Superintendent Bob Grimesey

Moore County Schools parents, teachers and community leaders took to social media outlets Tuesday night and Wednesday in a rage against an effort to remove Schools Superintendent Robert Grimesey from office.

The Moore Board of Education, in a closed executive session Monday night, held a performance review for Grimesey, after which a split board asked him to resign his post or risk being fired. The board has scheduled an 8 a.m. meeting for Thursday morning at the Central Office to discuss a personnel matter. At least two board members and others with direct knowledge of the situation say the meeting involves Grimesey's future with Moore County.

Facebook, Twitter and local media websites were buzzing with hundreds of comments, photos and pleadings from parents upset at the news that the first-year superintendent could be forced out of office. Many of those people posted copies of emails and letters they had written and sent to school board members pleading for them to keep Grimesey on.

No school board members have publicly said what occurred Monday evening in the closed session, but several others who heard directly from board members or have firsthand knowledge say the board is split 5-3 in favor of Grimesey’s departure.

Mentioned repeatedly as Grimesey’s top failing has been what some have characterized as strained relationships with some top school administrators and principals. Several sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, have said a key sticking point is that Grimesey had only offered one-year contracts to senior staff.

Board vice chair Kathy Farren and members Laura Lang, Sue Black, Becky Carlson and Ben Cameron are said to have formed a coalition to oust Grimesey. Board chairman Bruce Cunningham and members Charles Lambert and Ed Dennison are said to be supporting Grimesey.

“From the numerous business people and community leaders I’ve spoken to in the past 24 hours, the five members of this coup d’etat may be the most widely hated and despised people in Moore County,” said Southern Pines Town Councilman Mike Fields. “Dr. Grimesey is one of the brightest, most articulate, passionate, committed and visionary leaders I have ever encountered. He truly understands what it takes to build a world-class school system.

“I sure hope this is not a done deal.”

Nick Picerno, chairman of the Moore County Board of Commissioners, said Wednesday that he has received "overwhelming support" for Grimesey in phone calls and e-mails. He vowed that he would not support the use of taxpayers' money to buy out Grimesey's contract.

"As chairman of the Moore County Board of Commissioners, I have one vote," he said. "I would vote to reduce our appropriation to the school board next year by any amount of money used to buyout the superintendent's contract. Maybe they have another way to pay for it that I don't know about. The taxpayers' money of Moore County will not be used for this payout."

Grimesey's salary under a four-year contract, set to expire on June 30, 2018, is $128,148 per year plus an annual supplement of $3,036 for a total of $131,184. 

Grimesey's contract reads that in the event of unilateral termination, the board "shall pay to the superintendent, as severance pay, the aggregate salary he would have earned pursuant to ... this agreement for the upcoming 12 months of the agreement or the remaining time of the agreement, whichever is less."

However, a negotiated settlement could cost the county substantially more.

Picerno acknowledged that he has "limited information" at this point and that he has attempted to contact school board chairman Bruce Cunningham for an explanation.

"I cannot support this unless the board can justify this," he said. "Right now I am very concerned. I would like to hear what they have to say in public. Every man is due his fair shot. He has been here a year. They may have just cause. If so I would support them. This may cause irreparable harm to our reputation."

The actions in Moore County have even reverberated in Raleigh. Late Wednesday afternoon, state Rep. Jamie Boles, who represents most of Moore County, posted a message on his Facebook page:

"As your Representative I am deeply concerned with the process in which the Moore County Schools Superintendent position is being tainted. In conversations with past and present board members I have found Superintendent Dr. Robert Grimesey to be respected, honorable and trustworthy. Though I may not have all the facts, I have been assured that this is a 'personality issue.'

"I would like to encourage EVERYONE to attend the 8 am meeting Thursday morning -June 4th at the Central office in Carthage. Show your support for our Superintendent Robert 'Bob' Grimesey."

Grimesey has declined comment and has restricted public appearances. He was scheduled to have appeared Wednesday afternoon at a Kiwanis Club of the Sandhills lunch honoring four outstanding high school seniors but did not attend.

The behind-the-scenes machinations have angered some of the other top political, education and business leaders in Moore County, chief among them Sandhills Community College President John Dempsey and Partners in Progress executive director Pat Corso.

Dempsey said he was "shocked and angered" by what seems to be transpiring.

"I have no idea what goes on internally within the school system, nor is it my business, but I can't imagine any circumstances in which an employee is fired, short of an illegality, without giving that person a chance to be given counsel and to rectify whatever the problem is," Dempsey said. "I have worked with five school superintendents in my 20 plus years at Sandhills, and have liked them all, but I have never worked with one as well as I have with Bob Grimesey.

"I am told that the wish for his departure is not unanimous among board members, but still, if he leaves, it will be a sad day for me personally and for the advancement of educational goals in which Bob is so involved."

Corso, interviewed Wednesday, said such a move to oust Grimesey “poisons the well.”

“It damages the relationship between the college and the school system,” he said. “Who are they going to bring in in this environment? Who is going to want to work with a group that is that dysfunctional? I think this sets us back years.

“This decision makes no sense. I think he’s a teacher’s advocate and God knows we need one. I think the school board should reconsider this action.

“Parents, teachers, business leaders and community leaders are all weighing in on this, and they’re not on the school board’s side. So what kind of hubris is driving this kind of action? It makes no sense. The school board should be held accountable for this decision because it’s having a detrimental effect on our community.”

The strongest outrage, however, came from parents, teachers and even former board members.

Pinehurst attorney Jennifer Garner, herself a former school board member and chairwoman, posted a letter she sent to board members:

“First, I am very upset with the time you have chosen to hold such a meeting. You know this is the week of major testing in your schools,” Garner wrote, voicing the concerns many parents have expressed about an early morning weekday meeting during the week virtually all students are taking end-of-year tests. “Students, staff and parents are already stressed to the max this week. Teachers and support staff cannot leave their school positions to come to central office to be seen and heard in their support of their superintendent.

“As you can imagine being a former board member myself, I have heard from all kinds of community members and school staff and kept up with all social media posts and news reports, I have yet to see ANY posts supporting the firing of Dr. Grimesey. Not one. You will have a lot to answer for especially come election time. We have lost enough teaching staff in this system already and you are about to lose many more over this decision.”

One Facebook site that has been extremely active in the last 24 hours has been Parents for Moore, a public group normally reserved for routine school matters. Parents have taken to it in droves to express their ire and frustration at this week’s turn of events.

Also on Parents for Moore, Katrina Denza posted her letter to board members:

“After Dr. Spence resigned, I spoke before you urging you to consider teacher attrition while looking for the right candidate. I urged you to find the person who would support and respect our teachers, treat them like the professionals they are, allow them to concentrate on teaching rather than perform extraneous duties that add little benefit to the educational system as a whole. I urged you to find the person who would bring the Moore County School system back to the wonderfully progressive entity it once was.

“After seeing Dr. Grimesey in the position for this past year, I felt confident I was heard and my request was considered.

“I have served as a Key Communicator for two years, an AIG Parent Advisory Council member for two years, and this last year I served as a Parent Advisory Council member. Although I have always felt as if my opinions have been heard, this last year with Dr. Grimesey as superintendent, was the first year I felt not only was my feedback heard, but that it was important, and when there were concerns such as with the Chromebook Rollout, those concerns were taken seriously and steps were taken to rectify the issues.

“Teachers are leaving and have left this county because of misguided policies and unhealthy working conditions created by a central office staff member. These were excellent, highly educated teachers we have forever lost. I, along with many, many other parents, was counting on Dr. Grimesey to help the county with this serious attrition problem.

“The political environment statewide has made teaching here unattractive. My youngest son has had too many substitute teachers lately. We simply cannot afford to lose any more teachers.

“I know you realize we live in a different time and social media allows for a transparency never before experienced. Parents know and understand a lot more about the goings on in central office than ever before. Every decision you make will not only affect every child in this county but will also be held up for scrutiny. It is imperative you make the right decision tomorrow.

Please. I urge you to reconsider. Moore County Schools cannot afford to lose an asset like Dr. Bob Grimesey.”

Parent Mary Lovett: “I can personally tell you that in all the school systems I have been in (many because we are a Military family) I have never had a superintendent come and TALK to students and see how they are feeling and what their concerns are. And this man really means it! He wants to know what they are feeling and how school is going for them. He wants to know about all the ridiculous testing that these children are put through and what they think about it.

“Dr. Grimesey has been the one small hope for this school system. He is personable and he cares. My heart is breaking for the students and teachers.”

Parent Kate Tracy: “Dr. Grimesey and I had one interaction this year. Bus route troubles on my children's first day this year caused me to write an angry email. Many parents have done such a thing at one time or another.

“For kicks, I cc'ed Dr. Grimesey, never expecting his involvement in such a small issue (huge to my family but small nonetheless). This Superintendent emailed me back almost immediately. His response was apologetic, sensitive, and professional. The next evening he emailed again, to find out if the troubles were resolved. This depth of responsibility was surely not limited to checking in with me. That interaction, and the positive publicity received by Moore County Schools throughout this year, led me to regard Dr. Grimesey as a competent, active, and well-respected leader.

Teacher Ashley Peschieri: “Since starting in 2010 I have seen not one, not two, but three superintendents. Out of all of the superintendents I have ever encountered as a teacher I have never seen someone so passionate as "Dr. Bob." He actually listens to the community (teachers, students and parents).”

From former Moore County teacher Susanne Cooper: “Dr. Grimesey was brought into this school system to improve morale and move our system forward. He has been quite responsive to communication from me regarding several issues, and he took it upon himself to accept an invitation to the Moore County Invitational Swim Meet, the first superintendent to show up on a holiday weekend to cheer on Pinecrest and Union Pines swimmers. He has taken the time to listen and get a feel for our schools and an understanding of our system’s issues and challenges.”

Parent Laura Rubin: “Last month, I was honored to have been Volunteer of the Month for MCS. Dr. Grimesey has played a large part in inspiring me to want to do more for my daughter's school. He created a Parent Advisory Committee, and with it a forum for parents to ask questions and be involved on a new level. I found this energizing, causing me to search for new ways to serve my school and community.”

(47) comments

Stefan Augustin

I feel for everyone in the Moore County school system as long as Kathy Kennedy remains it will not be safe for anyone to speak their mind. She truly needs to go!

Gayge Fritz

My heart is broken. The Board's decision today is a truly devastating blow to the families, teachers, students and community of Moore County. I can only hope that some measure of good will come from this if only bringing to light the wrongdoings of those who hold enough power to override the will and desire of the teachers, families, community members and voting citizens of Moore County. As teachers we are mystified at how a group of people who call themselves our supporters could so blatantly refuse to see, hear and be moved in their hearts to reconsider their decision and consider our opinions. To the Board members who held out and supported Dr. Grimesey, I commend you for doing what was right and just. I commend you for listening to your community and working to support us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your actions give me hope that we can effect a change for the good from this tragic loss. After reading Dr. Bob's Open Letter to the People of Moore County I am assured that the faith I had placed in Dr. Grimaesey was well deserved and that he is and will continue to be a man of integrity, kindness and wisdom with a true heart for the calling of education. We are so fortunate to have had the chance to work with him and we were blessed by the positive changes that his actions have brought to our county. He will be sorely missed. I hope that someone can provide us with an address to which we can send our notes of thanks, our letters of appreciation from students and teachers to Dr. Bob. This is truly the saddest day in my life as a teacher and my colleagues and I have never felt so defeated as we do today.

beth `walker

As I retired MCS teacher, I was thrilled with Dr. Bob as our new superintendent. He listened to me as I explained that in my 9 years in Moore County Schools I had 7 initiatives - none that were followed to fruition. The amont of time teachers put into implementing these inititaives ws staggering. With the arrival of Kathy Kennedy here came another initiative. Since that time I have watched as wonderful teachers chose to leave. Dr. Bob was the ONLY person who really listened to the teachers AND the students. When was the last (or first) time someone saw Kathy Kennedy on the floor listening to children read - Dr. Bob did it weekly. It is a sad day for the students, teachers, and parents of Moore County

Stefan Augustin

Time for recall vote on the board.

Mike Miller

What will it take to force a recall of the five board members who voted this morning for the ousting of Dr. Bob? This is a tragedy of epic proportion and the peoples voices need to be heard at the polls!

Tessie Taylor

Buzz at the meeting this morning is that that group met with Susan Purser in Greensboro over the weekend to ask her to serve as interim Superintendent. Wow.
Meeting is now moved to the Old Courthouse in Carthage. So many people showed up to the meeting there was standing room only on the outside. Some passionate people have spoken this day in support of the awesome man. Some talk also about researching a recall of Board Members and if not, forcing them to resign. Either way, we need to do some serious cocmmunity watch of this arm of our County going forward.


Perhaps an investigation by the Attorney General is warranted since it seems there are personal agendas of those on the BOE at play here, not to mention senior personnel within the School Board. I suspect the roaches would scatter when the light is shined upon their plan by subpoenas and depositions conducted by the State. This is clearly an injustice that they are attempting to carry out. Dr. Bob sounds just like what this county needs to bring it's education system to an appropriate level. I know many great teachers who have left the system because they just couldn't put up with the nonsense from senior level personnel. You can't keep this up because the system will continue to tank and then no one will want to move into this county due to a collapsing school system. Think about your property values slipping away when word is out that the school system is untenable in Moore County.

Stefan Augustin

Has anyone looked into how much money Kathy Kennedy spent on revamping the Ed Center? My understanding is she has an office there that she rarely uses.

Jason Joyce

So a 1 year contract is good enough for teachers but Kathy Kennedy thinks she is entitled to a long term one? The only thing she is entitled to is being shown the door and being told "Don't let it hit ya where the good Lord split ya!"

Dwight Kidd

Recall and fire and keep Dr. Bob.

stacey caldwell

I will be there!!!

Anne stagg

Shame on the board for having an 8 AM meeting. Obviously they do not have the intestinal fortitude to face those in disagreement with them, but I think they will be surprised at the turnout..

Chris Smithson

Sorry butt representation from elected officials. Forget the SPECIFIC politics of the whole thing for a minute. The history of the MCBOE in the last 10 ears has been shameful if you give a rat's bottom about the kids).

They, as a whole, don't' give a SNOT about the children who utse the system.


Oh! And lead the IDI- forgot about that.....

Wecantstopwewontstop How does "senior staff" have time to do consulting and plan a coup? That's impressive.

Hari Dizzle

If her company consults for Moore County, that is a conflict of interest and should be reported to the state. Also, she lives in Fayetteville, dont you have to be a Moore county resident to hold a Moore county position?

Lord of the Flies

I am so disappointed in the five school board members that have been "lured" in by the shenanigans of Kathy Kennedy. You took the bait and she has reeled you in...hook, line and sinker. Keep in mind though, when it comes to the next election of school board members...there are other fish in the sea...that is...if a shark doesn't get you first.


here is he picture of past superintendent susan purser along with current board member kathy farren


I can't believe that we have hit rock bottom.

Gayge Fritz

The following is part of an article describing Dr. Bob's departure from Orange County Schools to take his new position in Moore County in order for him to be close to his son. Shame on those of you, MCS BOE members, who cannot see what a gift Moore County received when Dr. Bob chose to come to our school district. How foolish to risk losing such talent for secret and unspoken agendas and through under-handed machinations that exclude the very people who work hardest for our students from being included in this decision. This man is an outstanding educator and is truly valued and appreciated by those who can recognize the humble and caring individual he is. I am proud to call Dr. Bob my Superintendent. I beg you to stay, Dr. Bob!! The children and teachers of Moore County need you. That the children recognize you and cry out "Hey, that's Dr. Bob! I like him!" is a testimony to the powerful and positive impact you have had. In all my years of teaching I have never known a Superintendent of Schools to be recognized and looked up to by students of all ages.

"The Orange County School Board said goodbye to departing superintendent Bob Grimesey and welcomed new board member Carol Couch this week.
Grimesey resigned after five years at the Orange helm to become superintendent of the school system in Moore County, N.C. That job would allow him, he said, to be near Fort Bragg, where his son’s next Air Force assignment might be.
At an emotional close of their meeting Wednesday, board members made their final comments on Grimesey’s time as their superintendent.
Bette Winter recalled that he had been open-minded and accessible for as long as she had known him, and wished him and his family the best in the future.
“I was saddened when I heard you were leaving,” she said, “but then I realized that you have been training us for the last five years for this moment. You have set so many things in motion, and everybody knows what is going on. You have left us in an excellent place, and I thank you for that.”
“I don’t like it,” Sherri Page commented. “I don’t like it at all, but I respect it, and I understand all of the reasons. It has been a pleasure to work and serve with you. You certainly will be missed.”
New interim District 1 board member Carol Couch, speaking at her first meeting following her appointment to the School Board, thanked Grimesey on behalf of “all the families of the children you have been helping for all these years.”
Board Chairwoman Judy Carter noted, “I was on the board when we hired Dr. Grimesey, and many of you who were here know where we were then, and where we are today. He won’t take credit for it, but he deserves a lot of credit. It takes a leader to pull everything together. He has done that with our administration, and he is leaving us in good hands.”
Following a standing ovation, Grimesey responded that “although I am very clear on where I need to go, I am not at all clear about leaving here. I haven’t come to terms with that.
“It has been my honor to serve as your superintendent. Orange County parents and members of the community maintain high expectations for student achievement and the overall performance of our schools.” Our school division is staffed by dedicated professionals who share that same commitment to excellence.”

Louis Gregory

I have limited knowledge of the issue being discussed, but cannot imagine how the board will be able to justify the removal of Superintendent Grimesey. My discussions with him has led me to believe he is an intelligent individual, who genuinely cares about those we treasure most - our students.


What an outrage! It's time to get rid of the politics and put our kids first. This once was a great system- before Russo, Purser, and Kennedy- and it is time to restore this county to a place that you want to raise and educate your children in. "No child left behind"? What a joke! Under the aforementioned " leaders' guidance, MCS has left so many behind. "GROWING TO GREATNESS" ,yeah right. More like "One size fits all", especially in some people's pockets!

stacey caldwell

Yes, I didnt care for Purser.... she was not someone you could talk to, but Dr. Bob is!! This is really going to cause a uproar...... something needs to be done.... wonder if the news crews can join

Kimberly Blevins

What a sneaky way to conduct the business at hand. Since the beginning of this school year, Dr. Bob has been friendly and personable with everyone. He is down to earth, approachable, and does not ride in on his high horse to attack and intimidate teachers. Everyone with a vested interest in our schools and children, need to advocate to keep Dr. Bob.
Kathy Kennedy and certain members of her "team" need to get back on their brooms and return to Cumberland County. Why do they need to fly in daily and continue to destroy our school system? Teachers have left this county in large numbers over the past few years either as a result of the intimidation tactics of the IDI team, or a certain friend of Kennedy's who ran off many teachers from Pinecrest. When people complained about her, she got a promotion because the BOE protects Kennedy and her friends. Now, it all makes sense how someone can bully teachers, students and parents and get away with it after formal complaints were made.
In the end, our students and children will suffer the consequences of these 5 board members. I will continue teaching for Moore County because this is where my children will attend school, but that is the only reason I will stay.

Mandy Cole

And the sad part is that on more than one occasion, well-respected and highly qualified Moore County educators were passed over for positions that were filled by Kennedy's Cumberland County cronies (Associate Superintendent for Elementary Education, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, ELA Specialist, Principal). It is not Dr. Grimesey that needs to go! I applaud the teachers of Moore County for finally speaking out for themselves and our students!

stacey caldwell

i think TEACHERS need to not go to work tomorrow.... and go to the meeting... I know this is highly not going to happen because teachers are there for the students and dont have time for this drama!


I'm glad I'm not the only one who has seen flaws in the system. Do they not realize how obvious the nepotism is in MCS? Teachers talk to each other and when people share their stories and experiences, we start connecting the dots to pinpoint the real problems.


I'm curious to know if this person is someone with whom I'm familiar. If it is, may they follow KK out of the system. A lot of people are unhappy, but scared of backlash for speaking up.


Thanks to all those in the community that can act as our voice as we attend to our students and families during testing :)

Bonnie Smith

WRAL supports De. Grimesey. I will be attending the meeting tomorrow morning. This is an outrage for our education community.


The old saying certainly applies to this situation "I smell a rat". This 8AM meeting tomorrow, June 4th, at the central building should be postponed. Give everyone a chance to attend. The public nor the teachers are being allowed to attend. This old boys club really sickens me, the equivalent of a pack of hyena . How embarrassing and what an outrage! I will be there.

stacey caldwell

So the public isnt allowed???? Cause I would be there if we could be allowed... It should be the public's choice!!! Unless Bob did something unlawful.... there is NO REASON to fire him!!!!


Just read the following post on facebook (tried to copy paste the actual post but wasn't able)...hmmmm????
Whoever shared it said the following, "sent to me by an undisclosed source, so sharing. In picture I see two current board members , former superintendent, secretary to superintenent, all who are allegedly supporting Dr. Grimsesey's firing and all who alledgedly support Dr. Kathy Kennedy a senior staff member....visiting on Sunday."
It appears as though the picture was posted on Kathy Farren's FB page this past Sunday. Tagged in the post/picture are Laura Kelly Lang and Catherine B. McRae. Her post reads, "Fun with friends in Greensboro! Thanks Susan for the great hospitality." "#neededbreak #keepingthefriendshipalive"


If I didn't have to administer EOGs tomorrow, I would be at the Administrative Building protesting the "ousting" of Dr. Bob-a ray of sunshine for teachers, students and the community. What a way to end the year-a cloud of gloominess across the county.

Diane Allen

Please go to the Moore County Schools website and look at all the well-organized, detailed information provided to the public. Of particular interest, please visit the section related to the board of education.
Check out their core beliefs:
We believe:
* "We build community"
* "We are accountable both to those we serve and for what we do"
* "We are partners in learning with students, staff, parents and community"
*"We develop leaders"
*"We provide a safe learning environment"
*"We secure and strategically allocate resources"
Then please look at the organizational chart. I do believe there are a few errors in that chart based in the current actions of the BOE. Apparently, the top group "community" should be located below the Board, as the pleas of the parents, citizens, business leaders and other patrons have no say beyond election day. I am happy to see at least that they are willing to put their names out there so the public will be able to determine who is truly listening to the community and vote accordingly as soon as possible.

Since the county commissioners have stated they will not fund the money needed to buy out Dr. Grimesey's contract, I hope someone will be providing information on where they will locate this funding since they "secure and strategically allocate resources".

At the very least, the website should be updated to reflect the real purpose, vision and mission of destroying MCS rather than seeking to make anything better..

Diane Allen

Please go to the Moore County Schools website and look at all the well-organized, detailed information provided to the public. Of particular interest, please visit the section related to the board of education.
Check out their core beliefs:
We believe:
* "We build community"
* "We are accountable both to those we serve and for what we do"
* "We are partners in learning with students, staff, parents and community"
*"We develop leaders"
*"We provide a safe learning environment"
*"We secure and strategically allocate resources"
Then please look at the organizational chart. I do believe there are a few errors in that chart based in the current actions of the BOE. Apparently, the top group "community" should be located below the Board, as the pleas of the parents, citizens, business leaders and other patrons have no say beyond election day. I am happy to see at least that they are willing to put their names out there so the public will be able to determine who is truly listening to the community and vote accordingly as soon as possible.

Since the county commissioners have stated they will not fund the money needed to buy out Dr. Grimesey's contract, I hope someone will be providing information on where they will locate this funding since they "secure and strategically allocate resources".

At the very least, the website should be updated to reflect the real purpose, vision and mission of destroying MCS rather than seeking to make anything better..

Sharon Turner

Dr. Bob is widely liked and respected by teachers and students. Unless he has committed some criminal act, he should be allowed to stay in his job and continue cleaning house. Now as for the board members ...some of you are up for election...and We the People...are not pleased.

stacey caldwell


Bridget Gulka

Absolutely agree.

Bonnie Smith

First, fire Kathy Kennedy since she is the force behind attempting to oust Dr. Grimesey and then have certain board members resign as well. If they don't resign then remember their names come election 2016 and 2018.

stacey caldwell

I think we need some mommys in there to serve on the BOE!! HECK I would run if it meant one of them is out!! I will not vote for ANY OF THEM --- If Bob gets fired... I will start a petition on not to vote for those old liberals!

Bridget Gulka

Not a fan of any of these.. believe thye have hurt our school system more than help it... but believe me they are not liberals.

Betty McGuire

These five BOE members' action will ruin the reputation of Moore County Schools and also Moore County. We can't have that. Keep writing to them please.

Walter B Bull

The school board group led by Kathy Farren need to resign.
The senior staff member who is upset with a one year contract proposal-Kathy Kennedy needs to resign and take her autocratic style to a system large enough to absorb the friction that she causes,
Susan Purser needs to be reminded that she has left the area and I m deeply disappointed in the alleged involvement of some others whom I thought put the kids first.
The outpouring of support for the obviously talented Dr Bob reminds me that the public is a lot smarter than we give them credit for being.

Lawrence Brown

I agree, we need to oust the five that don't want to earn their keep. Farren, Lang, Black, Cameron and Carlson need to hit the road.

stacey caldwell

Black Especially!!! No one ever votes for her-- but some how she always wins....... The rumor is The superintendent want to fire some people up there like kathy kennedy and she did not like that! Someone also said that there was a facebook post of her havin a night with a few other board members in greensboro... probably on our tax money, writing it off as a business expense!
I wrote a letter to all of the BOW members. I think this is sneaky and they really do not want to hear what the public wants to say.

David Lambert

“From the numerous business people and community leaders I’ve spoken to in the past 24 hours, the five members of this coup d’etat may be the most widely hated and despised people in Moore County,”


And Dr. Bob the most liked. He could be president right now as far as Moore County is concerned.

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