and Marilyn Erickson, 3. Joyce Johnson and Rosemary Mauriello, 4. Doris Jacobsen and Sandy Race, 5. Emily Hauslohner and Patti Molloy, 6. Carol Green and Dee Pegram, 7. Tom Race and Bonnie Root; E/W, 1. Eileen Lowrie and Jacque Weston, 2. Ellie Ray and Rebecca Powell, 3. Mary Beth Thomas and Arlene Jenkins, 4. Yvonne Chempinski and Martha Collier, 5. JoEtta Engle and Myrna Spencer, 6. Jan Baumeister and Eleanor Zolov, 7. Margaret Shaw and Lois Bierer.

Penick Village

Men’s Bridge played Monday, March 2.


1. Bill Rose and Harald Steltzer, 2. Jack Essom and Ron Adams.

Belle Meade

Duplicate, Tuesday, Feb. 25


N/S, 1. Sandy Gieryn and Dick Piper, 2. Hilda Paderick and Don Patience; E/W, 1. Wayne Smith and Dave Jenkins, 2. Eleanor Carraher and June Kirkland.

Chicago, Wednesday, Feb. 26


1. Evelyn Launhardt and Vern Greenfield, 2. Sandy Gieryn and Pat Lambie, 3. Hilda Paderick and Don Patience, 4. Diane Daniels and Odette Greenfield.

Duplicate, Thursday, Feb. 27


1. Sandy Gieryn and Marie Robins, 2. Odette Greenfield and Faye Wink, 3. (tie) Evelyn Launhardt and Marian Schillerstrom, with Marie Colement and Bettye Garneau.

Ace Bridge

Ace Bridge Group played Monday, March 2.


1. Mary Lee Schulte and Pat Lambie, 2. Janet Nelson and Sue Scherff, 3. Lyn Glynn and JoAnn Duncan.


Bridge-at-the-Village played a senior pairs game Monday, March 2, at Scotia Village, in Laurinburg, under the direction of Brian Potter.


1. Joanne Martin and Ann Buie, 2. Donna Reilly and Jane Quick, 3. Vickie Robinson and Lil Owens, 4. Mac and Jacque Doubles, 1st in B: Eloise Carter and Locke MacDonald, 2nd in B: Erv Hill and Betty Lewis, 3rd in B: John and Celeste Lewis.

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