The Larry R. Caddell Public Safety Training Center in Carthage.

The Larry R. Caddell Public Safety Training Center in Carthage. 

The Carthage Board of Commissioners has set several public hearings for its June meeting, including on a proposed rezoning to allow for an indoor shooting range at Sandhills Community College’s campus for future law enforcement and first responders.

The 40-acre Larry R. Caddell Public Safety Training Center is currently zoned for low-density residential use. Carthage’s previous town manager told the commissioners last year that the center has operated as a nonconforming use, legally, since it opened in 2011 and cannot be expanded without a change in zoning.

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David Hensley

Oh, and someone should ask SCC when the last time they conducted a Basic Law Enforcement Training course and how many students were in the course.

Actually, someone should ask SCC their attendance numbers over the past decade. Then, once you get those numbers, graph them out over time versus revenue.

I did that for MCS and found that in a decade, 2012-2022, attendance increased 56 students total (4/10ths of 1%) for the decade, while spending increased 40%.

David Hensley

I am sorry, but I did the above from memory and after checking the actual numbers, I need to correct a mistake.

I was right about the enrollment increase. It went up 56 students district wide in the last decade.

During the same period, the budget increased from $104 million/year in academic year 2013/14 to $177 million/year in academic year 2022/23, which is a 70% increase.

Per student spending went from $8,145 per student in AY 2013/14 to $13,826 per student in AY 2022/23.

Kent Misegades

Good work David. Another key data point is the percentage of school or college payroll that does not teach. At one time, it was 40% in the Woke County PSS. In most charter and private schools, it’s 10% or less. At home schools, 0%. One unanswered question - how many illegal aliens or children of illegals attend MCS and SCC, people who should not be in our country?

Mickey Brown

What if there were one student , albeit there are more, that successfully completed the BLET. Suppose that one graduate , by his training obtained at the shooting range, was able to save one life of someone's father, mother or child ? Would it be worth it ?

I would say YES!

Kent Misegades

But we have private firearms training facilities all over the place. Government should not be allowed to compete with them as it never seeks to be profitable. Private businesses must make a profit to survive. Life is precious but government should never be given a blank check in the supposed protection of it. The same false argument has been used for decades to overspend on fire protection and government schools.

David Hensley

Two issues/thoughts:

#1. The shooting range should only be built, if like all MCS and all other SCC facilities, it is available for recreational use and/or club use while not being actively used by SCC.

#2. What's up with all of the people on the SCC Board of Trustees naming stuff after themselves? There is "George Little Hall", the "Larry Caddell Training Center, the "Connie Lovell Nursing Wing", etc.

Imagine of the MC School Board started naming facilities after ourselves. Nagy would have a cow and write another disingenuous/hypocritical unsigned editorial blasting us for doing exactly what the SCC Board

Kent Misegades

We should forbid the naming of government buildings. Build them as inexpensively as possible and give them the twin name or a number. These are government facilities, not architectural wonders. Use a common design and make use of cheap modular units to save money. The same for fire and police buildings, use a standard, bare-bones design.

Barbara Misiaszek

The County needs to have one water authority responsible for water and sewer service throughout Moore County. I know it was attempted in the past and that effort failed. With our population growing as it is, and as it is expected to grow in the future, now is the time to get this done once and for all.

John Misiaszek

Kent Misegades

Shooting ranges should and can be handled just fine in the private sector. We need strict laws forbidding government to perform any activity for which private sector providers exist. Start with schools and colleges, always significantly less costly and producing vastly better results than government.

Jim Tomashoff

Per usual, Kent lies when asserting that government schools are "...significantly less costly..." than government run public schools. If I'm wrong, and Kent is right, I'm sure he will relish this opportunity to prove me wrong by providing us with the facts. He won't, of course. Do they produce "...better results than..." than government schools? In some cases that's probably true, in others it's probably not true. Let him make his case in this regard with facts. I'm sure (or at least pretty sure) that he won't.

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