I’m sure you’ve read our opinion page columns asking everyone to shop locally whenever possible. Here are some suggestions that offer holiday-related storylines. If The Country Bookshop doesn’t have them already in stock, they will be happy to order them for you!

The Golfer’s Carol

By Robert Bailey

G.P. Putnam’s Sons

Looking for a book for your golf-loving friends? Look no farther, for this delightful story is a cross between “A Christmas Carol” and “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Randy Clark is about to turn 40. He always dreamed of playing professional golf, but that dream got away. His financial situation is in the toilet, and of course, he hasn’t shared that with his wife and children. He figures the best way is to just jump off the Tennessee River Bridge and end things once and for all.

Visits and conversations with his best buddy from the PGA (recently deceased), along with golf rounds with four of his heroes (golfers from the past), put a different spin on things as each of them offer a life lesson.

I’m not a golfer, but I enjoyed it, so I imagine other non golfers will as well.

The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street

By Karen White

Berkley Publishing Group

Any local readers who have read Karen White’s Southern fiction will also love the Tradd Street series featuring Melanie Trenholm, who lives in Charleston with her husband, Jack and extended family.

Melanie has a gift she’d just as soon give up, but that’s not about to happen. And Christmas spirits on Tradd Street are not about happy holiday feelings or alcohol, but actual spirits, otherwise known as ghosts.

The garden cistern behind Melanie’s historic house is yielding a lot of Colonial-era artifacts, and it seems that some of the ghosts of that time are showing themselves, trying to get a message across to her.

Her cousin’s husband is still trying to convince Melanie and and Jack to sell the house, mainly because he wants to hunt for treasure he believes is there.

Melanie, with the help of her mother and sister, has to get to the bottom of what these ghosts want them to know, in order to save the house and possibly her marriage.

The Gift of the Magpie

By Donna Andrews

Minotaur Books

I look forward each year to the titles that Andrews comes up with for her books, and how she works that into the story.

This year, Meg Langslow and her extended family are all involved in the town’s “Helping Hands for the Holidays” project. Neighbors help others with things they can’t do, or can’t afford to have done.

One of the biggest projects of the season is helping Harvey, who has a reputation as a hoarder, clean out his clutter. Meg discovers that much of that clutter was put there by Harvey’s father, and helping Harvey isn’t turning out to be as difficult as she thought. But, they do have to get it done in order to keep his cousins from trying to get the town to force him out.

Why are they so concerned? Rumor has it that there might be money hidden there, left by Harvey’s grandfather and father.

The magpie comes in via Meg’s grandfather, a local veterinarian. I’ll just leave his part for you to discover!

A Heartfelt Christmas Promise

By Nancy Naigle

St. Martin’s Griffin

Any holiday book with a puppy on it has to be a winner!

Vanessa Larkin has been assigned by her Chicago company, which has purchased Porter’s, a fruitcake factory in Fraser Hills, N.C., to shot down the operation and convert the property into warehouse space. Not exactly how she was planning to spend the holidays.

And when the residents of the town find out what Vanessa is there for, many give her the cold shoulder in spite of the retirement packages and other job opportunities she’s offering.

Vanessa does see a path forward because the fruitcake operation doesn’t even use the warehouse space, but she will have to convince the powers that be to keep the fruitcake business open and keep that legacy alive not only for the town, but the family who founded the business.

A nice holiday read!

Contact Features Editor Faye Dasen at fdasen@thepilot.com.

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