Snapshot of the coronavirus in Moore County as of July 24, 2020.

Snapshot of the coronavirus in Moore County as of July 24, 2020.

The coronavirus has now claimed 20 lives in Moore County.

On Friday, the Moore County Health Department reported two new deaths attributed to COVID-19. One of the deceased patients is a Hispanic man under the age of 65, making him the youngest resident yet to die of complications from the disease.

Both of the deceased residents contracted the disease through community spread, the Health Department said. In addition to the 20 deaths, over 780 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Moore County since March.

An Aberdeen nursing home and a Robbins daycare were both struck earlier this week by the coronavirus.

Moore County’s fourth outbreak of COVID-19 in a long-term care facility was reported Monday at Accordius at Aberdeen. Three employees of the nursing home tested positive for the disease.

Matthew Garner, public information officer for the Health Department, said all employees and residents of the nursing home have since been tested. The Health Department was still waiting on test results as of Friday afternoon, he said.

Formerly known as Kingswood Nursing, the 100-bed facility opened in 2005 on Pee Dee Road. Records from the Moore County Register of Deeds show the nursing home was taken over in November by Accordius Health, a Charlotte company that has acquired dozens of skilled nursing centers across the state since its formation four years ago.

An Accordius-owned nursing home in Rowan County was the site of the state's largest known coronavirus outbreak, prompting a lawsuit against the company and an investigation by the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services.

Ongoing outbreaks are being monitored at other Accordius-owned facilities in Mecklenburg, Rutherford, Iredell and Forsyth counties. An outbreak is defined by the state as an occurrence of two or more active cases in a congregate living setting.

Accordius Health did not respond to messages from The Pilot seeking comment on the situation at the Aberdeen nursing home.

‘We Need Your Support’

A combined 12 deaths and over 130 infections are linked to separate outbreaks at long-term care facilities in Moore County.

Five deaths are related to an outbreak reported in April at Pinehurst Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, with the deceased including an employee and four residents of the nursing home. Two residents of Fox Hollow Senior Living died in June of complications from COVID-19.

The outbreak at Pinehurst Healthcare is believed to have ended. An outbreak is considered over “if there is not evidence of continued transmission within the facility,” according to NCDHHS.

Four residents have died in an outbreak at Seven Lakes Assisted Living and Memory Care. That outbreak was described as “ongoing” in the state’s most recent semiweekly report on the coronavirus in congregate living settings.

“Our residents, staff and families need the support of our greater community now more than ever,” Amanda Bumin, executive director of Seven Lakes Assisted Living, said Tuesday in a statement to The Pilot. “As our caregivers handle this unprecedented situation, we ask that members of our Seven Lakes community rally together in support of their heroic efforts.”

Five employees and 31 residents of the facility have tested positive for COVID-19. Bumin is encouraging people in the county to send “letters with messages of hope and support to our residents and our teams.”

“We need your support to fight this battle,” she said.

Infections at Daycare

The Health Department on Thursday reported the county’s first co-called “cluster” of coronavirus cases after six infections were linked to Magic Years Childcare Center in Robbins.

Different from outbreaks, clusters occur mainly in schools and child care settings. NCDHHS defines a cluster as a “minimum of five laboratory-confirmed cases with illness onsets or initial positive results within a 14-day period and plausible epidemiologic linkage between cases.”

Four children and two employees at Magic Years Childcare Center tested positive, the local Health Department said. The daycare has been closed since July 17, when the first infections were identified.

A disproportionate number of COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in the Robbins area, according to ZIP code-level data from NCDHHS. More than 120 cases have been linked to the town’s primary postal code, which is home to only 6,704 people.

The county’s only other postal code with more cases primarily serves Pinehurst, the county’s largest municipality. A total of 152 infections and seven deaths have been linked to that ZIP code, which is home to about 15,990 people.

(18) comments

Kent Misegades

I suggest people seek sources of information other than the CDC, which has been consistently wrong on every aspect of this manufactured crisis led by DR. Fraudci, he who dictates the wearing of a muzzle but enjoys a BLM Baseball game without one.

Jim Tomashoff

At no time has Dr. Fauci dictated the wearing of masks, he has no authority to do so. Kent doesn't like it when I call him a liar, so I won't call this arrogant lying know-it-all a liar, let's just say his comment is "untruthful." Better Kent? I don't know what a BLM Baseball game is. So this comment is simply odd. I guess he's referring to a BLM mention written in chalk on the back of a pitcher's mound. As I've said, Kent is a propagandist, grossly able to misrepresent actions and intentions of things he doesn't like.

Barbara Misiaszek

And since it's Saturday,the Health Director doesn't update the case totals. Why is that.He updates the date and changes the average number of cases in the last 10 days, but doesn't report new cases on weekends. The virus doesn't take weekends off,apparently the Health Department does.

John Misiaszek

Jim Tomashoff

"Once again our champion of socialism Jim attacks the messenger, typical of the left when they are standing on shaky ground. Very happy living unmasked and unmuzzled Jim. Jesus loves you!" wrote Kent.

Only 7% of Americans according to a recent poll, refuse to wear masks when out in public where social distancing is not certain or practical. So Kent's position that his "freedom" is threatened by having to do so is not shared by very many people. Further, he is hardly "the messenger" since nearly all of his "facts" are not facts, but are instead assertions that can be readily disproved by simple internet searches. I guess Kent believes that social responsibility, illustrated by wearing masks, constitutes "socialism." If so, I'll proudly wear that label. By contrast Kent and people like him always put their definition of "freedom" above the rights of others. So much for being a civilized human being. As for his belief that Jesus loves me. That's great. By contrast I seriously doubt if he's too crazy about Kent since Kent's words and deeds contradict just about everything Jesus preached.

Patricia Bryan

I noticed South Carolina isn't doing too well. Columbia, SC is out of hospital space, short on supplies, and a 5 year old child died of the virus. Health care workers are struggling to keep up with it. I doubt the 5 year old met your conditions for a death that is irrelevant.

Kent Misegades

Where did I state that any death is irrelevant? This flu doesn’t qualify as being called a pandemic or even an epidemic when the true statistics of verified infections and true mortality rate is considered. Hospitals are full not because of flu infections but because people were sent away by our so-called medical experts to keep beds free for the flu infected that never came. This drove many hospitals to reduce staff or declare bankruptcy. Hospitals make money when they are full and performing normal operations. Some are full of poor Americans and illegals getting free treatments at the cost of paying patients. Remember the expensive field hospitals and hospital ships rushed into service at our expense - but received almost no patients and them were closed? When do taxpayers get their money back for this mess?

Jim Tomashoff

Kent has never said that any death from Covid-19 is "irrelevant." That's because he never mentions deaths caused by this virus other than to state that more often than not people who die from it have not, in fact, died from it. Instead, Kent tells us, over and over and over, that these people died from a preexisting condition. Covid-19, therefore, is actually no more dangerous, he's concluded, than the average winter flu. As a result, he's argued that the costly safeguards taken in response to Covid-19 are unnecessary and are the result of a conspiracy being perpetrated by "...bureaucrats and people in lab coats." As for the surge in hospitalizations, Kent returns to his usual racist trope that this is due to "..illegals getting free treatments at the cost of paying patients." During the large outbreak of measles some months ago, Kent blamed that on illegals too. The Pilot eventually deleted his comment for racism. He was told to stop a racist trope for Covid-19. His was comments using this term were eventually deleted by The Pilot as well, and he was told to stop using that racist term. He did, for a while. But after a couple of weeks he hoped the editors were not paying attention and so again started using "W____ flu."

Kent Misegades

This remains well below 1% of our population and nearly all of these are healthy again at home within a few days. Many have no symptoms at all. On average, 8% of the entire population gets the flu annually. So we are way below that with this flu. Were the two new deaths caused solely by this flu? Or did the victims have the usual pre-existing conditions that nearly all of the Covid-19 deceased have - overweight, diabetes, and heart disease? One report today puts the false positive rate of Covid tests at 20%. What has it been here? Tom Woods just published an outstanding report one can download for free: “Your Facebook Friends are Wrong about the Lockdown - a Non-Hysteric’s Guide to Covid-19”. This should allay the fears of the biggest worriers but make everyone made at those who have perpetrated this mass deception.

Jim Tomashoff

Kent concludes his latest screed, "...but make everyone made at those who have perpetrated this mass deception." I presume the word "made" is a typo, he meant, "mad." As usual, Kent sees a conspiracy in just about everything he dislikes. Global climate change is a hoax, the polls showing Trump losing badly to Biden are a hoax, and now the seriousness of Covid-19 is a hoax. And, as usual, Kent makes no reference of sympathy for the number of people who have died already and can be expected to die over the next several months. In Kent's mind, only 1% of the U.S. population has been confirmed to have Covid-19 to date. So he concludes, what's to worry, since 8% of Americans, on average, gets the flu annually? Whats to worry? 145,000 Americans have died, so far. If 8% of the entire population gets Covid-19 then 8 times the number of Americans will die, eventually totaling 1,240,000 deaths. The annual flu, factual data indicates, kills at most 60,000, according to the CDC (I'm sorry, I forgot for a moment that the CDC is part of the conspiracy to accomplish whatever it is in Kent's brain that makes him think whatever it is that all conspiracies are trying to accomplish, right Kent?) Covid-19 is significantly more lethal than is the annual flu, Kent. That's what to worry about. Kent dismisses this by stating A) Most of those infected are healthy at home within a few days, and B) Those who died had preexisting conditions which "..nearly all of the Covid-19 deceased,,," have had.

We don't know if Kent's assertion that most people who get Covid-19 are home within a few days (He's implicitly acknowledging that these people must have been hospitalized or there would be no need to go home.) As to his second assertion I would argue, so what! They died Kent! So what if they had preexisting conditions? There are many millions of Americans with some kind of preexisting condition. So if over a million Americans eventually die from Covid-19 will Kent will just dismiss this like he has the 145,000 who have already died? Yes he will. As I've said before, "Kent, what a Christian!" By which I mean what a miserable excuse of a Christian. I'm pretty sure I know of one person who is really pissed-off when Kent refers to himself as a Christian, that would be Jesus of Nazareth. Christians believe, I think, Jesus is always watching, and judging. I sure hope they're right. If so, Kent can look forward to a really, really warm future eternity.

Jim Tomashoff

This just in: Dr. Anthony Fauci has received numerous threats against him, his wife, and his children. I wonder how many of these Kent has sent?

Kent Misegades

Once again our champion of socialism Jim attacks the messenger, typical of the left when they are standing on shaky ground. Very happy living unmasked and unmuzzled Jim. Jesus loves you!

Tommy McDonell

While I am not a fan of Kent’s COVID letters, I’m not into commenting on anyone’s religion or lack there of. Perhaps Jim, we might stick more with facts or at least point to problems. We don’t need to say he will end up some place warmer than here.

I believe in science. And I believe in medicine. I like the Pilot and think Jamie and others have done a remarkable job. However, Kent might be advised to read other papers or to turn off Fox.

No matter how much I read I can’t quite grasp how many people are ill or have died in our country. Perhaps we should, as has been suggested, go back to square one and start over. Close everything for 3 weeks and see if this makes a difference in NC as it has in AZ under a Republican Governor I think tho I have to check.

Jim Tomashoff

Tommy, on several occasions Kent has told us he's a Christian. So much so that he believes the Bible is the unerring word of God (he has not told us for what edition this is so). I'm just pointing out this hes "Christianity" is always devoid of empathy, sympathy, kindness, and any kind of social responsibility toward others. Because of that I've concluded that he is a "Christian" in name only.

Kent Misegades

Tommy I am glad you praise the Pilot for allowing us to voice our opinions. I may not agree with some, but I’d defend everyone’s right to one, even Angry Socialist Jim’s. I do find it remarkable that the same people who defend the murder of 20 million Black babies through abortions and the violent BLM/Antifa mobs would claim to be an expert on Christianity and a judge of someone’s faith.

Tommy McDonell

Just the title including the words “non hysteric’s guide“ and reading that individuals need to sign up for Wood’s blog indicates that there is little or No Science involved in Wood’s “Guide”. And nothing in Mr. Misegades’ letter seems scientifIc considering he discusses a “flu”.

Until that time I suggest this Writer read the CDC or ask First Health.

Tommy B. McDonell, Ph.D.

Pinehurst, NC

Kent Misegades

Piled Higher and Deeper?

Tommy McDonell

Yep. I can read stats and data. And since I earned it, I am proud of it. I am still waiting for you to read scientific info to back up your errors.

Kent Misegades

I am assuming Stanford scientists can be trusted? “Dr. John Ioannidis places the fatality rate between 0.02%-0.4%, far lower than the 1%-and-way-up numbers that were once bandied about – and much closer to the 0.1% death rate of the FLU.”

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