Robert Levy

A proposed policy change that would restrict school athletic teams and gender-segregated facilities like bathrooms and locker rooms to students with the corresponding reproductive organs failed to find support with two of the Moore County Board of Education’s three policy committee members on Thursday.

So did new policies — proposed by committee chair Robert Levy — delaying new North Carolina social studies standards some believe to be influenced by what’s known as Critical Race Theory. Levy’s proposed changes also called for renouncing that school of thought and any potential curriculum based on it.

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Matthew Hintz

The truth. People are being conditioned to hate whites, males, christians, conservatives, libertarians, combat veterans. Those demographics are being categorized as "Right Wing Extremists" just for standing up for and defending our Constitution using our first amendment rights, that we swore an oath to defend. Even against "domestic enemies." Defend it with our first amendment rights, we must and we will. Stop demonizing us, and hear us too. You can't force or control people to believe, what you believe. You can only influence. Influence is leadership. Control and force is not leadership. It is dictatorship. Let us all chill out and have a dignified, respectful, objective, and fact filled debate. Stop the subjective slander, name calling, and fear filled hatred.

Dusty Rhoades

So, according to the story, no one is suggesting that Critical Race Theory be taught in our schools, yet the school board is making a big fuss over not teaching Critical Race Theory in our schools. Once again, radical right wingers are loudly pushing a solution without a problem.

Stephen Woodward

Wrong. The State Board of Education voted 7-5 to adopt standards that embrace Critical Race "Theory". It's more than a suggestion. It is on the verge of being mandated unless our legislators can stop it dead in its tracks.

Dusty Rhoades

Red the story, Stephen. "She did agree that, although the new state standards don’t explicitly mention Critical Race Theory or its tenets, “they came close.”"

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. This is a made up crisis.

Dusty Rhoades

Here's what the SBE voted for. Find me anything that mentions "Critical Race Theory."

David StClair

I was going to post a long comment on this, but Sally and Stephan covered it very intelligently. As to Kent's typically narrow minded and simplistic comment on transgender issues, anyone who has done research and reading on them understands that they are a whole lot more complex than just who has a Y chromosome.

Sally Larson

Adults don't give children enough credit, they understand a lot more than you think especially when it comes to discrimination. Unfortunately, children reflect what they've learned at home and bring it to school perpetuating the ongoing divide. I can understand why the adults in the room are uncomfortable with these changes because it forces everyone to face their own truths about their beliefs, but if we're going to move forward in societal acceptance we must face the hard things.

I’ve had conversations here about hate for immigrants because they are taking American jobs. How is that letting the best and hardest workers get the job if they happen to be Mexican? I agree people should be judged by their accomplishments but how hard does it have to be when there are so many preconceived hurdles to climb to get there? Everyone has an attitude or an inbred belief about Women, Mexicans, Asians, Blacks, Transgenders. How are we going to teach children to overcome these things and see the value of the individual without bringing it to the forefront?

School is the place to begin the change. Hate and prejudice are learned, school is the best place to learn something new. If the Board is too afraid to adopt such an obvious change, then maybe the first step would be to redesign the classroom model by putting together students in groups who have to learn to work together to accomplish tasks thereby overcoming their preconceived ideas of each other. Change the groups up every week so all the children learn how to get along with each other. Prejudice is nothing more than a lack of information, putting together students who are unfamiliar with each other can make lifelong impressions of who we all are.

Stephen Woodward

Ms. Carter seems to present a circular argument. We dare not micromanage teachers and, yet, we surely can’t have them “force-feeding from a position of authority.” Both she and Mr. Dennison chose to shy away from getting into the weeds on curricula that would distort American history and exceptionalism, preferring to wait on guidance from the all knowing state Board of Education. If you’re a member of our school board and you have not figured out the end game regarding “social studies”, I suggest a homework assignment. There is ample reading on the topic. And just by the way, the state board voted 7-5 to adopt standards that will impose on teachers and students a narrative casting the founding of our country and advancement of freedom as rooted in and driven by deeply rooted racism. The state board’s position is clear. So let’s not sit still in Moore County. If our local board won’t stand up to denounce Critical Race Theory, parents and citizens certainly will.

Justin Bradford

Steve, this is so hypocritical of you to mention distortion of American History, as you are still part of the big lie, the insurrection, and spreading of false information about masks. I have read very thoroughly, and multiple times, the proposed social studies, and it very simply does NOT state the lies you are spreading. You’re continued rhetoric is full of ignorant, hateful, fear inducing lies. Shame on you.

Katie Bradford

Justin Bradford

Please excuse the typo/autocorrect on my phone. I realize it is your and not you’re. I regret the error.

Katie Bradford

Dusty Rhoades

So, are you suggesting we teach about the Constitution without reference to Article One, sections 2 and 9 ? Not to mention Article Four, Section 2?

Dusty Rhoades

Transgender kids and so called "Critical Race Theory"--looks like the MAGAts have found new squirrels they demand everyone chase to distract us from the real problems the country needs to deal with.

Which one should we start with ?

Kent Misegades

Men and boys have a Y chromosome. Women and girls don’t. God determines this at conception. End of discussion. The far left curricula creeping into government schools is one of the chief reasons its enrollment is dropping and home, charter and private schools are booming.

Kent, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Biology.

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