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A voter at the Aberdeen early voting one-stop site. Ted Fitzgerald/The Pilot

Absentee ballots transformed the 2020 general election, with more than 65 percent of Moore County voters opting to cast their vote ahead of Election Day.

By election day itself, less than 10,000 voters actually waited to vote in-person at one of the county’s 25 precinct polls.

As with all elections, the Moore County Board of Elections has begun the 10-day post-election process of counting the remaining ballots and conducting audits to verify the results. North Carolina elections officials have requested patience with the process and noted it may take a few weeks before the voter history records are fully updated.

In recent days, the State Board of Elections and county boards of elections have been inundated with questions from voters about whether their absentee by-mail or early voting one-stop ballot was counted in the 2020 general election.

Voters may confirm the status of their ballot by using the Voter Search online tool at https://vt.ncsbe.gov/RegLkup/ and entering your first and last names and “Moore County” in the search boxes.

If you cannot locate your voter information, try a "Sounds Like" search or omit your middle initial or birth year. If you still cannot locate your voter information, contact the Moore County Board of Elections.

Importantly, all ballots cast prior to Election Day are considered “absentee voting.” If you voted in-person during the early voting period, your ballot information will be listed under the “Your Absentee Ballot” tab, not your voter history.

There were 58,033 ballots cast locally out of 74,032 registered voters in the 2020 general election. The final vote counts for each race are expected to increase slightly as remaining outstanding ballots are received. Absentee by-mail ballot envelopes postmarked by Nov. 3 and received by Nov. 12 will be counted. In addition, military and overseas ballots received by 5 p.m. November 12 will also be counted.

“If you voted in person and inserted your ballot into a tabulator, your selections were immediately recorded on a memory card, and your votes were reported on election night as part of the unofficial results,” said Karen Brinson Bell, executive director of the State Board of Elections. “The post-election process ensures that all eligible voters’ ballots are counted and that voters can be confident that the results are accurate. This is a long-established process. This year is no different.”

The Moore County Board of Elections is currently scheduled to review and approve final election results Friday, Nov. 13. This meeting, like every other weekly review session, is open for public viewing through a live stream link that can be accessed from the county board’s website.

The final state canvass of results will be announced on November 24.

(3) comments

Kent Misegades

Tuesday was a huge win for Moore County Conservatives, greater than most even expected. It was also a good day for Conservatives all across the state, with gains in the Legislature and a bold new person in Mark Robinson as Lt. Governor. That Forest supposedly lost can only be attributed to the scandalous election fraud being attempted by Governor Shutdown Cooper and his minions at the SBOE. It ain’t over.

J.D. Rhoades

Hey, Kent, still haven't heard from you about how that 326 to 212 Electoral College prediction you made worked out for you. LOL

Dan Roman

Yes Kent, it's over.

The south lost the American Civil War.

Germany (plus Italy & Japan) lost WW II

Trump lost the election.

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