The AOS Care Management Team

The AOS Care Management Team, pictured from left: front, Amy Natt, Kate Pomplun and Angela Boles; back, Jennifer Tyner and Crystal Fowler. 

Many people find it difficult to have up-front conversations about the challenges of aging. Be it a spouse, friend, parent, or sibling, growing older is something we will all face — and eventually, we must address the changes that come with it.

Planning early for the next phase of your life is necessary; and building a Life Plan is a good place to start. Amy Natt, president of Aging Outreach Services and part of the agency’s Care Management Team, is well versed on how to create your own. Here are her recommendations:

  • Take ownership of the conversation by telling your family how building a Life Plan will give you peace of mind. Let them know that you value their input.
  • Do your research and make notes on where input can help guide the conversation.
  • Complete a Life Planning Guide, to keep all your crucial information in one place and to help you make sure everything gets documented.
  • Consult with an Aging Life Care professional to get assistance, and access to local resources and programs that can help you as your needs change.

In order to create a Life Plan for your future care needs, you need to take the time to examine your finances and find out what options and resources are available to you.

Step No. 1: Weigh Your Options.

Take a detailed look at your finances, where you are now and where you will be in the future. Take the time to research your options. You will find they will differ depending on your location and your situation.

Step No. 2: Start the Conversation.

The sooner you start making plans about your future and the care needs you might have — the better. Do your research and make notes about what you want.

Step No. 3: Use a Life Planning Guide.

Life Planning Guide

To help you start and guide the conversation with your family, Aging Outreach Services offers a free guide to life planning. 

Complete a Life Planning Guide to make sure you consider all the little details that are so important to plan for in advance. Waiting until a crisis happens can leave you in a bind, not knowing where to turn.

To help you start and guide the conversation with your family, Aging Outreach Services offers a free guide. Download the AOS Life Planning Guide or request a copy at 910-692-0683.

Once completed you can easily:

  • Maintain all your crucial personal, medical, and professional information in one spot
  • Keep an accessible record of contact info for the advisors and professionals you work with, so you and your loved ones can get in touch with them as needed.
  • Create a care management plan for your future care needs.
  • Express your end-of-life wishes, such as funeral arrangements and services.


Step No. 4: Talk to an Aging Life Care Professional.

While a Life Planning Guide keeps all the important information in one place, it doesn’t help you find the local resources and services you need. An Aging Life Care professional can connect you with other advisors and experts you need to consult with, and they guide you through all aspects of planning for your life after 50.

“There are so many factors that go into building a Life Plan that it can quickly become overwhelming,” Natt says. “You do not need to spend hours researching when our experienced AOS Care Management team can give you all the information you need.”

The knowledge and guidance of an Aging Life Care professional is invaluable, as they are experts at helping people navigate the elder-care system. Locate a professional in your area by using the Aging Life Care Association’s search tool, or request your free consultation with the Aging Outreach Services care management team.


About Aging Outreach Services

Aging Outreach Services is a full-service elder care firm that includes a team of professional aging life care managers, an accredited caregiver registry and a monthly publication, OutreachNC.

Established in 1999, the business model is client-driven and allows for individuality and creativity in the way people age. We provide support and resources for the older adult as well as family members, friends, other professionals, facilities, community groups and employers.

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Planning is always good but ultimately God’s plans will override ours. One good way to provide for retirement is not to retire. Keep working and earning and serving your fellow man, to God’s Glory. Billy Graham, who started work as a Fuller brush salesman, was still spreading the Gospel in his 99th year on earth. When I met Colonel Sanders of chicken fame at the 1973 Boy Scout National Jamboree, he was 83 and going strong. He supported scouting and clearly enjoyed being around young people. “Wer rastet, der rostet” say the Germans - he who rests, rusts. You will never see a U-Haul following a hearse. Life is not about collecting stuff but collecting memories while working, a great alternative to retirement.

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