Mac McLaurin applies tape to Kylee Huss, who has suffered from pain since the U.S. Army Airborne accident that led to two surgeries and her eventual medical retirement. 

In the four years since the U.S. Army Airborne accident that led to her medical retirement, Kylee Huss has turned to one physical therapist after the other for a solution to the back and shoulder pain that interrupted her daily life. Finding herself unable to shower properly, brush her long hair or even get an unbroken night’s sleep, she turned to providers who, seeing and feeling nothing amiss, often dismissed her claims.

More than a year after giving up on finding relief through physical therapy, Kylee discovered Restore Physiotherapy on social media. The name was the first clue that Dr. Mac McLaurin had a more holistic approach. Her discovery visit confirmed that she had found a provider who would validate the pain she was experiencing, and help her manage it.

“If there’s not an obvious, physical, issue that a patient is having, it’s easy to say that everything’s OK,” Mac says. “But I need to focus on what she’s saying is uncomfortable versus what I’m seeing, because sometimes it’s two different things. People know their bodies and how they feel. We just need to actually listen to them.”

In the six months since that first visit, Kylee describes the difference in her pain levels and mobility as “night and day.”

“I was having a really hard time doing normal, daily tasks. If I can’t do the laundry every day, or get up to play with my dogs, or eventually take care of our child, it’s a really big deal,” she says. “Mac gave me a lot of different approaches rather than just ‘oh, here’s some exercises you can do at home.’ Instead of talking at you, Mac talks to you, which is really, really important when you’ve been brushed off by a lot of other people.”

The Restore Physiotherapy Approach

Kylee’s accident injured her shoulders and back, leading to two surgeries that repaired her body but left her with ongoing discomfort. After turning to physical therapy for relief, she was frustrated by common practices at clinics driven by insurance, where providers are often limited in the amount of time they can spend with patients — or forced to only address an issue listed on a referral.

Mac spent five years working in such a fast-paced clinic. He wanted the time to focus on each client’s needs and make real, positive change with each visit, as well as provide a safe alternative to crowded waiting rooms during the coronavirus pandemic. So, he founded Restore Physiotherapy: A practice open by appointment only, for one patient at a time, that allows him to devote one-on-one attention to everyone who walks through the door.

“A lot of standard physical therapy is basically supervised exercise,” Kylee says. “I can do that at home. So to actually come in here and do hands-on muscle release, cupping, taping, all those kinds of things, has had the biggest effect for me. And when I do need extra exercises, he gives them to me.”

Manual therapy is Mac’s specialty. From soft tissue work to dry needling to in-office therapeutic exercise, his techniques are focused on achieving one thing: results.

“The goal is not to just figure out what’s wrong, or why you’re having a problem,” he says. “We also need to focus on treatment during that initial visit. We test movements, treat the issue, and then test again to make sure the treatment is working.”

For Kylee, treatment has led to her feeling the best she’s felt since her accident. She now makes visits to Restore Physiotherapy a priority.

How it Works

During a free, 15-20 minute discovery visit at Restore Physiotherapy, Mac will determine if physical therapy is right for you — no commitment necessary, and no referral needed.

The only physical therapist in Moore County to be certified by the Titleist Performance Institute, Mac can also pinpoint any limitations in your golf game caused by mobility issues.

Restore Physiotherapy operates outside of the traditional insurance model, though payment for some treatments may be reimbursed by insurance. Clients can pay a flat fee for each visit or purchase a package at a discounted rate. Unlike larger clinics, which offer limited options, Mac can work with you to find the right fit, on both price and frequency.

Restore Physiotherapy is located at 45 Dowd Circle, Pinehurst. For more on the treatments offered, visit or call 910-621-5003.

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