Babies Say Hello

The Whispering Pines baby owls hear Byron Wortham's voice and wake up from their naps. 

Holly Wortham was beautiful, happy and an only child. She loved critters of all kinds and her mama and daddy.

The photos of her throughout Byron and Kim Wortham’s Sanford house are beginning to show their age — a little faded from the sun, an outfit that is a little less trendy than it used to be — but her presence is as real as the thousands of animals her parents have rehabilitated, released and saved, all in their daughter’s name and memory.


One of the bobcat's peeks out when he hears Byron Wortham's voice. 


Termite hops down from his cradle in his "catio." 

Wally the Beaver

Wally the Beaver Coming Out for a Swim 

pig and pony

Pig and Pony Show at Holly's Nest: The former Purse-Pig and the Miniature Pony


Wortham's 35 year safe driving patch and uniform. He retired after 38 years of service in 2020.  

Just Two Friends Visiting

Just two friends visiting. Byron Wortham and his buddy, the blind owl. 

Wortham gently feeds the babies.

Wortham gently feeds and talks to the Whispering Pines baby owls. 

Holly's Nest Pigeon

The pigeon who refuses to leave. 

Chow time

Chow time for the Whispering Pines baby owls. 

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