Sandhills Bridge Center

The Sandhills Bridge Center is located at 155 Hall Ave., Southern Pines. Call (910) 246-0464 for additional information. Game results can be found at Bridgemates are used, which provide instant results following the game.

All games are ACBL sanctioned, nonsmoking and stratified to accommodate all levels of ability. Lessons are available for players at all levels.

Schedule of Programs and Stratified Games

Monday at 8:45 a.m. — Limited game open to any player with 199 points or less

Monday at 1 p.m. — Open game

Tuesday at 1 p.m. — Limited game, open to any player with 599 points or less.

Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. — Open game

Wednesday at 1 p.m. — Open game

Thursday at 1 p.m. — Open game

Friday at 10 a.m. — Beginner/Intermediate lesson and supervised game

Friday at 1 p.m. — Limited game, open to any player with 599 points or less. There is a free mini-lesson at 12:30 p.m.

Sunday at 1:30 p.m. — Open game


Monday, Dec. 3, Limited Game: N/S, 1. Kathy Fiske and Dick Walsh, 2. Ed and Jean Weiler, 3. Audrey Larkin and Sue Griggs, 4. Annie Thomasson and Jakki Whitten; E/W, 1. Sally and Ed Frick, 2. Jeff Chulay and Stewart White, 4th in B. Lefreda Williams and Betsy Rainoff.

Monday, Dec. 3, Open Game: N/S, 1. Ray Fiorillo and Mary Lowery, 2. Susan Bowness and Anne Brechtelsbauer, 3. Maxine Cunningham and Berry Craven, 4. George Snow and Georgia-Keeler Snow, 5. Bruce Connors and Sue Lloyd, 6. Marilyn Starner and Petie Graeter, 7. Nancy Shannon and Joanne Thorne, 1st in C. MJ Zinn and Barbara Gruninger, 2nd in C. Marian Morrison and Art Swanson; E/W, 1. Tracy Pickup and Paulette Clayton, 2. Jan Cantley and Ann Pozdol, 3. Becky Shepherd and Richard Venditti, 4. Lynn Connolly and Diane Jones, 5. Peggy Clark and Donna Sennett, 6. Al Lowrie and Drew Moore, 4th in C. John Brubaker and Drew Moore.

Tuesday, Dec. 4, Limited Game: N/S, 1. John Wheeler and Hal Blake, 2. Kathy Fiske and Harriet McCollum, 3. Karyn Kline and Nancy McNally, 4. Jeff and Marianne Chulay; E/W, 1. Mary Edwards and Lynn Bennett, 2. Karen Wheeler and Diane Jones, 3. Helen Ferency and George Olson, 4. Jim Owen and Frank Shaw.

Tuesday, Dec. 4, Open Game, 1.Connie Dominguez and Marilyn Starner, 2. (tie) John Brubaker and David Cook, with Petie Graeter and Jean Klick.

Wednesday, Dec. 5, N/S, 1. Barbara and Pete Goldberg, 2. Karyn and Steve Kline, 3. Janie Moser and George Snow, 4. Tim Laverty and Rebecca Markham, 5. Ron Johnson and Roger Lehman, 6. Maxine Cunningham and Berry Craven, 7. Ted Davison and Barbara Toomey, 2nd in C. Donna Sennett and Marian Morrison; E/W, 1. Al Lowrie and Aad Burghouwt, 2. Anne Brechtelsbauer and Mary Lowery, 3. John Brubaker and Tracy Pickup, 4. Betsy Armstrong and Mary Hamblen, 5. Ray Fiorillo and Marilyn Starner, 6. Lynn Connolly and Ann Pozdol, 4th in C. Lynne and David Berkebile.

Thursday, Dec. 6, N/S, 1.John Brubaker and Drew Moore, 2. Connie Dominguez and Al Lowrie, 3. Janie Moser and George Snow; E/W, 1. MJ Zinn and Jean Klick, 2. Randy Whitten and Ted Davison.

Friday, Dec. 7, Limited Game: N/S, 1. Harriet McCollum and Johanna Edgar, 2. Chris Brown and Millicent Moats, 3. Jeff and Marianne Chulay, 4. Bob Beck and Barbara Gruninger, 5. Kathy Fiske and Lynne Frazier; E/W, 1. Pat and Jim Blank, 2. Nancy McNally and Pat Lambie, 3. Mary Edwards and Lynn Bennett, 4. George Wirtz and Al Beranek, 5. Glenna Pope and Pauline Roe.

Saturday, Dec. 8, Limited Game: N/S, 1. Annie Thomasson and Audrey Larkin, 2. Harald Steltzer and Janet Nelson; E/W, 1. Sally Felton and Jean Aschliman, 2. Chris Brown and John Wheeler.

Saturday, Dec. 8, Open Game: N/S, 1. Aad Burghouwt and Richard Venditti, 2. Dorothy Olson and Larry Mack, 3. Maxine Cunningham and Berry Craven, 4. Barbara and Pete Goldberg, 5. Ted Davison and Ron Johnson, 6. Tracy Pickup and Becky Shepherd, 1st in C. Donna Sennett and Marian Morrison, 2nd in C. Sharon Russell and Faye Gasaway; E/W, 1. Lynn Connolly and Bill Seidensticker, 2. Bruce Connors and Sue Lloyd, 3. Karen and David Cook, 4. Lynn Bennet and MJ Zinn, 5. Sharon Davis and Randy Whitten, 6. Jim Gentz and Ann Pozdol.

Sunday, Dec. 9, no game due to inclement weather.

Penick Village

Penick Village men’s bridge played Monday, Dec. 10. This session of bridge concluded the group’s fifth cycle of bridge for 2018, 10 weeks of competition, with Frank Shaw in first place and Bill Rose in second.


1. Gary Hildebrand and Ray Pardue, 2. Frank Shaw and David Wright.

Belle Meade

Chicago, Friday, Dec. 7


1. Odette Greenfield and Pat Lambie, 2. Gay Gearhart and Joyce Hunt, 3. Sandy Gieryn and Malcolm Ware, 4. Pauline Hill and Libby Hopkins, 5. Connie Kubisch and Faye Wink.

Contract, Monday, Dec. 10


1. Shirley Foushee, 2. Malcolm Ware, 3. Sandy Gieryn, 4. Jack Naylor.

Duplicate, Tuesday, Dec. 11


N/S, 1. Malcolm Ware and Sandy Gieryn, 2. Diane Daniels and Shirley Foushee; E/W, 1. Dick Piper and Odette Greenfield, 2. Evelyn Launhardt and Pauline Hill.


Bridge-at-the-Village played a STaC game Monday, Dec. 10, at Scotia Village in Laurinburg, under the direction of Brian Potter.


1. Mary Lowery and Brian Potter, 2. Mary Sutton and Eloise Carter, 3. Ruth Adams and Erv Hill, 4. Doug and Connie Harris, 5. Donna Reilly and Jane Quick.

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